Phil Busardo Splits with Molecule Labs and B. E-Liquids

Why did the premier vape reviewer suddenly leave his e-liquid line behind?


It appears America’s premier vape reviewer has split with the e-liquid manufacturer that hired him away from his full-time job last year.

Phil Busardo — known to vapers everywhere as pbusardo on YouTube — announced recently that he is no longer affiliated with Molecule Labs, the Northern California company he signed on with in 2016.

Hello everyone.

I’m writing this public announcement to let folks know that my affiliation and association with both Molecule Labs and B. E-Liquids has come to an end.

To all of you who have supported the line, carried the line, and purchased the line, my sincerest thank you! If you are enjoying the line, please continue to do so.

As to the future of the line, I cannot speak to that, nor do I have any control over it.

I’m currently seeking and cultivating other opportunities.

Who knows, I may even bring back the golf cart liquid reviews.

Thanks everyone and Vape Happy My Friends!!

Molecule produced his signature juice line, B. E-Liquids. It’s unclear if the liquids will continue to be sold. On the B. website, all 30 mL bottles are currently sold out. It’s doubtful that’s a production issue, since Molecule produces vast quantities of e-liquid for multiple companies.

We couldn’t find any clues about the reasons for the breakup, but it doesn’t matter. Whatever happened, vapers are hoping things work out for Phil. If this industry can’t find a job for someone who’s given as much to vaping as Phil Busardo, we have problems worse than the threat from the FDA.

Jim McDonald

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