Vaping to be banned in cars [debunked story]

Snopes writer Kim LaCapria debunks this and other lies about vaping

Vaping in the Car

Lies, damn lies and clickbait

Has vaping in cars been banned in 11 states? That headline caught the eyes of a lot of vapers as a story from the Associated Media Coverage website was spread on vaping forums and in Facebook groups.

But it’s completely untrue, and the site itself is little more than a clickbait factory that churns out fake news stories. According to Kim LaCapria at Snopes, the bogus news site often aims at attracting the attention of specialized groups — like vapers — that will then tend to share the “news” quickly within their networks.

“Associated Media Coverage is a fake news site that typically spreads fabrications pertaining to non-existent laws and statutes which would affect a specific subset of the population,” writes LaCapria. “Prior falsehoods from the site include tales of a looming motorcycle curfew in March 2016, a motorcycle speed ban in August 2016, an impending FDA e-juice ban not long after that, and a claim several jurisdictions were codifying a ‘two pet maximum’ ordinance (meaning many households would be forced to rehome beloved pets).”

Snopes to the rescue

Kim Lacapria

Kim LaCapria (pictured above) has debunked vaping controversies for Snopes in the past, including a Facebook story about a woman “suffocating” from vaping, and the ever-popular popcorn lung junk stories. She’s a vaper herself, by the way. Unlike a lot of newspaper and web reporters, she actually checks the facts, and writes about what is known to be true, which makes her and Snopes great resources for the vaping community.

Before sharing stories that look suspicious, it’s always wise to Google the story and see if any other news sources are reporting it. It’s unlikely to be correct if just one site is reporting it. You can check Snopes too, but they can’t possibly get to every piece of junk vaping news. We need to avoid spreading bogus vaping stories, and to stop giving oxygen to sites that survive by creating clickbait shock news.

Jim McDonald
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