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Best CBD Products 2020
Last updated: May 24, 2020

Best High CBD Strains 2020

A list of quality CBD-rich hemp strains we've purchased legally online.
1st Place
grumpy gorilla cbd bud
Grumpy Gorilla

With over 20% CBD, Grumpy Gorilla is a balanced strain that calms you while remaining alert. Grade A hydroponic strain with apple, diesel, and pine flavors.

Frosted Kush
Frosted Kush CBD bud

High CBD strains

High CBD strains are found cultivated in both marijuana and hemp. In marijuana, high CBD strains are often classified by CBD:THC ratios when the CBD percentage is even with or higher than it THC levels, such as 1:1 or 10:1. Ratios don’t matter with hemp though. CBD is already the dominant cannabinoid with THC at or lower than 0.3%, which is what defines legal hemp from marijuana. What gets branded as a “high CBD strain” of hemp is usually between 15%-25% CBD.

The beauty of legal hemp is that you can purchase it online. You don’t need a card or dispensaries! For more than a year, we’ve been buying high CBD strains from the top online brands recommended in cannabis forums, Facebook groups, and on cannabis enthusiast websites. Our portable vaporizers and desktop vapes have been working overtime! We’ve pretty much seen it all now. So you can rest assured our list comes from us as customers.

grumpy gorilla cbd bud

Grumpy Gorilla

Feel alert but super relaxed. Grumpy Gorilla is a balanced hydroponic hybrid strain with gorgeous, muscular CBD flowers ranging in size from medium to large. The advertised notes of sour apple, gas, and pine deliver as promised, plus the CBD levels are in the 21% range with a total of 24.7% total cannabinoids. Our fav!

Frosted Kush CBD bud

Frosted Kush

Watch stress and anxiety wash away. Frosted Kush is straight-up caked in trichomes covering lime green colors with heavy notes of fruit and gas jumping out the hermetically sealed cans. Best in a conduction or convection vape; it looks and hits just like MJ! Beautiful flower with 20% CBD and typical Indica traits.

Citron CBD bud


This flavorful citrus sativa strain is great for getting relief in the morning without putting you back on your back. Expect an energy boost with a bit of daydreaming, but with little grogginess or come-down. Containing about 18.5% CBD, these fluorescent green buds with bright orange hairs are lively and fragrant.

Supreme OG

Deep relaxation with body relief and the typical Indica couch-locking effects. This OG has a spot-on wintergreen taste with some grass and funk notes. Nice coverage of trichomes lay on money-green colored buds. Only 13% total CBD, but the entourage effect is strong. A full-bodied experience of flavor and effects.

special sauce cbd bud

Special Sauce

Special Sauce hits the spot when you want something sweet. Sticky buds with a mouth-watering candy and citrus aroma. A fair amount of diesel in the air too, giving it a classic cannabis smell. Total CBD percentage is around 20% but the terpene profile here seems to be putting in extra work. A solid vape when it’s late.

Original photos by Keith Romanowski except for Citron and Frosted Kush.

After the 2018 Farm Bill legalized the cultivation of hemp, the distinction between hemp and marijuana became a matter of THC, regardless of CBD content or its many uses. Hemp is classified as a cannabis plant with 0.3% THC or lower. Any bit of THC over that and the plant becomes classified as marijuana and illegal.

That means disputes can only be settled through lab test results. The global implications with law enforcement are still uncertain. Has everyone really gotten the memo?

Even though hemp is consumed in the same multitude of ways as weed, and smells and looks just like weed, the purpose is not to get stoned. How CBD makes you feel is relaxing and sedating, but not intoxicating. Research suggests that most people consume CBD for medical and therapeutic relief from a host of physical and mental ailments like chronic pain, seizures, insomnia, anxiety disorders, PTSD, and the list goes on. With the legalized production of this plant, those that need CBD can now get it in its most natural, cost-effective, and efficient form: directly from the flower it comes from.

Bud quality of high CBD strains online

Online shops have the full spectrum of types from outdoor and greenhouse, to indoor and even hydroponic. There are basically three tiers: bottom, middle, and top shelf. Practically just like in dispensaries.

  • High-grade (top shelf or premium): Some of the CBD-rich flowers you can get will blow your mind! Gorgeous buds with rich and pungent aromas, all under a dense coating of resinous trichomes. It’s not uncommon to see a cannabidiol flower able to compete with what’s found in dispensaries for bag appeal. Clearly made by a knowledgeable grower with years of experience.
  • Mid-level quality (mids or regs): This grade can still be good quality with high CBD giving the desired effects. This is a fairly wide range of available product. These buds might even be rich in aromatic terps with a decent color and fair trichome coverage. But this is where the flowers start to get compressed and ultimately not very photogenic. There may be more leaves than normal, more sparse buds or bigger stems, and maybe even some seeds.
  • Low quality (shwag or bammer): This is the ugly stuff. Likely biomass that was never intended to be sold for its flowers in the first place. A lot of it will look like ditch weed at best. Take strain names and genetics with a grain of salt in this situation. The product is usually dried out buds devoid of any real character or color, often with excessive seeds and leaves. Trust us here, that ain’t Sour Diesel! That’s more like Bio-Diesel.

With all that said, ugly flower does not always mean bad flower or that you got robbed. As long as it was sold correctly. It’s one thing if you paid $30 for an eighth of some Sour Diesel that looked like downtown brown; that’s relatively easy to get over. But if you paid $100 or more for an ounce of it, then you should be Adam Sandler mad! There’s nothing wrong with buying cheap cannabis when you are intending to do so, just make sure you’re not paying primo prices for it.

Pricing of high CBD flower

There’s practically no limit to the weight you can buy online. Presumably, most customers stick to common weights like grams to ounces. These ranges should give a good ball park of prices across a wide array of sites:

  • Gram: $5-$10
  • Eighth: $15-$40
  • Quarter: $30-$60
  • Half ounce: $50-$80
  • Ounce: $70-$120

Of course, there are outliers on both ends of the spectrum: super cheap and super expensive. There’s also wholesaling, which happens on a lot of the retail sites. Those prices are outside the ranges presented. Just know that CBD flower prices can range from dirt cheap to rivaling medical marijuana tags. Luckily, there’s no real financial barrier to entry like with many CBD oils. If you don’t have much, you can still get a lot.

CBD flower buyer’s guide

Buying cannabis online can be trippy. It’s easy to turn into the proverbial kid in a candy store. But proceed with caution. You can’t see what you’re buying. You can’t smell what you’re buying. All you have is imagery, descriptions from the seller (maybe), and test numbers. Site reviews help, but that can also be a slippery slope. Here are a few tips when purchasing online:

Contact customer service first: Shoot an email to the company you’re thinking about buying bud from. See if they respond or how long it takes them. That should tell you something about the brand. It won’t tell you everything, but it’s a good start.

Find out about packaging: These strains look and SMELL like weed. Now imagine shipping an ounce of that. Check the site for information on how they package the bud for safe transit. The options from some of the top ranking sits on Google are, hermetically sealed cans, double-bagged, vacuum sealed in smell proof plastic, glass jars, etc. If they ship glass, also ask how they ensure that stays protected.

Get answers on the trim job: Hemp can be leafy, and without a trim the bag appeal plummets. The options you’ll find are untrimmed, machine trimmed, or hand trimmed. Machine trimmed is often the least desirable because the process is aggressive to the flowers delicate trichomes—and it just looks bad, like a bad haircut. Hand trimmed is the most expensive and provides the best product. Untrimmed is the cheapest and looks the wildest. With a sharp pair of scissors and some time, you can trim it yourself if you need to save a buck. Check the product page for this info. If it’s not there, ask in an email.

Look closely at the pictures: The imagery of flowers on a retail cannabis website are very important. If the pictures are hard to make out, have crazy filters, or generally look like a bad photoshop job, proceed with caution. Unless you’re buying shake, you should be presented with a clear indication of the flower you’re spending your money on. The best sites show a single bud with or without a complimentary background. Variances occur due to the nature of organic products, but not so much that you should be disappointed and think you got the ol’ switcheroo.

Check for the effects profile: Although CBD is non-intoxicating, the other cannabinoids and terpenes together can produce an effect that’s greater than the individual parts, called the entourage effect. Basic info like whether the flower is Indica, Sativa, or hybrid should be visible. Even better would be to get more specific details about other cannabinoids and terpenes. If you need to be alert, you might want to know if the sleepy terpene is in a high percentage.

Check the CBD numbers and the COA: Check the CBD numbers in the COA (certificate of analysis). It’s a third-party lab test of the strains’ biochemical make-up; sometimes with results for contaminants and potential heavy metals. These test results are frequently on the product page or on the product packaging in a QR code. In this report, you’ll find the percentages of cannabinoids, like CBD, CBG, and THC; sometimes terpene content is available. Check to make sure the information matches up with what you expect. Note: the printed-out report ships with the package to show the contents are not illegal, meaning the THC percentage is under 0.3%.

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