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SMOK TFV4 Mini Intro

Today we take a look at the SMOK TFV4 Mini, the smaller brother to the original SMOK TFV4.

With the TFV4 Mini, SMOK have apparently ironed out some of the issues that people were having with the TFV4, specifically in terms of leakage. The TFV4 Mini is also much smaller than the original TFV4 and is only 22mm in diameter. This means it will fit nicely on the majority of mods, but does come with the downside that it only holds 3.5ml of e-liquid.

The TFV4 Mini also comes with an interesting new Clapton coil, a pre-built Clapton RBA/RCA as well as the S6 sextuplet coil. I won’t be trying the Sextuplet in this review, as we have previously reviewed that one in our TFV4 coil review. I’ll be looking at the stock Clapton coils as well as the Clapton RBA section to see how they vape!

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SMOK TFV4 Mini Specs and Features

SMOK TFV-4 Mini Kit Content
SMOK TFV-4 Mini Kit Content
  • 1 x TFV4 Mini Tank
  • 1 x TF-CLP2 Coil Head 0.35 ohm: 30W – 90W (Clapton Dual Coil Head)
  • 1 x TF-S6 Coil Head 0.4 ohm: 30W – 100W (Sextuple Coil Head)
  • 1 x TF-RCA/RBA Head Kit – Prebuilt Clapton Coil Installed (Rebuildable Clapton Coil Head)
  • 1 x Replacement Glass Tank
  • 1 x Black Seal Gasket A
  • 1 x Black Seal Gasket B
  • 2 x Replacement Seal Gaskets For Top Cap
  • 1 x Black Vape Tank Band
  • 1 x White Vape Tank Band
  • 2 x Replacement O-Rings For Drip Tip
  • 1 x Refill Warning Card
  • 1 x Screwdriver
  • 1 x Package of Organic Cotton
  • 1 x Replacement Seal Ring For Glass Tube
  • 1 x Replacement Piece of Clapton Wire
SMOK TFV-4 Mini Taken Apart
SMOK TFV-4 Mini Taken Apart
  • Price: $44.95
  • Wattage Range: S6 (30-100W), CLP2 (30-90W)
  • Tank Capacity: 3.5ml
  • Coils Available: 0.4 ohm S6, 0.35 ohm CLP2
  • Wicking material: Cotton
  • RBA: TF-RCA/RBA head included (pre-built Clapton Installed & extra wire provided)
  • Diameter: 22mm

Notable Remarks

Vaping the TF-CLP2 0.35Ohm Clapton Coil (30-90W)

Vape Setup: Sigelei 150W + Miss Samoa max VG e-juice by Fa-Q.

40W – Not much happening at 40W.
50W – Better vapor and the flavor is rearing its head.
60W – Lovely flavor now and thick clouds of vapor. The vapor is nice and warm but not too hot.
70W – This is where I would vape this coil. Delicious flavor and nice big clouds of vapor.
80W – Actually I’d probably vape this at 75W. At 80W it is starting to get on the warmer to hot side of things, but the flavor is outstanding.
90W – Just a bit too hot for my liking and verging on a burnt hit, but jeez that flavor is darn good!

My sweet-spot for the TF-CLP2 Clapton coil is around 70-80W.

Note: The TFV4 Mini uses the same coils as the TFV4 and they can be interchanged with one another. The TFV4 Mini comes with different coils in the kit compared to the regular TFV4. With the TFV4 Mini you get the Clapton CLP2 and a RBA base with Clapton wire, whereas the TFV4 comes with a quadcoil (Q4), a Triple coil and a normal dual coil RBA.

Vaping the TFV-4 Mini RBA Section

SMOK TFV-4 Mini Clapton RBA
SMOK TFV-4 Mini Clapton RBA

​The RBA section on this device is very solid! You can actually use your TFV4 as an RTA which I have been doing for quite some time now. The deck reminds me a little bit of the Lemo however it doesn’t have those holes to insert your leads into. Fortunately Smok makes it super easy for you to trap the leads under the screws, which is usually not such an easy task. There are actually little grooves that help the wire sit once you have the screws loosened up. I found this deck easier to build than the Lemo to be honest. The post holes are a little bit bigger too, so you can use thicker wire without a problem. In fact, it even comes with a clapton coil pre-installed. All you need to do is wick it up and vape it. Wicking can be a little tricky, if your cotton is too long you will block the juice flow and get dry hits, and if it is too short you will get leaking. It works great when wicked just right.




The much smaller size of the TFV4 mini compared to the original, makes it a lot better looking and means it is also a standard 22mm in diameter. This means it will sit nicely on the majority of box mods. I also think the TFV4 mini looks a darn site sleeker than the original TFV4, which was quite fat and ugly looking. The smaller size and sleeker looks of the TFV4 Mini unfortunately also come with a major trade-off. The juice capacity is now just 3.5ml compared to 5ml on the larger version. I will talk about this more in the dislikes section!

Clapton Coils

SMOK TFV-4 Mini Clapton RBA
SMOK TFV-4 Mini Clapton RBA

The CLP2 Clapton coil that comes as standard with this tank, vapes fantastically well. The only Clapton build I have tried that is part of a stock sub ohm tank coil, is the Atom Vapes gClapton and I have to say the SMOK CLP2 outperforms those ones by quite a distance, in both flavor and clouds. I had some major spit-back issues whilst breaking in the CLP2, but once that resided the vape was outstanding and the flavor was gorgeous. I wouldn’t however, go as far as saying it was better than the SMOK quadcoils (Q4) that come as standard with the original TFV4 kit. All I can tell you is that it destroys e-juice just as fast. In terms of clouds I think the Clapton produces bigger and denser clouds compared with the quadcoil, which with a Clapton kinda goes without saying. I guess it is a slightly different vape experience to the quadcoils, but either way your 3.5ml will not be lasting long in this tank (30-40 puffs). Anyway those our my initial thoughts on the CLP2 Clapton coil and once I got it running and past the initial spit-back, I really enjoyed vaping it.

Fixed the Leaking Issues

Many people had leaking issues with their TFV4 tanks and SMOK have said that the TFV4 mini has been improved in this aspect. I can say that, so far, we haven’t had any issues and fingers crossed this stays like this going forward. It seems as though SMOK have managed to fix this issue and hopefully people will not be having major leaking issues with this tank.

Accessories with the TFV4 Mini Kit

The TFV4 Mini kit is not cheap at $44.99, but you do get a plethora of accessories with the kit. Most notably the RBA section with the pre-built Clapton build alongside cotton and extra Clapton wire. You also get a spare glass tank, some spare o-rings, a screwdriver, two different coils and some little vape bands. You get a lot of gear with the kit and you also get a standard instruction leaflet as well as leaflet outlining all the many different TFV4 coils (although this didn’t include the CLP2 on it). At $44.99 you are paying more than other sub ohm tanks on the market, but you do get a lot for your money.

The RBA/RCA Section

You get a great RBA section with the SMOK TFV4 Mini and it is a definite highlight of this kit. The deck comes with the pre-built Clapton coil and is therefore made to accommodate thick wire. The deck itself is fairly easy to build on and is simple and efficient. The RBA section is a great way to enjoy this tank, without spending a fortune on replacement coils.


E-Juice Capacity

This is a bit of a double-edged sword, as the TFV4 mini is smaller and therefore looks better and fits on more mods, given it is 22mm diameter. However, the 3.5ml capacity is not enough for the juice guzzling coils that come with the kit. With the Clapton CLP2 coil, I was getting around 30-35 puffs on one whole tank, before it was completely drained! Re-filling from the top is easy with the hinging top cap and silicon top sleeve, but still if you are vaping heavily you will need to re-fill the Mini very often. If you are happy with that, that’s great, but if you want to be taking this tank out with you, it isn’t a very convenient option, as you will need a juice bottle or two with you to keep up with its vast juice consumption.

Price of Replacement Coils

The replacement coils for the SMOK TFV4 and Mini are very expensive ($25-30 for 5). They are absolutely massive coils and use a lot of material, meaning they also cost a lot more than regular smaller sub ohm tank coils. If you don’t want to end up spending a fortune, I recommend you use the RBA/RCA section and make your own coils, as otherwise buying replacements becomes very unaffordable quite quickly.


SMOK TFV-4 Mini on xCube II
SMOK TFV-4 Mini on xCube II

The TFV4 Mini is a fantastic sub ohm tank and bar it’s small tank size and expensive replacement coils, there isn’t much to complain about. It is better than the larger TFV4 given that SMOK have improved the seals and thus hopefully solved the leaking issues. It’s smaller size means that it will fit on more mods and also looks a lot sleeker than the larger chubbier version. It also comes with a fantastic Clapton coil (CLP2) and RBA section with extra Clapton wire. It vapes exceedingly well and the flavor is outstanding. If you are not put off by the small juice capacity and pricey replacement coils and want a sub ohm tank that has a lot of coil options and a fantastic RBA deck, then I can definitely recommend this tank. If you want more e-juice capacity, then look at the original TFV4 which uses the same coil heads the TFV4 Mini or take a look at theCrown by Uwell.

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