Vapeston Ceramikas Review

Vapeston Ceramikas
Vapeston Ceramikas

Vapeston Ceramikas Intro

Today I will be taking a look at the latest tank from Vapeston: the Ceramikas. This, like a lot of other sub ohm tanks right now has gone the route of ceramic coils, but how well does the Ceramikas hold up against the rest of the sub ohm tanks using these new innovative ceramic coils? Below I take a closer look at the Vapeston Ceramikas


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Vapeston Ceramikas Specs and Features

Vapeston Ceramikas Kit Content
Vapeston Ceramikas Kit Content
  • 1x Vapeston Ceramikas tank
  • 1x Food Grade Ceramic Coil (0.3Ω) pre installed
  • 1x RBA Coil
  • 1x User Manual
  • 22mm Diameter
  • Top Fill
  • Longer Lasting Ceramic Coils
  • 20-120W

Notable Remarks


The packaging of the Vapeston Ceramikas was very good. A clean and clear plastic box with a foam insert to protect the tank was both simple and effective. Nothing too fancy but equally it wasn’t too basic and looked like some thought had gone into the packaging.


Vapeston Ceramikas on the Innokin Coolfire IV Plus
Vapeston Ceramikas on the Innokin Coolfire IV Plus

The tank looks fantastic in my opinion! It looks very sleek and professional, unlike the Maganus; I like the airflow ring of the Ceramikas. The knurled airflow ring on the Maganus made it look a little childish and punk like. However the Ceramikas exudes quality and class all the way through.


Vapeston Ceramikas Airflow
Vapeston Ceramikas Airflow

The performance of the Ceramikas has been unrivalled in all of the ceramic coil, sub ohm tanks that I have used. No other sub ohm tank that utilises ceramic coils has been able to compete with the Ceramikas so far.

The wattage values are spot on, and although 120w is a hot hot vape, it certainly is not a burnt vape at all. However I prefer to vape this tank at around 60-75w for optimum performance.

This is the first ceramic-coiled tank that I have used that can blow dense, thick clouds. All of the previous tanks I have used have been far more flavour orientated and have lacked clouds.

The Ceramikas however meets both criteria fantastically! Great flavour as you would expect from the ceramic coils, but also the vapour production is on par with other ‘standard’ sub ohm tanks. I think this is a great compromise between flavour and vapour production unlike some of the other ceramic coil tanks.


The Design

I really like the design of the tank. I think it looks sleek but still has a bulky appearance so it doesn’t look too small on any of my larger mods. I tend to use this tank on my bigger mods due to it needing the extra power.

The Coils

The coils are fantastic, out of all the ceramic coils I have tried, these are most certainly the best! The flavour is second to none, very clean and crisp but the wattage ranges and the vapour production are where these coils stand out to me.

In comparison to the other ceramic coils these simply blow the competition away! The vapour production eclipses all the other tanks I have tried, whilst you wont be winning any cloud competitions you’ll certainly be blowing bigger clouds than the likes of the Ceravape Soter or the Vaporesso tank.

Spit Back Protection

One excellent part of the Vapeston Ceramikas is the spit back protection screen. I haven’t had any hot juice in my mouth yet, especially seeing as the juice is filled through the drip tip section I was very sceptical about drinking juice as opposed to vaping it!

However I was pleasantly surprised and haven’t experienced any spit back to date!


Top Fill System

I don’t really like the top fill system, instead of removing a top cap and filling through juice slots you fill through the drip tip section. Whilst it may seem more convenient I have found it anything but.

I have to tilt the tank to a particular angle or the juice wont fill into the tank and sometimes it just doesn’t flow into the tank, it seems like more hassle than to just simply remove a top cap and fill though juice slots.


The Vapeston Ceramikas is yet another fantastic tank to come from the company. An excellent venture into ceramic coils. If you want to try these new ceramic coiled tanks, or if you just want a new sub ohm tank you will not be disappointed with the Ceramikas!

The filling system is a little fiddly and can be a pain but once you’ve filled up and you get vaping it soon disappears into insignificance.

A great performing sub ohm tank for anyone complete with an RBA coil for all those of you who like to build your own coils.


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