Vaper on the Street: How Did You Start Vaping?

Vaping360 asks attendees of LA Vapers Club how they got started with vaping.


A Trip to LA Vapers Club

For this episode of “Vaper on the Street,” Vaping360 went to LA Vapers Club. One of the oldest vape groups in America, LA Vapers Club has been having recurring meets for more than five years.

The question of the day was simple, “How did you start vaping?” The answers were great. Some started for health reasons, others started simply because they were tired of smoking tobacco cigarettes, and one interviewee started because of a bad breakup.

It’s fun to hear vapers’ stories about how and why they started vaping. It’s also neat to hear about the vaping gear they started with. Many vapers I’ve met started with cigalikes, but found them unsatisfying, moving onto eGo-style pens and more advanced products. I started on cigalikes, but didn’t really “enjoy” vaping until I bought an eGo and discovered Ahlusion e-liquid.

How about you? What’s your vaper story? I’d love to hear it. If you have a chance, kindly do what the LA Vapers Club attendees did and leave a comment on how you started vaping.

Raymond Padilla
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  • Jeremy

    I started with the SafeCig too (2010). LOL

    • A fine product from James Cameron…’s brother. :p