Thailand: 4 Men Face Prison for Selling Vapes

In Thailand, selling e-cigs can get you 10 years and massive fines


Police raided a condominium last week in Hat Yai, Thailand, and arrested four men for selling banned vaping products. Two of the men were Thai, and two were Malaysian.

The police also seized about $29,000 worth of vaping gear and e-liquid. They were responding to an anonymous tip, according to a Bangkok Post story.

The Post story said that the seized products were “three e-cigarettes, 3,201 bottles of e-cigarette solution and 122 atomizers.” The police claim that the products were smuggled into the country, and sold to customers who placed orders through Facebook.

Now four men sit in prison for the crime of offering smokers a safer choice.

The four men who were arrested ranged in age from 21 to 26. They were charged with “illegally selling electronic cigarettes and liquid.” Sales, import and export of e-cigarettes are illegal in Thailand. According to Tobacco Asia, violators can get up to a 10-year prison sentence, and a fine equal to five times the value of the confiscated products.

Last fall, the Post reported that the government was considering a change to the law, and possibly allowing e-cigs to be sold. But apparently that initiative hasn’t gone anywhere. Now four men sit in prison for the crime of offering smokers a safer choice.

Jim McDonald
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