SMOK TF-RTA G1 Single-Coil Deck Review

Bill puts the SMOK TF-RTA G1 Single-Coil Deck to the ultimate test by having a vape on it and tells us what he thinks of it...


SMOK TF-RTA G1 Single-Coil Deck Intro

SMOK’s TF-RTA is a large (24.5 mm) and quite wonderful RTA. It can be purchased in two packages with either the SMOK G2 dual-coil build deck or the SMOK G4 quad-coil deck. As an add-on accessory, SMOK offers the G1 deck, designed for a single coil.

All three decks are called off-base style, in that the decks screw into the TF-RTA base in much the same way that a sub-ohm clearomizer tank’s factory head screws into the base. All three decks are large (16 mm diameter), making the build process easy whenever you need or want to build with new coils (the decks come with Clapton coils pre-installed).

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Notable Remarks


Prices online for the G1 Deck range from $7-11. Chinese vendors are more likely to carry it than American vendors. As of the writing of this review (24 July 2016), the only vendor I found anywhere that has the G1 in stock is Gearbest.



The G1 deck comes almost ready to go, with a pre-installed 0.6Ω Clapton coil. All the user needs to do is wick that bad boy, screw in the deck to the base, and vape. Nice.



Performance of the G1 is exactly what we would expect from a high-quality single coil deck, i.e., wonderful. Sure, the TF-RTA can produce monster clouds from either the G2 or G4 decks, but the G1 deck gives the user the additional option of vaping the tank with the simplicity of a single coil.

Not that the G1 is a slouch at vapor production. With the pre-installed Clapton coil, you can still blow big clouds. What the G1 is for, however, is lower-power flavor chasing. I used my TF-RTA with the G1 deck at 35 watts and was completely satisfied.






If you own a SMOK TF-RTA, you may be quite happy with your G2 or G4 multi-coil deck, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t — The TF-RTA is a brilliant tank, one of the best of 2016’s superb new generation of RTAs.

If you’d like a lower-power single-coil option, however, the G1 deck is just what the doctor ordered. Kudos to SMOK for providing the G1 as an inexpensive add-on.


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Bill Herbst
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