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December 3, 2015

Innokin Coolfire IV Plus Review

Innokin Coolfire IV Plus Intro

We take a look at the brand new Innokin Coolfire IV box mod. The Coolfire IV Plus is an upgraded version of the popular Innokin Coolfire IV mod. The new Coolfire IV Plus is marginally thicker and heavier than the original, but therefore boasts a larger battery capacity, higher max wattage and can fire down to a lower resistance. The Coolfire IV Plus has a nice 3300mAh battery vs the 2000mAh on the original. The Plus now has a max wattage of 70W, up from 40W on the original. Lastly you can now fire down to 0.1ohm on the Plus, whereas the original could only go down to 0.3ohm. In a market where higher power and lower resistances has become quite mainstream, the Coolfire IV Plus boasts some much needed improvements. The Coolfire IV Plus does not have temperature control, so if you are looking for that, you will need to look at Innokin’s new Cortex mod instead.

At the time of writing the Coolfire IV Plus only comes as part of a kit, either with the Innokin Apex or the iSub G sub ohm tank.

Thanks to George over at Innokin for sending over the device to review.

Innokin Coolfire IV Plus Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • 1 x Cool Fire IV Plus battery
  • 1 x iSub Apex or iSub G Sub Ohm Tank
  • 1 x extra iSub coil (0.5 ohm)
  • 8 x extra O rings
  • 1 x Micro USB cable
  • 1 x English manual


It seems Innokin have taken a leaf out of Kanger’s book when it comes to packaging. The new Coolfire IV Plus packaging is really nicely designed and comes labelled with all the info you might need to know at a glance. The packaging also features a scratch and check for checking the authenticity of your mod.


  • Minimum Resistance: 0.1 ohm
  • Built-In 3300mAh Battery
  • Passthrough Compatibility
  • Battery Level Indicator
  • OLED Screen
  • Micro-USB Charging Port
  • Spring Loaded/Stainless Steel 510 Thread
  • Standby Current: 100uA Max
  • Maximum output Wattage: 70W
  • Maximum output Current: 26.5A
  • Maximum output Voltage: 7.5V
  • Colors: Black
  • Red
  • Blue & Silver
  • Supports 5V/2A fast charging (charger not included)


Upgrades on the Original

Innokin Coolfire IV Plus (Front) Coolfire IV (Back)
Innokin Coolfire IV Plus (Front) Coolfire IV (Back)

I mentioned above in the intro that the Plus comes with several improvements over the original. The Plus boasts a higher max wattage, lower minimum resistance and a better battery life. The Plus also comes with a much larger, clearer OLED screen. The small screen was one our our few complaints on the original Coolfire IV and it is good to see Innokin have improved it alongside upgrading a host of other features.

Style Factor

Innokin Coolfire IV Plus Pin/Airflow
Innokin Coolfire IV Plus Pin/Airflow

The original Coolfire IV was a pretty sleek looking device. Whilst the new Coolfire Plus is slightly chubbier than the original, Innokin have managed to somehow make it look even sleeker. The one we have in Black, looks really nice and it sits really nicely in the hand whilst vaping.

Build Quality

Innokin Coolfire IV Plus Buttons
Innokin Coolfire IV Plus Buttons

The brushed Aluminium finish on the Coolfire IV Plus feels really solid. The whole mod is made very well and it feels like a top quality device, as we have come to expect from Innokin. The buttons are much improved on the plus as the ones on the original felt somewhat plasticky. This is no longer the case and there is no button rattling either. The threading on the 510 connection is made very well and you can feel that the threads are really solid. The 510 connection also comes with a nice spring loaded pin.

No Fuss Easy to Use 70W Mod

Innokin Coolfire IV Plus Screen
Innokin Coolfire IV Plus Screen

The Coolfire IV Plus does not feature temperature control, but I can still see it appealing to a lot of vapers who are looking for a mod in this wattage range. It is a great looking and well built box mod and I can see it being very popular with beginner to intermediate type vapers.


I can’t really find anything to dislike about this mod. It is a bit pricier compared with competing mods in the same category, like the Eleaf iStick 60W and Joyetech Evic VTC Mini. However, the Innokin devices have always been associated with quality and that certainly comes across with this device. I’d be happy to pay that bit more knowing I am getting a quality device that will last a long time.

Personally I prefer a removable 18650 battery in my mod, so I can switch batteries when one is drained. That would be the one improvement I would want on this mod for my personal taste. However, I know a lot of vapers who don’t want to worry about switching batteries and the Coolfire IV Plus does have passthrough charging.


The Coolfire IV Plus is a fantastic 70W no thrills box mod. It looks fantastic, is built well, has a good battery life, is very ergonomic and does what it is meant to – vape. For those looking for a well made box mod in this wattage range and who are not fussed about temperature control, then the Coolfire IV Plus is a fantastic option. If you want something similar with temp control, then wait for the Innokin Cortex or take a look at the Evic VTC Mini or iStick 60W.

I’d recommend the Innokin Coolfire IV to those looking for their first box mod who don’t want to worry about batteries and temperature control, or those just looking for a reliable, sleek 70W box mod with a solid battery life.

Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.

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Just picked up the brushed silver IV Plus and damn, I love this little box. Paired it with a Mermaid Plus sub-ohm tank and it hits amazingly. I got lucky as the mod and tank seem to be made for each other. It feels great in my hand and looks very stylish, it’s obviously a quality product. Shop carefully, you can find these for around $40 which is a hell of a deal for such an amazing piece. I don’t miss having a temp control, with variable wattage and voltage I can get an amazing hit even with 18mg juice. Best vape combo I have ever owned………


What are the best heating coils to get? I won one of the Cool fire IV plus Storm edition. I’ve been trying to look online to see if it says what coils it came with and I haven’t been able to find anything 🙁
I appreciate any advice/help.

Richard (Southend)

Why does the cool fire 4 plus have the holes on the side if it doesn’t have temp control.? Good review btw.. ?

Alex Kendell

The holes on the Coolfire IV Plus are not for TC modes, they are for the battery itself. The holes are to prevent the battery from overheating and they are there just in case the battery vents.

Fiona Mutton Was Mcnally

Just got mine brand new from Amazon and it won’t switch on or charge. Please can anyone help me

Alex Kendell

This might sound dumb but have you tried to click the fire button five times? I am guessing you have tried that, in that case I am guessing you have a faulty unit. Please contact amazon or the third party company you purchased the product from.

Fiona Mutton Was Mcnally

Hi yes I have. I have pacKate’s it up ready to return. Such a shame it’s lovely looking

Alex Kendell

I can only recommend getting another one. They are amazing. We have quite a few here and we have not had that issue before.


I have just got the cool fire 4plus and it won’t come on or charge is there something daft I’m doing wrong ?

Exavier Pruitt

hay alex i am new to vamping and have ben doing a lot of reserch i was just wondering if you would recommend a mod for me I’ve ben looking at the Mvp 3 pro and several over mods i would greatly appreciate your advice thank you.


hello! just bought the cool fire IV plus. as an upgrade from a long series of cheaper vape pens. i wonder if you could advise me on what type of juice works best? i’ve put my usual 8mg liquid in – but it tastes like an old cigar and is popping and cracking? do i need to switch to the more vegetable based liquids? any advice on a good range of liquids, plus which settings work best would be brilliant. many thanks in advance, glyn.

Alex Kendell

Hey Glyn, I would suggest reading through some of our guides which explain the exact question you are asking.


Fantastic! Many thanks.

Alex Kendell

Anytime Glyn! Vape on! 🙂


Do I use .2 or .5 coils for this thing. I’m a vape nub.

Alex Kendell

What tank do you have?


Hello! Nice review on the 4 plus, which is going to be my next purchase (2nd PV). Just curious: your bio says you live in Germany. So do I but none of the local shops sell the 4 plus. I’ve looked online as best I can and also cannot find an EU site that sells it (I want fast shipping!). Any ideas? We usually order from the states but the mail has been taking forever to arrive lately. Thanks for any help!

Alex Kendell

Hallo Christine, kann ich sehr gut nachvollziehen. Dampf-shops sind hier in Niedersachsen nicht besonders aktuell. Wir bestellen unsere Produkte meistens aus Großbritannien (Versand dauert ca. 3-6 Arbeitstage, je nach Versandmethode). Ist zwar nicht so schnell wie die Shops hier in Deutschland aber besser als 1-2 Wochen Wartezeit aus den USA und man hat fast alle aktuelle Produkte. Es gibt auch zwei oder drei Deutsche online shops die ziemlich gut sind. Ich verlinke mal unsere Favoriten:




Having some new coils like Ceramic that fit Kanger Aspire Joyetech want to send you for review ! How can I send to you? My email is [email protected]


I have just brought the Cool fire 4 plus in black with the Isub G tank . It’s a FANTASTIC set up with remarkable battery life, and the Isub G has really good flavour! I think it’s a lot of kit for not a lot of money, well chuffed.
It’s the first time I have brought anything from Innokin, would certainly buy more kit and would definitely recommend to a friend!


I was wondering if this mod will vape at the same wattage or voltage until the battery dies? Currently have the ego one (which has been great) but I notice as the battery dies the vapor production gets lower. Even just from a full charge to a couple puffs later I notice a difference. I’m definitely interested in this mod since I have heard nothing but positive reviews just want to make sure I’m not making the same mistake. Thank you for any reply all information is much appreciated.

Alex Kendell

Hey Austin, the Coolfire IV Plus runs on a LiPo battery. What this basically means is that the battery will give you the full amount of power until it cuts out. It will not lower in output until the battery is empty, you will not notice it loose any power.


How do you know it’s a lipo? Even Innokin doesn’t say it is a lipo.

Alex Kendell

Hey DH, we have contacts at Innokin who have mentioned that the Coolfire IV uses an LiPo.


Thank you for the quick reply. I’m definitely going to have to pick this mod up. Great review and thank you again for your help.

Alex Kendell

No problem, enjoy!


Hello fellow vapers!

Thank you Chris for taking the time to write the informative review. I decided about a month ago to give it a try based on your review. So, thank you!

I am currently running a Kanger SUB TANK Mini with my Cool Fire IV. Like i said, I’ve been using the Cool Fire for roughly a month now and I have to say I have absolutely zero complaints. Runs like a dream, great options, battery life has never been an issue and it fits like a glove in my hand.

Now I understand not everyone has had a perfect experience with their Cool Fire IV, maybe I just lucked out with mine however, my other devices have now been downgraded to backups after this purchase. Love my device!

Appreciate the review man and appreciate this community. Vape on from friendly Canada!


To fully utilize the 70W of this mod, I just bout the storm addition which comes with the isub g, but that tank only goes up to 35W, do you have a tank you would recommend?

Alex Kendell

Check out or Best Sub Ohm Tank page here:


Can you use ni200 coils with the cf4+, I know cf4+ doesn’t have temp, but it does fire down to 0.1 which is what ni200 coils can fire at???

Alex Kendell

I am not sure if you are able to use Ni200 on the cf4+. You can fire down to 0.1ohm, but I am pretty sure that is just with kanthal.


Thanks for replying
Done a bit more research and I think your right


Hi Alex, just bought my first vaping machine. Cool fire 4 plus. I’m looking for a bit of advice if ok? The instructions are pretty thin for a newbie. Could you tell me what the voltage/wattage settings actually do. Without wanting to sound like a pete beglar (dumbass) I have tried adjusting both in various directions using tabacco flavoured fluid which is rank by the way :-). Smoked for 20 years but every time I take a puff its like taking that first puff of a fag. Cheers in advance.


Oh and if this is your first time vaping you will cough for a while, maybe a week. Then you will be fine. I quit smoking 2 years ago. Picked up an Ego and never looked back. LOL!


What percentage of nicotine are you using? Also what tank? If you are using a sub ohm tank then nothing more than 6% nic should be used. I only use 3%. Wattage depends on your coil….most of them show on the coil the recommended range. You choose whats best for you in that range. I don’t mess with the voltage, it changes with the watts. I have an Aspire Triton with a .5 coil. I use a Cool Fire 4 (ordered the plus today) and I vape at 30 watts. Hope that helps:)


Even with the new 2 ohm coils and Apex at 12-15 w on my Cool fire iv plus i’v dropped from 18mg to 6mg compared to my previous iclear 30s and still get the same hit, This thing’s Awesome 🙂


Hi Shannon. Thanks for that. The tank is an i sub apex tank with a .5 coil. Just noticed on the coil it says 20-35 watt. I’m using 10mg nicotine. The voltage range is 2 – 7.5v currently set at 3v. Thanks 🙂

Alex Kendell

Hey Karl, sorry for the late reply. Thanks @Shannon for the reply! Great mod you have there! Like Shannon already wrote, try using a lower nicotine ratio in your e-liquid. 10mg is quite a lot for such a low ohm/high airflow coil. Due to the large airflow and wire/cotton contact area of the coil a lot more juice evaporates, thus creating more vapor. Due to the high amount of vapor being inhaled a higher nicotine ratio can cause you to cough. Like Shannon I tend to use 0.3% or 0.6%mg nic in my juices. May I also ask what PG/VG ratio you are using? It should say on the bottle somewhere. The higher the PG (Propolyn Glycol) ratio the harsher the throat hit. I would also suggest going for a higher VG (Vegetable Glycerin) ratio liquid, at the moment I use 75% VG e-liquid. If you need anything else let me know.


Hey Alex. Many thanks for that. That’s fixed it. Got the thicker juice with 0.6mg. Works a treat now. Doesn’t feel like I’m inhaling cigars. Cheers

Alex Kendell

Glad it works, enjoy!

41 -

neat review cheers, thank you



Alex Kendell

Hey Pete, no politics here, just vapers talking about vaping products. Have a great one!

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