Vapers: 9 Effective Ways To Fight The FDA


Immediately join a consumer advocacy group

  • If you aren’t a member of CASAA, join now. It’s free, and your membership makes the group even stronger. We think it’s realistic for CASAA to have a million members. So please be an evangelist for the oldest consumer advocacy group in vaping. And please make a donation. These are mostly volunteers who spend every waking moment fighting hard for our rights.
  • Not Blowing Smoke needs your help and support too. Their brilliant media campaign have brought us much attention, and we need Stefan Didak and crew around to successfully win this struggle

Know thy enemy!

  • Don’t support the people who are attacking us. The forces behind this are the pharma-funded groups that claim to be protectors of health. The American Heart Association, American Lung Association, American Cancer Society, Campaign For Tobacco-Free Kids, and CVS need to know that we get it. Tell them! We’re not going to donate money or time to them. Additionally, vapers should urge their friends and family to let these organizations know that they won’t support them either. Why should we help organizations that reject actual science and promote fear-based legislation?

Get the support of non-vapers and non-smokers

  • Show your anger, but be informed! Most people just don’t know what’s going on. Teach them. Tell them the Royal College of Physicians says vaping is only five percent as risky as smoking. Tell them our government is banning the products we’ve used to get away from deadly tobacco cigarettes. The people who love and care about you should be speaking up too. We need to tell our stories, and we need to find allies among the people we deal with every day.

Write letters to newspaper editors

  • Comments on websites are great, but the fact is nobody really reads them. The people who still buy newspapers and take the time to read the editorial page are often people with influence. We can influence them by writing brief (150-300 words) compelling letters that highlight our experiences versus what the FDA is trying to promote. Also, if newspapers receive a lot of letters from vapers, they might be interested in writing some articles about the topic. This is how we build momentum!

Support HR2058

  • HR 2058, the “Cole bill,” would change the grandfather date for products from 2007 to the present and allow modern vapor products to be sold without requiring FDA approval. The bill is in need of co-sponsors in the House of Representatives. CASAA has a Call to Action that provides vapers (and their friends and families)  a simple way to send a pre-written letter of support for HR 2058 to their members of Congress. The process takes less than a minute to do and can have a huge impact on the bill. This is job number one for any vaper reading this.
  • Also, much of the HR 2058 language has been included in the House appropriations bill that is now working its way through Congress. There is a separate Call to Action for this bill, and every vaper should take the time to do both.

Call your State representative’s office

  • Don’t be shy! The person taking the call will simply get your name and address (to verify you’re in that congress person’s district), and make a note of what you say. CASAA’s calls to action have suggested points to mention, but the main thing is to let them know that you’re a voter, you quit smoking with e-cigs, and you want to urge support of legislation that will protect vapor products so other smokers will continue to have the same opportunity you had. An elected representative might not listen to one constituent, but when multiple calls come in on any topic, it really does get their attention.

Don’t support petitions to the White House or similar “slacktivism” efforts

  • Petitions accomplish nothing except making people mistakenly think that they’ve done their part. Bear in mind that the White House is run by the same people who appointed the leaders of the FDA. These are their regulations!

Support vape shops and online vendors involved in the fight

  • Consumers would be wise to patronize businesses who are in it for the long haul. If you buy from vendors that are interested beyond just filling their own savings account, you reward people who care about all of us. Encouraging customers to join CASAA is crucial, but I also expect anyone I buy from to be contributing members of a national trade association or the AVA.

Keep vaping and having fun!

  • Sometimes advocates forget that this is a consumer-driven revolution. It should be new and exciting, not dull and sterile like a pharma product. Standing up for vaping means nothing if there aren’t exciting mods, atomizers and liquids to try. We’re not fighting for boring therapeutic products here. As Dave Dorn says, celebrate the vape!

We can’t give up or give in, no matter how dark it looks right now. Lives depend on us, so we can’t let ourselves be overwhelmed and demoralized — and we can’t get caught up in disputes with other vapers. Our enemies are strong, but we have science on our side and we’re standing up for more than corporate profits and tired ideology. Vaping360 is in it for the long haul. How about you?

Jim McDonald
I spend most of my time studying the regulatory, legislative and scientific challenges to vaping, advocating for our right to exist, and talking with others who do the same. Consider me a source for information, and feel free to agree or disagree with anything I say. I love good coffee and sweet Michigan cherries. My childhood hero was Gordie Howe.