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Lee Johnson

Lee is a writer and vaper from the UK. He quit smoking (without intending to) in 2012, and now spends his time writing about the conflict between science and ideology in the vaping debate. He's a firm believer that smokers deserve the facts on tobacco harm reduction without the fearmongering. He probably drinks too much tea.
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A study looking at 2015 data from the National Youth Tobacco Survey found that most teen vaping is by youth who are already cigarette smokers. 2015 was the high-water mark for teen e-cigarette use in the United States.
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A new study from researchers the New York University School of Medicine claims to show that nicotine from e-cigarette vapor causes DNA damage in mice and human epithelial cells, but the study’s real value is in illustrating how weak science is easily turned into anti-vaping propaganda.
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Will one quit-smoking method work for every smoker? A recent Guardian column asserted that it would be a waste of public money for the NHS to fund prescription e-cigarettes (as Public Health England has suggested). She says that the Allen Carr cessation system is the best way to quit smoking.
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A new study from researchers in the U.K. explains the crucial role vape shops play in helping smokers switch to e-cigarettes. They suggest more cooperation between vape shops and local stop smoking services.
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A study shows that the public -- and even vapers -- trust the CDC and FDA most for honest health and safety information about e-cigarettes.
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A new systematic analysis shows how vaping researchers keep making the same mistakes searching for harmful vapor compounds like formaldehyde.
Palace of Westminster
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An official inquiry in the British House of Commons heard expert testimony on the benefits of urging smokers to adopt vaping as a low-risk alternative.
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