Rep. Hunter’s latest vape stunt; does it help us? [Poll]

Does vaping on the House floor help or hurt the cause of Congressional action on the FDA regs?

Congressman Vaping duncan hunter

Does it help the cause of vaping to have an enthusiastic member of Congress blowing clouds on the House floor? That’s what a lot of vapers are asking after Rep. Duncan Hunter vaped during a meeting of the House Committee on Aviation yesterday.

This is actually the second time Hunter has vaped in the House. In February 2016, the California Republican pulled out a mod and hit it during a hearing of the same committee. (The picture above is actually from that hearing.)

This time he used two devices to show the committee the difference between vaping with and without nicotine during discussion of an amendment that would ban vaping nicotine on airplanes. Hunter’s point was that there’s no difference, and that the airlines ban vaping in airline cabins anyway — which is correct.

Without a change to the predicate date in the FDA deeming regulations, Congress might be the only place anyone will be vaping.

“Let me show you the problem I have with Ms. Norton’s amendment,” he said, according to The Hill. He then vaped, first on a small device and then on a much larger once, which he explained contained no nicotine.

“This is not covered under Ms. Norton’s amendment,” said Hunter. “That doesn’t make sense to me.

The author of the amendment, Eleanor Holmes Norton of the District of Columbia (a non-voting delegate to the House), clearly didn’t understand the difference — but most other members of the committee didn’t either, and the amendment was accepted by a vote of 30-29.

The bigger question is if Hunter’s annual vaping stunts do anything to advance the cause of protecting the vapor industry from the FDA, either through passage of the Cole-Bishop bill, HR 1136, or Hunter’s own bill, HR 2194. Without a change to the predicate date in the FDA deeming regulations, Congress might be the only place anyone will be vaping.

What do you think? Take our poll, and comment below.

Jim McDonald

I spend most of my time studying the regulatory, legislative and scientific challenges to vaping, advocating for our right to exist, and talking with others who do the same. Consider me a source for information, and feel free to agree or disagree with anything I say. I love good coffee and sweet Michigan cherries. My childhood hero was Gordie Howe.

  • vargabazsaa

    C’mon guys. He vaping in the congress is perfect as a demonstration. For me, if i could get into the hungarian parliament, I would gladly vape in the whole building.

    How can we prove that it’s close to nothing, if we can’t even vape wherever we want, just because people say it’s smoking? We need to stand up for ourselves once in a while and go against stupidity. I know, not vaping in small closed spaces, like buses or airplanes is common sense, but that’s not the point. The point is to show them that the rules are stupid, and that noone submits themselves to the rules, and noone enforces those rules, then the rules and regulations will be unnecessary, and finally we will be able to do something.

  • The Watson

    Perhaps we could form opinions, if you explained what his bill or ammendment is for… Anyone reading this article probably will not read those ridiculous links & if so probably doesn’t understand.

    • Jim McDonald

      Well, this event had nothing to do with his bill. Sorry, you’ll have to click the link to see the full story about that. I’m certainly not going to rewrite the whole thing every time he comes up in the news on an unrelated matter.

  • Rose

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