Smowell Hatrick Sub Ohm Tank Review

Smowell Hatrick
Smowell Hatrick

Smowell Hatrick Intro

In this review we take a look at the interesting top filling Smowell Hatrick sub ohm tank. The Hatrick features a unique atomizer made up of three coils. This triple coil head design is meant to produce plenty of flavor and clouds. The triple coils, come in either 0.2 or 0.5ohm resistances. I think the 0.5ohm triple coils come as standard on the Hatrick, as those were the ones we got with ours.

This is an interesting concept and we are intrigued to see how the Smowell Hatrick tank performs. Let’s take a look at how the Hatrick performs below.


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PRODUCT Specs and Features

Smowell Hatrick Kit Content
Smowell Hatrick Kit Content
  • 1 x Smowell Hatrick Tank (0.2ohm triple coil installed)
  • 1 x Replacement Triple Coil (0.5ohm)
Smowell Hatrick Disassembled
Smowell Hatrick Disassembled
  • Price: $39.99
  • Wattage Range: 30-120W
  • Tank Capacity: 3.5ml
  • Coils Available: 0.2ohm & 0.5ohm Triple Coils
  • Wicking material: 100% Organic Cotton
  • Diameter: 22mm

Notable Remarks

Vaping the 0.2 ohm triple coil on the Hatrick (recommended wattage: 30-120W)

We used our Sigelei 150W box for this review and our standard max VG e-liquid from Fa-Q.

30W – Not much vapor and no flavor yet.
40W – Bit more vapor and still no flavor.
50W – Decent vapor now, but flavor is still lacking.
60W – Big clouds already and a hint of flavor now.
80W – Great clouds as to be expected from a triple coil. Flavor coming through slowly, but still not quite there.
90W – The tank itself is getting quite warm now but the vapor remains vapeable. Better flavor now.
100W – Massive clouds and the vapor is getting quite warm now. The tank itself is roasting! Going to leave it to cool now before carrying on.
110W – I think the flavor is best around 110W, but the vapor is quite warn at this wattage.
120W – Huge, huge clouds but the vapor is quite warm. The flavor is good, but not exceptional. I would have expected more flavor from three coils!

I would vape the Hatrick between 90 and 100W.


Air Flow

Smowell Hatrick Triple Coil
Smowell Hatrick Triple Coil

The air flow on the Hatrick Tank is nice and allows for plenty of air flow. The Hatrick has two big air flow slots on either side of the tank.


​Having triple coils means that this absolute beast produces the biggest clouds I have seen from any sub ohm tank! They are just massive, which means that your juice will disappear in seconds! Those who are after some cloud chasing, should definitely check this tank out.


Smowell Hatrick on the iPV4
Smowell Hatrick on the iPV4

The Hatrick is a pretty nice looking tank and features nice red o-rings and a pretty standard stainless steel design.

Top Fill

The Hatrick can be refilled easily from the top, which is a big plus as you will be needing to refill this tank very often due to its massive vapor production.


Tank Capacity Too Small

The Hatrick produces huge clouds due to the fact it has three coils in it. This also means it will get through a lot of your best e-juice very quickly. The tank capacity is around 3.5ml, which for these coils is not quit enough in my opinion. You will get through one tank full quite quickly, vaping at high wattage. It does have the top fill though, so refilling isn’t much of a hassle.

Cost of Replacement Coils

Smowell Hatrick Triple Coil
Smowell Hatrick Triple Coil

I can’t find any costs anywhere for the replacement coils, but they are pretty big and my guess is they will not be cheap.


The flavor on the Hatrick is pretty good, but I with three coils I was expecting something spectacular.
It still vapes well and the flavor is good, just not as good as I had hoped for (but I am super picky nowadays having tried over 40 sub ohm tanks!). I’d love to hear what you think about the flavor on this tank in the comments below.


We had one or two leakages when using the tank. I wouldn’t recommend leaving any e-juice in this tank overnight or for a longer period of time as the coils flood and the vape juice will seep into the base of the coil. I went for a massive exhale to prime the coil after leaving it overnight and tonnes e-juice shot out of the air flow holes!


This is an absolute beast of a sub ohm tank and if you are looking for clouds, then this is the sub ohm tank for you. I would have liked some more flavor, but it wasn’t bad at all. I think as this tank gets through so much e-juice a slightly bigger tank capacity would be more apt, perhaps 5ml or 6ml. It would make the tank bigger, but you wouldn’t have to refill every 10 minutes!

I don’t know how much the coil replacements will cost, so bear this in mind before purchasing the tank, as the triple coils are quite big and I don’t think will be that cheap.

Overall if you want a cloud chucker that can vape at high wattages, then give the Smowell Hatrick a go.


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Save 10% below using the coupon code: V360

*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
Chris Kendell
Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.
  • Phone Home-your Mom is worried

    This looks a lot like the Arctic Turbo tank from HorizonTech. They both use 3 small coils in a triangular formation, and they both use 0.2 ohm. I bought three of the Arctic Turbo tanks about nine months ago, when I found them for like 80% off, and I’m still using the first one I opened. The Turbo was pretty poorly received, based on the research I did before purchasing, but I love it. Even more than the TFV4, which is supposedly one of the best tanks ever made. It took a little trial and error before I figured out all the tricks to keep the Turbo from leaking, but since then it’s pretty much leak-free. There are a couple significant differences between these two tanks though, and it’s a shame that they didn’t incorporate one or both of them into this one. First, the Turbo has a turbine in the drip tip, which is supposed to cool the vapor and reduce spit back. The reviewer mentioned that he was getting hot vapes once he got into the higher wattages, which has never been a problem for me, even when I push the tank near it’s 120 watt limit. And I never get spit back with the Turbo, which was a big pet peeve of mine with the TFV4. The other difference is that with the Turbo, you can use one, two or three coils at a time, instead of all three coils being housed in one larger piece. This makes the tank very economical if you are vaping under 40 watts, because you can use one coil at a time and fill the other two holes with the included dummy coils. Also, if one coil is a dud or burns out, it doesn’t affect the other two, which appears to be a potential problem with this tank. Still, I’m curious to see how this tank performs, so I think I’m gonna get it so I can compare it to the Turbo. Right now (Sept. 15, 2016), this tank and the coils are on clearance sale at for $12.99 and $4.99, respectively. By the way, the regular price on the tank is $39.99, and the coils are $19.99. Besides the 0.2 and 0.5 coils, they also have the RDA deck on clearance for $4.99. So if you’re in the market for a new tank, I would definitely recommend the Arctic Turbo. It’s easy to find online at a deep discount, as are the coils. Don’t listen to the bad reviews, because the people who hated the Turbo probably didn’t take the time to learn how to use it properly. And if the Hatrick works similarly to the Turbo, it’s a steal at $12.99.