Sigelei Vexus CDA preview | The first Coil-less Dripping Atomizer

The Vexus by Sigelei is the first coil less atomizer to ever hit the market. But questions remain...


Sigelei Vexus CDA Intro

The Sigelei Vexus is a coil-less RDA, called a CDA (for coil-less dripping atomizer). For anyone that drips, it’s almost impossible not being instantly curious about this new product. But is the Vexus really as unique as it seems?

In 2016, a lot of new tanks with ceramic heating elements hit the market. We saw the promise of coil-free operation several tanks, and the one that seemed to stand apart both in design and public opinion was the Altus by Guo.

But it never really took off. The Altus received a firestorm of criticism for various reasons, and unfortunately it does share a key design element with the Vexus: the Center Vaping Unit (CVU) chip.

Does that spell disaster for the Sigelei Vexus? Well, not necessarily. Let’s take a look and find out why.

Sigelei Vexus CDA Gallery

Sigelei Vexus CDA Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • Vexus CDA (Coil-less Dripping Atomizer)
  • Wide-bore PTFE drip tip
  • Spare clips (to secure cotton)
  • Spare o-rings
  • Pre-cut cotton


  • 35mm H x 23.5mm W
  • CVU chips (instead of coils)
  • Temperature control compatible (NI setting or TCR 0.0031-0.0040)
  • Adjustable bottom and side airflow
  • Purer and bigger flavor with trisectional airflow
  • Stainless steel or black finish

Give it a chance


For those of you inclined to write off the Sigelei Vexus as another failed implementation of the CVU chip, keep in mind that there are a couple key differences from the Altus which may favor the Vexus.

The Vexus is a dripping atomizer which should eliminate concerns over wicking issues. If your cotton is dry, just drip more juice! You won’t have to muss with a whole tank of liquid or have to fret over wicking an RTA.

And, the Vexus has a dual-CVU which should increase flavor and vapor. The Altus took some lumps for it’s price, and for failing to deliver the “giant clouds” it promised – many reviewers found it produced more flavor than vapor.. If Sigelei priced this CDA affordably, folks may be willing to look past the Altus and give the Vexus a shot.

Unanswered questions...

Though the CVU chips appear to be similar — if not identical — to the chip used in the Altus, there is no word from Sigelei on the resistance of the Vexus with the chips, but like the Altus, Sigelei claims the Vexus can be used in standard wattage mode or temperature control mode.

But they recommend using nickel mode or a similar TCR, and hitting it with a 0.1-second boost of high power for a preheat. I guess if you use it in power mode, it may be best to use it on a mod like the Tarot Pro from Vaporesso where a curve can be set for regular power.

But note, Sigelei is not saying what the chips are composed of, only that they are made in the USA from a “secret” material. If they are indeed the same (or similar) chips used in the Altus, it may be safe to assume they are tungsten coils covered with ceramic.


What do you think?

Is the Vexus doomed to wither in the negative shadow cast by the Altus, or is it different enough that you may like to try it? Can you support a product with a heating element of undisclosed material?

Let us know in the comments section below.

Gary Joseph
Gary is a retired technical writer residing in the metro Detroit area. Besides vaping, and writing for Vaping360, some of his other interests include motorcycling, watch collecting, bicycling and fitness.
  • Nytrx

    I’d only be interested in this if it was more flavourful than the hadaly. Review soon?

    • Gary Joseph

      Hah, nothing is taking the place of my Hadaly. If it does it will have to be really special.

  • Sinister ZaDjALi

    Sounds interesting, Waiting for the review!

  • Jballs2thewalls

    I bought the vexus and wicking it properly with the cage got extremely hot,and poor vapor production.not impressed.

    • Gary Joseph

      Sorry to hear that. I know this is a small consolation, but thanks for being an early adopter and letting us know your opinion.

  • Benjamin Figura

    The vexus is crap. Tricky to “wick” (wrap) it without tearing the cotton appart. Good vaporproduction but no flavor. If you turn the driptip to set the airflow or if you set the bottomairflow than the cotton will go with the direction youre turning and that means that there will flow no liquid and that ofcourse means that you will burn the cotton. Verry bad product in my opinion but ill give it another try and make some things different

    • Gary Joseph

      Thanks for the input.

      After the Altus it doesn’t surprise me to hear that folks are having issues with the Vexus. As much as we want this type of new vaping tech to work, sometimes it just doesn’t pan out.

      I won’t pass judgement on the Vexus just yet as I haven’t had a chance to review it personally but based on the few comments here, it’s looking like more of the same.

      • Benjamin Figura

        Thats right, the comparison with the altus is verry similar. Its a good idea to vape with the cvu chips but there are some problems. In example the cotton wrapping, the liquid going to the cvu or some more problems…

        • Gary Joseph

          Well, good luck, and let us know if you get it squared away.

  • Trent

    Seems like a solid product from the video and what i have read on it. Although, am i the only one freaked out by Sigelei not releasing the material that the chips are made of? Not that im a health nut or anything, but if it is some metal similar to nickel or titanium id rather know so as to not run it in power mode. (by my understanding there is a by-product produced when such metals are heated to certain degrees, and being someone who constantly runs my vape at higher wattages id greatly appreciate this information to be disclosed)

    • Gary Joseph

      Well, still no official word or info that I can find on the Vexus CVU chips.

      So yeah, I don’t blame you for being cautious, and I would not assume they are the same as the Altus, which I understand were tungsten covered with ceramic.