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Vaping360.com strives to be the world’s most trusted resource for vapers and smokers looking to learn about the vape market and broader industry. We take pride in our editorial integrity, accuracy, and the honesty of our writers. No incentive or financial burden is put on our writers to alter their personal opinions about the products or topics they write about.

Revenue generated through advertising and affiliate partnerships allow us to keep our international team of writers and staff compensated for their work. That said, we will not jeopardize reader’s trust by resorting to tactics of irrelevant or aggressive advertising to generate more revenue.

Vaping360 advertising does not include:

Pop-up ads hiding content: Sneaky pop-ups that that force you to acknowledge the ad either by clicking on it or trying to close it out. These pop-ups often block the content you’re trying to view until you click on something.

Auto-play ad videos: These types of ads play videos, often unrelated to the content, with jarring audio that’s unwelcome to a user’s experience. They are often hard to pause or stop, and sometimes clicking on the little [x] to close out the window will result in a click on the ad—which is the point.

Click-bait “articles” from dubious sites: These kinds of ads appear at the bottom of a website and are meant to look like content related to the site you’re on. However, this “articles” can be accidentally clicked. That type of advertising does not appear on this site.

Ad-stacking (multiple ads on top of each other): Ad-stacking is a way of selling multiple zones to advertisers in one locale. Think of a billboard with several signs. These are distracting and confusing.

Misleading or non-industry related ads: Sometimes websites generate revenue from advertising outside of their market. You will not find ads on Vaping360 for lingerie, camping gear, “male enhancement,” or anything outside of the vaping industry.

Vaping360 advertising does include:

Brand sponsored giveaways: Vaping360 social media platforms have ongoing opportunities for brands to advertise with exclusive giveaway packages. Our giveaways are never spammed on the website, or even advertised at all, so they’ll never be a nuisance to readers. These ads only appear on social media.

Banner ads: Vaping360 utilizes unobstructed and tasteful banner ads for vape brands. All advertising within our banner ads is relevant to our site’s expertise, content, and market. The advertising revenue generated helps us maintain a clean site devoid of the advertising circus on many websites online.

Sponsored reviews: Vaping360 publishes some sponsored reviews and some from our own purchases. The sponsored reviews have strict rules dictating to the buyer (brand) that our editorial team writes according to the writer’s own opinion. The buyer maintains the right to read the review before publishing. In the event of our honest review potentially damaging the buyer, they can request a cancellation unless the reviewer found a dangerous problem. Revenue from these reviews helps us provide extra value to our content like professional photography shot in our office, in addition to professional and expert testing.

PPC (pay-per-click): Vaping360 maintains relationships and partnerships with many of the most respected brands and e-commerce sites on the internet within our industry. These companies have the choice of options in advertising with us, through affiliate links or PPC (pay-per-click) arrangements—depending on the brand’s goals. Those that advertise with us choose what platform they want to use based on the level of traffic we send and what’s practical for their bottom line.

Affiliate links: Vaping360 employs affiliate marketing in many of our links, most often in the form of a “buy it now” button. The affiliate links generate a small commission from the normal item price, only if a customer purchases after clicking. The links do not alter the price of the product for the user. If a purchase is returned, our commission is also rescinded. Vaping360 editorial standards never incentivize or place any financial burden on writers to “sell” products.

Reviews and testing methodology

Product reviews

We at Vaping360 strive to keep our product information current, descriptive, and thorough. Always honest! All our reviews are written by the person that tested the device, and without regard to advertising relationships. Our writers at Vaping360 are paid regardless of views, clicks, or any other analytic metric. When a writer receives a product to review, we ask for the review to be turned in approximately two to three weeks after they receive the product. There are no burdens or incentives, financial or otherwise, to hype or bash a product or brand.

First-hand testing

100% of our reviews are tested firsthand by the authors of the reviews. Whatever name is on the article is the person that received the product and tested it.

In the vaping industry, there are all types of products from highly technical DIY devices to plug-n-play kits meant for beginners. Therefore, not all product types should be written by any author just because that writer is a vaper. Some products, like high-wattage box mods for example, are given preference to an author that can plot accuracy numbers with an oscilloscope. Similarly, when a product is considered technologically simple, it will still be issued to a writer that has solid experience and working knowledge in that niche.

Research and recommendations

Vaping360 “best of” recommendation pages are compiled from our ongoing testing of products, as well as insight from verified customers online. We gather information from forums like Reddit, E-Cigarette-Forum, Fuckcombustion, and various Facebook groups to obtain insight into a wide range of reports and experiences. We vet our information before we hit publish.

Our goal is to be as accurate as possible when verifying which products or brands are considered the best, either through our own first-hand testing and experiences, or through information obtained in consumer groups online.

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