Halo E-Liquid Review

Chris Kendell
November 4, 2014

Halo E-Liquids Intro

In this review we look at the some of the original gourmet, menthol and tobacco flavors by Halo Cigs.

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About Halo Cigs

Halo is an American based e-cigarette producer. They ship throughout the world. They pride themselves on providing quality, American made products. Through research, development, rigorous testing, and innovation they are dedicated on providing quality electronic cigarettes, e-liquids and all the accessories that go with them.

Halo E-Liquids are extremely popular and come in 23 gourmet flavours. They do some awesome flavours and they come in a really cool looking 30ml glass bottle. The Halo e-liquid flavours are a mix of menthol, tobacco and other gourmet flavours. Halo E-Liquids are a blend of PG and VG, but Halo do not share what the exact proportions of each are. They only use the highest quality USP grade ingredients and all of the Halo e-liquids are made under strict conditions in the USA.

“Our ingredients contain USP Grade Propylene Glycol and USP Grade Glycerin along with a proprietary blend of USP Grade Natural and Artificial flavorings. All ingredients are FDA and FEMA approved food additives, and we use only the highest quality USP Grade Nicotine with a Certificate of Analysis. Our nicotine is tested and documented to be a minimum of 99% pure before our e-liquid is created in our US facility.” Halo, 2014

Halo e-liquids either come in a small 7ml taster bottle or the regular 30ml bottle which both feature a child lock. For the 30ml bottle you pay a very reasonable $19.99, which for the quality of the e-liquid is well worth the money.

The Halo e-liquids also come in a wide range of different nicotine levels: 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg and 24mg. The glass Halo e-liquid container features a pipette, which is ideal for dripping but we found it a little tricky for filling normal clearomizers.

Our Setup


We vaped the Halo e-liquids on our Nautilus Mini clearomizer.

Our E-Liquid Review

Halo E-Liquid
Halo E-Liquid

Halo Tribeca

This is for good reason their top selling e-liquid. We loved the light tobacco flavour which was mxed nicely with caramel and vanilla which gives it a nice sweetness. As you might have already gathered if you have read some of our other posts, we love sweet tasting e-liquids, so this one really hit the spot with us.

Halo Sub Zero

The Sub Zero is their strongest menthol flavour and Halo say it is triple the strength of their normal menthol flavour. So if you like a strong menthol flavour and I know some who do, this is the perfect e-liquid for you. We aren’t the biggest fans of really strong menthol, so this wasn’t really for us.


Tastes like a Pina Colada and you can really taste the coconut. It was a nice sweet e-liquid with a relatively light throat hit. Not bad at all.

Belgian Chocolate

I liked this one a lot as I am a big chocolate fan. My brother said it tasted a bit like coffee to him and he didn’t like it. Really nice and sweet, and anyone who has a sweet tooth for chocolate will like this a lot.

Midnight Apple

This is a “Granny Smith” Apple flavour mixed with a slight Tobacco undertone. Honestly we would have preferred it to just be Apple as we mentioned before we like sweet/fruity flavours over the tobacco ones. Those who like Tobacco and apple will no doubt enjoy this one.

Kringle’s Curse

This Halo e-liquid is a peppermint flavoured one. We mixed this one with Belgian choc and got an e-liquid that tasted like after eight! On its own the peppermint flavour is a bit much for us, but if you are a peppermint fan then you’ll love it.


This Halo e-liquid has a really strong natural tobacco flavour to it. It doesn’t have anything else just tobacco. Halo say that this specific tobacco flavour is an unfiltered one so perfect for the die-hard tobacco fans. As Halo mention this one does provide a good throat hit so I suspect it has a higher PG ratio in this one.


We will try and get some more flavors to review for you all, but overall we were really impressed with the quality and flavors of the Halo e-liquid range and all at a reasonable price. Whilst they have 23 different flavors we would have enjoyed some plain fruity ones, but that’s our preference as we love fruity flavors. It would be also nice if they could reveal the PG/VG ratios on the e-juices, but they keep this a secret.

Update (06.01.2015): Halo now have a high VG range of their famous flavors. Be sure to check that line out if you sub ohm or drip.

If you are unsure which flavor e-juice to get, try one of their mixed taster packs which come in 7ml bottles. Make sure you check out their awesome E-Liquid range on their site, which you can access below.

If you haven’t already be sure to check out the Halo Triton review and the Halo G6 review.

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