Atom Vapes VGOD Tricktank Preview

From one of the biggest names in vape tricks comes a sub-ohm tank aimed at tricksters.

VGOD Tricktank
VGOD Tricktank

Hammer of the VGOD

VGOD is a name that’s synonymous with vape tricks. Hundreds of thousands of people have marveled at the tricks shown on VGOD’s Instagram page and other social media outlets. Capitalizing on being one of the foremost brands in vape tricks, the company behind the brand has released a sub-ohm tank aimed at tricksters — the VGOD Tricktank. While there have been countless vaping products aimed at cloud chasers, this is the first one I’ve seen aimed at tricksters. Here’s a closer look at the VGOD Tricktank.

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Atom Vapes has teamed up with VGOD to help promote and distribute the VGOD tricktank internationally. Atom has offered key engineering advice to help bring the VGOD Tricktank to market, by helping with manufacturing processes along the way. This is one of VGOD’s first entries into hardware and the cooperation on the Tricktank is looking to be very successful.

Atom Vapes VGOD Tricktank Specs

VGOD Tricktank Kit Content
VGOD Tricktank Kit Content

Before I get into my thoughts on the product’s features and design, here are the official specs of the VGOD Tricktank.

  • 3 mL Liquid Capacity
  • 24 mm Diameter
  • 48 mm Height
  • Stainless Steel Construction
  • Delrin Drip Tip Shield
  • Large Air-holes
  • 510 Connection
  • Reinforced Pyrex Glass
  • Top Fill Design

It’s Tricky

VGOD Tricktank 0.5 Kanthal Coils
VGOD Tricktank 0.5 Kanthal Coils

The Atom Vapes VGOD Tricktank is aimed at maximizing airflow and providing quick ramp-up times. On paper, being able to do both consistently and efficiently will make it easier for vapers for perform tricks.

As far as airflow goes, the tank itself and the coils it uses were designed to provide ample airflow. The Atom Vapes VGOD Tricktank is launching with 0.2-ohm and 0.5-ohm parallel kanthal coils. The company claims that its special coil design “reduces ramp up time for an instant vape cloud.”

While the marketing copy of the VGOD Tricktank is clever and catchy, you should approach this sub-ohm tank with reason. Certainly it has a clean and elegant design coupled with features that are great for vapers that prefer generous airflow, but I don’t see how this product is “the tank for vape tricks” any more than comparable tanks with ample airflow. Similar to how you’re not going to automatically blow competition-level clouds with a Kennedy RDA and a Vaperz Cloud tube mod, you’re not going to automatically craft contest-winning jellyfish simply by using this tank.

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Any Last Tricks?

While I’m not convinced that the VGOD Tricktank is the tank for tricksters, I can see it being a good to great one for tricksters. Aesthetically, I like its understated design and I’m certain it will have generous airflow. Interestingly, the word “flavor” isn’t used on the product’s official page at all, so I wonder how it will perform in the regard. The bottom line is whether you aspire to be a master O-ring bender or simply want a good-looking sub-ohm tank with ample airflow, the VGOD Tricktank is worth keeping an eye on.

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