Steam Crave Aromamizer Titan Preview | Large and in Charge

Steam Crave challenges the industry norms with their latest interpretation of the stereotypical RDTA platform, aptly named the Titan.


Steam Crave Aromamizer Titan intro

Vape manufacturers have tended towards smaller, more portable devices. But despite this being a main selling point for many users, there is a select group of cloud chasers and building enthusiasts for whom bigger is actually better.

Steam Crave is one of the few companies that has attempted to design a platform for this niche market. The Titan RDTA could easily take the title of “biggest tank atomizer” ever created.

Colors: Black, Steel, Gun Metal
Retail Price: $57 – $87

Steam Crave Aromamizer Titan specs and features



  • Size: 41 x 71 mm (without 510 pin)
  • Capacity: 28 mL
  • Tank Type: RDTA (28 mL / 18 mL) / RDA

Kit Contents:

  • 1 x Aromamizer Titan 28 mL version whole unit
  • 1 x 28 mL spare glass
  • 1 x 18 mL spare glass (shorty chimney)
  • 2 x 18 mL spare glass (shorty glass)
  • 2 x style modular velocity posts
  • 1 x series modular post
  • 1 x vape band
  • 1 x drip tip UItem
  • 1 x Allen key
  • 1 x bag of grub screws & spare O rings

This tank is truly titanic!


Steam Crave’s Aromamizer family just got a whole lot bigger. Joining the existing lineup is the new Titan RDTA, which boasts a whopping 41 mm diameter base and a gigantic 28 mL e-juice reservoir.

Designed by BJ Shi and extensively field tested, this creation features a creative LEGO-like, modular build deck. As one of the most compelling features of the overall design, this inspired deck caters to an extensive range of coil configurations and is fully customizable. This means that users can easily transform it into a postless or velocity-style build area, with many other varieties also on offer.

This versatile deck is in turn complimented by the largest e-juice reservoir ever created! Sitting at a massive 28 mL, this atomizer can easily take you from day to night without requiring any refills. Moreover, all units come with a smaller 18-mL glass attachment for those who prefer a shorter tank area and smaller overall form factor. But if this doesn’t quite meet your needs, then you can simply remove the glass altogether to create a very serviceable RDA.

The biggest and boldest RDTA on the market!

Airflow control is located at the base of the platform, with holes of varying sizes providing a moderate degree of airflow customization. Importantly, air is channeled directly onto the deck for adequate cooling of the more complex builds and for greater cloud production. There also appears to be a locking mechanism on the tank itself, which is great for ensuring your tank does not leak while in use.

While obviously not a tank for the masses, the Titan RDTA is still an impressive offering from the company and will undoubtedly give some users hours of enjoyment. Plus, with so many platforms mimicking one another these days in terms of both design and functionality, it is fun to see something completely different for a change!

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  • ROBERT Vapor

    awesome. laisimo F4 is the best mod to match aromamizer titan

  • ROBERT Vapor

    this is the 41mm mod

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    Looks badass. I want one.