Simon Cowell Vapes! (American Idol, X-Factor)

    Simon Cowell is now a vaper. The American Idol and X-Factor genius has started vaping in order to cut down on smoking tobacco cigarettes for his son, Eric.

    Simon Cowell Vaper
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    Simon Cowell, Genius/Vaper

    Simon Cowell is now a part-time vaper. It’s true! The man best known for American Idol, X-Factor, blessing the world with One Direction, sporting the same haircut for three decades, and wearing white t-shirts 345 days a year has taken up vaping.

    The impetus for Simon Cowell’s lifestyle change is his two-year old son, Eric. Being an upstanding human and better than 98 percent of the world, he does not want to smoke cigarettes around his son and has been trying to cut down on his 80-fags-a-day habit.

    My driver was on 40-a-day and he has cut out smoking completely. I’m on 80-a-day now. It’s a step in the right direction. I don’t smoke in front of Eric for obvious reasons.

    - Simon Cowell

    Unfortunately, The Sun did not report on what type of vaping gear Simon Cowell is using. Do you think he’s on a tube mod or a box mod? Is he rocking a sub-ohm tank or an RDA? These are pertinent questions that The Sun needed to get answers to!

    I’ve reached out to X-Factor’s US PR firm in order to try to learn what type of vaping gear he uses. For now, we’ll all have to be satisfied with the fact that he finds vaping to be an effective and enjoyable form of tobacco harm reduction.

    The Vape has been successful. It’s a good one, it tastes nice and sweet. I have smoked for a long, long time and sometimes it is just habit. But these things do help. It is quite sexy, it is big and chunky.

    - Simon Cowell

    What Do You Think Simon Vapes?

    I’m a longtime fan of Simon Cowell. He’s better than me. It’s highly likely that he’s better than you. I was thrilled to learn that he’s now a vaper. This means more years of his greatness, but more importantly it means that a truly great man views vaping as a legitimate and effective way to stop smoking tobacco cigarettes.

    Out of curiosity, what kind of vaping gear and e-liquids do you think Simon Cowell enjoys? Please leave your ideas in the comments section.


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