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Vaporfection MiVape Intro

Ok, so this is actually a vape that has been literally over five years in the making. The company, Vaporfection, who put out the ViVape, a desktop vaporizer, announced they are working on a hand-held device in September of 2011. Mind you, this was years before the current popularity of portable units. The demand was there, but there were only a handful of products on the market at the time, such as the Magic Flight Launch Box, so it is no surprise that many people pre-ordered this product. Anyway, it wasn’t until last year that these devices actually hit the market, not to mention there was an entire recall of the first production units in an attempt to further improve the product. To make a long story short, there was a lot of hype and anticipation around the MiVape. Could it be the iPhone of herbal vapes? Let’s find out…


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Vaporfection MiVape Specs and Features

Vaporfection miVape Kit Content
  • 1 x MiVape Vaporizer
  • 1 x Mouthpiece
  • 2 x Quartz Cups
  • 2 x Silicone Safety Cups
  • 2 x Silicone Lids (for quartz cups)
  • 3 x Replacement Screens
  • 10 x Waxy Oil Cloths
  • 1 x Pick Tool (included in the miVape)
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x micro USB Cord (Dual Voltage 110/220V)
  • 1 x Wall Charger
  • 2 x Stickers
  • 1 x User Guide
  • One Year Limited Warranty, 180 Days on Battery
  • Newest Version
  • Pocket-Sized & Portable
  • True Convection Heating
  • Zero Combustion* (I do not agree with this based on my experiences with this device)
  • All Glass Components* (The mouthpiece is made of plastic and glass)
  • Clean & Pure Vapor Production* (We will address this…)
  • Fully Adjustable Temperature Control
  • Medical Grade Construction
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery
  • Fast Heat Up Time

Notable Remarks


Vaporfection miVape

Ok, so at first glance, the MiVape kind of resembles a box mod used for vaping e-liquid. With the mouthpiece out, it looks like a juice-box for children. It is extremely lightweight and easy to hold. Now, Vaporfection boasts about having an all-glass-air path, which is sweet, however the rest of the product is almost entirely made out of plastic, which is why it feels so light. The silver plastic is made to look like a brushed metal. The buttons are nice and clicky and the LCD display is actually rather bright. I really like how the mouthpiece tucks right into itself, so all you need to worry about carrying is the little box. Overall, this is a super-portable and light vape but the question remains, how does it vape?

Vapor Quality

Vaporfection miVape Compartment

Ok, here is where things get tricky. I have been trying to get a good vapor experience with this unit for quite some time now because like many, I had high hopes for it. Unfortunately, I have not had much luck. At low temperatures, (300-350) degrees, I was just not getting a satisfying amount of vapor. At higher temperatures, I would get what can only be referred to as a burnt popcorn taste. I didn’t give up right away, I tried everything. Less material, more material, using a coarser grind (as recommended by Vaporfection) but still no luck. The vapor quality ranged from an unsatisfying wisp of vapor with a slight taste, to medium vapor with a burnt taste. I just couldn’t get that smooth and consistent draw that I come to expect from a good vaporizer. Although this product boasts an all-glass-air path, that is not completely accurate. The mouthpiece is actually plastic, with an attached quartz “straw”, so there’s that.

Build Quality

Vaporfection miVape Front

Despite the fact that this vaporizer is constructed out of plastic, it seems somewhat durable. If you drop it with the mouthpiece tucked in, chances are it will survive. However, if you drop it when the glass straw is out, there is a good chance it will break, despite the durability of quartz. The hinged door on the top where the mouthpiece goes into has been reinforced since the original MiVape prototype, yet seems like it could be snapped off if you are not being careful. Honestly I would expect a little bit more quality for a vaporizer in this price range.


Vaporfection miVape Packaging

In order to use the MiVape, you must first load the quartz cup with your dry herbs. They recommend that you don’t break up your material too finely, instead go with a coarser grind. This can be achieved by using your fingers versus a grinder. Although this is a portable vape, it would be very hard to load the little glass cup on-the-go. Plus when you are done with your session, the cup will be too hot to touch with your hands so you need to use the silicone piece that it comes in. Not to mention, you can only load .1-.2 grams of material in these cups at a time. Overall, there are just too many small pieces which for me, takes away from the convenience factor because there are more things prone to being misplaced or broken.


At the end of my session, I let the glass cool down and take the cup out. What I found was that the material was not vaporized evenly. Some of it was still green, some brown and some black. That is a major concern for me. When I vape flowers, I expect them to turn golden brown but never black! That is evidence of combustion, which defeats the whole purpose of vaping. This is what really got me bummed out because it could potentially be a really cool vape, if it actually vaped your herbs. Unfortunately it combusted the material, even though I followed all of the recommended instructions.

For example, I made sure to go with a coarser grind, as opposed to a fine one. I also made sure not to overpack the quartz cup, using only about .1-.2 grams of material. Last but not least, I did not even exceed 350 degrees, which is quite low. Other devices at this temperature should give your herb a nice, even, golden-brown color. In other words, the efficiency of this device is irrelevant being that it doesn’t even do what it is supposed to do which is vaporize, so I have found this device to be ineffective for dry herb. I will write an update on how it does with wax so that I can find a purpose for this


Vaporfection miVape Package Content

For $230, I could never recommend this product in good faith being that there are so many other great portable weed vapes in the same price range. In fact, I have gotten better performance out of some ones that are nearly half the price, such as the Hip Vap, Alfa, G Pro and Matrix to name a few. All of the vapes I just listed outperform the MiVape, in my personal experiences with them. I don’t just use these things once and write a review. I spend as much time necessary to get a proper assessment of a product’s performance and lifespan. For $200, you might as well just cop a Pax or put it towards a Pax 2, not to mention many other options such as the new Grenco GPen Elite.


  • Lightweight
  • Glass air-path (Not including plastic mouthpiece)
  • Removable cup
  • Temperature Control up to 430 degrees
  • Removable battery
  • Option for concentrates/wax
  • Looks pretty cool
  • Nice draw resistance/airflow
  • Excellent customer service


  • Combusts material
  • Plastic construction
  • Pricey
  • Inconsistent performance
  • Too many fragile pieces
  • Impractical for on-the-go usage


Yes, I listed more pros than cons for this device. However, you might notice that the cons that I mentioned are kind of a big deal, especially the first one. The plastic part is rather common, but in this price range, I would expect it to be constructed of something like aluminum or steel. That brings me to my next biggie, the price. I’m sorry, but $230 is a lot of money to pay for a little hunk of plastic when you can get the Pax for cheaper or even the brand new G-pen Elite, which I will be reviewing soon. Moreover, the vape quality is poor, leaving me with a blend of untouched flowers mixed with charred ashes. Even if this device performs well with concentrates, which I have yet to find out, I would not purchase this device as a 2-in-1, the dry herb ship sailed a long time ago for this thing. For the effort that you will need to put into vaping herbs, you might as well save yourself the trouble and just roll up a J and smoke it because at the end of the day, it is going to get combusted anyway.

But if you are like me and that is just not an option, I highly recommend looking at our reviews of some other great portable herbal vaporizers. I would hate to see people blow money on a unit that isn’t going to give them optimal results. I spent quite some time testing out this vape, even sending it back and exchanging it for the “Version 2” to ensure the accuracy of this review. My apologies to Dan from Vaporfection who has been nothing but kind and helpful but I cannot give this product a positive review in good faith. Hopefully they will be working on an improved version or a new portable herbal vape to look out for in the future!


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