Be there! San Francisco City Hall, July 31st

Vapers will take part in a major media event, as organizers turn in 20,000 petition signatures at City Hall


Wanted: Northern California vapers and vape shop owners to stand proudly at a press conference Monday at 11:00 a.m. in San Francisco.

That’s when organizers will gather at City Hall to announce success gathering petition signatures to force the city of San Francisco to hold a referendum on the city’s “tobacco products” flavor ban. Speakers will include Stefan Didak of Not Blowing Smoke, and Gregory Conley of the American Vaping Association.

As we reported earlier this month, a ballot committee was formed by various stakeholders, including vaping industry groups, to put the issue to a vote of San Francisco residents. The committee had 30 days to gather nearly 20,000 signatures from registered voters in the city.

Those signatures have been collected — in just two weeks’ time. They will be delivered to City Hall Monday at 11:00 a.m., and a press conference will be held. It’s important to have as many vapers and vape business owners and employees there to show the city some of the real people who’ll be hurt by laws that lump flavored vapor products with combustible tobacco.

The name of the coalition formed to repeal the law is Let’s Be Real San Francisco. In addition to major funder RJ Reynolds, Let’s Be Real includes local grocers, and several vaping organizations, including Not Blowing Smoke, CASAA, SFATA, and the AVA.

Not Blowing Smoke has been leading the fight against the rash of flavor bans in the Bay Area. You can find additional details about the event Monday at their Adults Like Flavors site.

Although San Francisco has very few dedicated vape shops, stopping this ban is crucial to avoid an epidemic of similar laws from spreading. There have already been several bans proposed or passed in other Bay Area cities and counties.

Jim McDonald

I spend most of my time studying the regulatory, legislative and scientific challenges to vaping, advocating for our right to exist, and talking with others who do the same. Consider me a source for information, and feel free to agree or disagree with anything I say. I love good coffee and sweet Michigan cherries. My childhood hero was Gordie Howe.