Vaping Advocacy Groups Defeat Welsh Ban on Public E-Cig Use

A victory for Welsh vapers!

Welsh Flag

The Welsh public health bill that included a ban on public e-cig use was defeated in the Welsh Assembly on March 16. The BBC reported that a dispute between two of the parties resulted in previously committed Plaid Cymru assembly members changing their votes.

The defeat of the bill is partially attributed to vapers and vaping advocacy groups, which have applied relentless pressure on the assembly members to follow the evidence on e-cigs.

The bill had been heavily promoted by Health Minister Mark Drakeford, who has become the target of vapers’ scorn across the UK. Blogger Dick Puddlecote wrote, “The person at fault is the one who initiated ignorance-based policy-making, ignored the scientific consensus on benefits of e-cigs, and knowingly lied to the Welsh Assembly in a desperate – and now ultimately vain – attempt to install one of his personal pathetic and evidence-free prejudices as Welsh state policy.

Jim McDonald
I spend most of my time studying the regulatory, legislative and scientific challenges to vaping, advocating for our right to exist, and talking with others who do the same. Consider me a source for information, and feel free to agree or disagree with anything I say. I love good coffee and sweet Michigan cherries. My childhood hero was Gordie Howe.
  • Blackg

    With the many blows the vaping community has taken recently this to me is a huge win and proof that we can make a difference in the minds and views of those that don’t understand our community.

    • Jim McDonald

      Agreed! It’s an exciting moment for vapers everywhere.

  • Murray_B

    Big vaping has not helped very much in this fight. Most of them insist that e-cigarettes were recently invented by a pharmacist in China. That is not true. He developed a battery operated device that used an ultrasonic tranducer to vaporize the fluid. It is more of a minature aromatherapy nebulizer than an e-cigarette.

    Almost all of the devices today use an electric heater to produce vapour and that was patented in the U.S. by Gilbert in 1963. Most of the liquids used in modern e-cigarettes and similar devices are nearly identical to the “juice” used in some theatrical foggers since 1979.

    Big vaping is no friend to vapers when they insist these devices are “new”.

    • Jim McDonald

      The Gilbert patent was never pursued, for many reasons, but effective vaping products needed small, powerful batteries that weren’t available for decades after Gilbert’s idea. Hon Lik did indeed come up with the first working e-cigarette. I’m not sure what you mean by “Big vaping.”

      • Murray_B

        Sorry for not making my previous post more clear, Jim. Big vaping is the large companies that currently manufacture millions of personal vaporizers per year. Some are owned by tobacco companies and others are not.

        Gilbert did make a working prototype of his device. Suitable nickel-cadmium power cells had been available since the end of the Second World War. Even today it would be possible to build a personal vapourizer that used a nickel-cadmium battery but it would only have about 1/3 the capacity of one powered by lithium cell(s). Using only 1963 technology It should have been possible to make an unregulated Provari size unit with a 7 or 8 watt capability.

        Gilbert did present a working prototype to the patent office so we know that suitable components were available to him. Kanthal wire, Pyrex glass, and food-grade stainless steel were all available in 1963.

        What did not exist at the time, and I do remember those days, was demand for a “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette”. Tobacco smoke was not yet perceived as harmful by the general public and the mostly tax-free cigarettes were cheap. Even now, if taxes were removed from tobacco cigarettes, smokeless personal vaporizers would have a hard time delivering nicotine vapour at an equal or lower cost per puff.

        It wasn’t until the war on smokers had progressed to the point of massive taxation that electronic smokeless cigarettes began to make financial sense. Those excessive taxes are the main reason that electronic cigarettes have become so common today.

        It is odd that no one ever explained how increasing a smoker’s finanical hardship was going to improve their health. Adding tobacco-level taxes to vaping “juice” can’t make vapers any healthier either but that does not mean it won’t happen.
        The first step towards massive taxation will be to stigmatize vapers with propaganda in the same way our governments have been demonizing smokers for decades. Vaping bans mark the start of the new war on vapers, so welcome to the fight!

        • Jim McDonald

          Very interesting post! Thanks for the extended reply. I don’t think anyone ever thought excise taxes made smokers healthier, but it’s a fact that adding taxes to any consumer product makes a percentage of users stop buying it, or at least but less of it. That’s the theory behind “sin taxes” — well, that and the desire to raise more revenue.

  • Mirza

    New EU vaping regulations are nonsense. I am new to vaping(less than month) and it seems I took a wrong moment to start vaping. Thanks to vaping I quit smoking. The safety of e liquid bottles and size limitations I can somehow “understand” but wtf supposed to mean limitation of clearomizers at 2ml? What kind of benefits brings that? I will use a 100ml tank if I can why do they care. What non leak design? So we don’t poison ourself with nicotin? Better that they limit other real toxins in food, clothing and other industries. EU is a big fu**ing joke.

    • Jim McDonald

      Congrats on quitting smoking! I don’t think any vaper or advocate will argue much with your point of view. Those restrictions look to me also as just annoyances designed to make it harder for vapers to be successful. Be sure to join a group fighting the law in your country and don’t give up!

      • Mirza

        Thanks on best wishes. I hope they at least reconsidere increasing the size of clearomizers/rta to a sane/average size like 3,5ml which would be bearable.