Senator Blumenthal Proposes Banning Vapor Products On All US Flights

Vapers please help fight this proposed bill by Senator Blumenthal

Senator Blumenthal Proposes Banning Vapor Products On All US Flights

The US Senate will debate a bill this week that could prevent vapers from carrying vaping gear on any US flight. FAA rules already prohibit use of vapor products on flights and transporting them in checked baggage. The new law would also prevent them from being transported in carry-on bags or in clothing.

Senator Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) has proposed an amendment (SA 3547) to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reauthorization bill that would prohibit vapor products on all US flights. Sen. Blumenthal has been a consistent opponent of vaping and e-cigs, and has been on board for every attempt to restrict them.

If vapers are forced to leave their e-cigs home when they travel, many will turn to combustible cigarettes, which are always the most widely available nicotine product at any destination.

The bill does not address other products — like laptops, tablets and mobile phones — that present the same battery risks as e-cigs. This is clearly aimed at punishing vapers, rather than addressing any real problem.


Vapers should contact their senators immediately by phone and e-mail. CASAA has issued an urgent Call to Action, and has a letter with suggested language (and the ability to add to it or replace it) that they deliver directly to your senators. CASAA has also provided suggested talking points for phone calls.

It’s crucial that all US Senators hear from the vapers in their states, and that we deliver a message of strong opposition to this. So, after you respond, please let other vapers know how important it is.

Jim McDonald
I spend most of my time studying the regulatory, legislative and scientific challenges to vaping, advocating for our right to exist, and talking with others who do the same. Consider me a source for information, and feel free to agree or disagree with anything I say. I love good coffee and sweet Michigan cherries. My childhood hero was Gordie Howe.
  • Sean Pereira

    Don’t these people have anything better to do with their time, like trying to stop war and terrorisum etc.

    • Jim McDonald

      You’d think so. But some politicians see this as an easy target. Most people don’t understand that it’s far safer than smoking, and smoking has been something they could go after with relatively little pushback for a long time.

      Be sure to use the CASAA link and let your senators know where you stand! And thanks for the comment.

      • Mirza

        Absolutely. Vaping is a new trend and also ever fresh thema for debats, bans while it’s a “dangerous” new habbit becoming more popular amongst youth. People are ignorrant and tend to trust to all that media are writting. Everything new is dangerous and should be annihilated.

  • Mirza

    USA is taking slowly the same path as EU. Each year new restriction until vapers will not be allowed to speak about vaping products. Stupid. It’s OK to prohibit usage on flight but carrying vaping gear in personal baggage that’s just f___ing stupid. Brainless. But you can carry your smokes and a butan lighter. GG tobacco&pharmacy bias.

    • Jim McDonald

      Well, there’s no way to eliminate speaking about vaping. Other than that, I agree.

      • Mirza

        Hahaha guess while wright of freedom speech. I find better when tobacco or pharmacy industry wouldn’t fight against vaping but quit opposite I’d love they take a part and with their knowledge and experience they could contribute a lot. For us users that would be bring a lot ‘cuase those two are strong and would stand for themselves and us. Don’t mention the product quality…I went off topic a bit?

        • Jim McDonald

          It’s complicated, but I can summarize the vapor industry’s relationship with tobacco by saying we’re allies sometimes, and with pharma we’re allies never. Pharma lobbies against us, either directly or (more often) through proxies like the American Heart Association and American Cancer Society.

          • Excellently said, Sir.

  • Michael Abrams

    Just a thought. What if vapers were required to take a brief training and quiz before first buying a mech or external batteries, then issued a permit equivalent to say a fishing license? A vape shop could handle this. Sell batteries in a cheap plastic case, suitable for travel? Basic ohms law? Might eliminate the few incidents that get more media attention than far more threatening issues. This seems half money grab, half ignorance is bliss. Do we need to give something to get something? Also, what about those who use slightly different gear for medicinal purposes, legal in their state but not federally? Those ppl are issued cards by their States in the US. Whether or not we agree, the legalization trend could keep vape hardware legal.

    • Jim McDonald

      The hardware will never be made illegal. Honestly, if I owned a shop I wouldn’t sell hybrid mechs at all. They’re just lawsuits waiting to happen. As far as licensing, I wouldn’t give lawmakers any ideas. Never *ask* for legislation.

      • Michael Abrams

        Jim, what do you make of these stories about China banning exports of vaping gear, that have been circulating the last 2 weeks or so? For e.g., the Jay Bo resignation video on YouTube, dated Apr 1, closed to comments. Thanks

        • Jim McDonald

          The China ban story was an April Fools joke, as I imagine the video you mention is too.

  • Tyler Richardson

    Is it just me or does anyone else find it ironic that this dudes name is Blumenthol…

    • Jim McDonald


  • Find your senator here:

    While it’s important to voice your opinion on this mind-numbingly idiotic proposal, it’s vital that your call is cordial and coherent.

    • Jim McDonald

      Good point. It’s not always easy to be polite when we’re upset, but it’s important. When calling a senator’s office, you’re going to speak to a staffer, and they’re not going to argue; they will simply note your position.

      I think a good point to mention when making our calls is that the CDC estimates that there are more than nine million e-cig users in the US. Let’s remind our senators to think carefully about just how many people they would inconvenience by supporting the Blumenthal proposal.