The Wismec Exo Skeleton Has Not Been Recalled [Update]

    The Wismec Exo Skeleton ES300 is rumored to be recalled.


    The Wismec Exo Skeleton ES300 box mod is catching some heat right now. Recently, a few pictures on social media appeared of different Exo Skeletons that caught fire and melted or were starting to melt. British Ohm Stores on their Facebook page made a post saying the Exo Skeleton has been recalled and if you own one, it should be returned to their store or wherever it was purchased from. Not much longer after that post was made, it was buzzing around the internet that the Exo Skeleton was recalled.

    We reached out to Wismec and they said there is no recall.

    We will update this post if more information comes to light. But if you currently own a Wismec Exo Skeleton ES300, it would be wise to keep a close eye on it to make sure everything is working properly… especially if you’re pushing the limits of the mod. Hopefully Wismec really looks into these claims instead of dismissing them as user error.


    After contacting Wismec about the article we were going to publish regarding the failure of the Exo Skeletons, they said they would make an official statement. We guess this is it. It’s difficult for us to tell if this is an admission of guilt, a total dodge, or if they just missed the issues altogether.

    As of June 14 2017, Wismec released an updated firmware V1.02 as the default firmware for the EXO SKELETON ES300. To enhance the safety of your device, please download the latest firmware and upgrade your ES300 by following this link:

    For further inquiry, please contact [email protected] We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause and continuously strive to provide you with the best service.

    Your understanding will be highly appreciated.
    Thank you.

    WISMEC Marketing Team
    June 27th, 2017

    Do you have an Exo Skeleton ES300? What has your experience been with it? How do you feel about Wismec’s “declaration”? Sound off in the comments section.

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