Want A Billion Lives in Your City?

The film's producers are looking for local organizers to help get the film shown

A Billion Lives

Help A Billion Lives help vaping!

A Billion Lives - Lima Peru (Headline on sky)
A Billion Lives - Lima Peru (Headline on sky)

Vapers everywhere want to see A Billion Lives. Now you may have a chance to help bring it to a theater in your city. The filmmakers are looking for people to organize showings and recruiting people who would to attend.

In a letter to e-mail subscribers, director Aaron Biebert explained, “We still need people to help organize events in their city and help get people to sign up. When we get our global launch figured out, things will move quickly. Right now we need to know what cities are interested in the movie.”

If you’re interested in organizing a showing in your area, get started by filling out this Google Docs form.

If you’re interested in seeing the movie when it’s shown nearby, fill out this form.

Meanwhile, spread the word. Remember, this isn’t just a “vaping movie.” It’s about the corrupt confluence of tobacco, tobacco control, pharma, and money. It’s a story a lot of people need to see, and a story a lot of people will be interested in. As Fergus Mason said in the Vaping360 review of the film, “A Billion Lives is the most ambitious film yet made about vaping, but it’s so much more than that.”

New showings announced

A Billion Lives - New York City
A Billion Lives - New York City

South Africa

A Billion Lives has been selected for the Jozi Film Festival in Johannesburg, South Africa. The showing on September 16 will be the film’s African premiere. Delon Human and Derek Yach, two important figures in the film, are from South Africa.


The HotDocs Cinema hosts one of the most important documentary film festivals in the world. A Billion Lives will have its Canadian premiere at the HotDocs Festival in Toronto on October 21. Although this is a private event, anyone interested in attending can contact [email protected] to inquire about tickets.

San Diego

A Billion Lives is an official selection at the National Harm Reduction Film Festival in San Diego, which is held during the National Harm Reduction Conference November 3-6. This could be a very important event for vaping, since many in the larger harm reduction movement aren’t fully aware of the importance of Tobacco Harm Reduction. Those interested in attending the conference (and seeing the film) can get information at the conference website.

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