RiP Trippers Exposed: First Interview Ever!

We take a look at the recent uncut RiP Trippers interview with JT of Vapestars.

RIP Trippers Exposed

Who is RiP Trippers? You may have possibly heard some controversy revolving around his name during the last few months, especially after his little “Dry-Knuckle-Gate” scandal earlier this year. But do you know anything about him? Today we will be going beyond the beard….

JT of Vapestars, a fairly popular YouTube channel (but not nearly as popular as RiP’s) had the rare chance to sit down with the man himself in an un-cut interview. Not only is this the first one he has ever done, but this is the first time many people are seeing him unedited (or, at least, edited by someone other than team RiP).

A major criticism of RiP Trippers is that his videos are heavily chopped to the point where it feels un-natural. Many of his followers (and haters) have been wanting to see a video that truly portrays him, something we haven’t seen since his early videos, which are still online.

Dry Knuckles and Tough Topics

RIP Trippers

JT dives straight into the interview by offering RiP Trippers some lotion for his dry knuckles, making it a point that this is not just going to be a walk in the park for him. RiP seems to have a great sense of humor about that and some of the other criticisms that the interviewer throws at him.

RiP actually flips the script on him and asks JT why he has so much lotion to begin with…

JT continues to tackle other tough topics such as health, advocacy, tax write-offs, affiliate links, paid reviews and his responses (or lack thereof) to social media comments. Another notable moment was when he engages RiP in a venture to raise money for vape advocacy.

Towards the end of the interview, RiP gives credit where credit is due and cites the reviewers that got him inspired to start vaping and making videos. He also talks about what it takes to be a reviewer and what it was like when he was starting out, before he received free products.

RiP Trippers also finally addresses the major criticism that he gives overly positive reviews. He makes the argument that he essentially doesn’t have time to waste on crappy gear and despite that; he always makes sure to list pros and cons for every single product he tests out.

JT tries to pull out the lotion one more time and RiP manages to flip it on him yet again when he realizes that the bottle is nearly empty. For a guy who edits his videos with more cuts than an MTV reality show, he is actually quite witty and thinks pretty quick on his feet, apparently.

Friend or Foe?

Shake it RIP!

Whether you love him or hate him, it is actually a fascinating video. Many people have mixed opinions about RiP. We would love to hear what you think. Leave a comment after watching it!

Do you think RiP is being sincere or is this just an attempt to clean up a tarnished image?

Dave Kriegel
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