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A new campaign from anti-tobacco groups is urging Americans to ask Congress to prevent current vaping products from remaining on the market.
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A survey of doctors show that a many would advise against using e-cigarettes to quit smoking, even if the patient refuses FDA-approved methods
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President Trump wants Dr. Scott Gottlieb, a health policy expert with pharma connections, as the new FDA commissioner. Will he help save vaping?
unity for hr1136
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Organizations representing vapers and vape businesses, have asked House Speaker Paul Ryan to support for the FDA Deeming Authority Clarification Act.
portland benzene study
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A Portland State University study claiming e-cigarettes can produce high levels of benzene has been debunked already for its poor methodology.
tasteless e-juice label
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A recent blog post by Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos has reignited an old debate about whether tasteless e-liquid labels can or should be policed.
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There is no current evidence to show that vaping is bad for you. But the real question should probably be whether it’s as bad as smoking.
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A University of Texas engineering team has developed safer batteries that could replace lithium-ion cells in vapes, electronics and electric cars.
possible flavor ban in new jersey
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The New Jersey Assembly is considering a bill that would ban favors in vapor products, which would destroy every vape shop in the state.
dripping e-liquid on atomizer
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A recent study in the journal Pediatrics on the vaping technique called dripping has been criticized by researchers for its poor methodology and conclusions