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March 13, 2016

Aspire Plato Review – New All-In-One Kit by Aspire

Aspire Plato Intro

Today we review the brand new all-in-one kit by Aspire called the Plato. The Plato is capable of vaping either mouth to lung or direct lung. This makes it a very versatile “all-in-one” that will therefore appeal to a great number of vapers. The Plato also comes in a nice range of different colors. We got the blue with our own logo on it, which looked gorgeous!

It seems AIO (all-in-one) kits are new the trend. Aspire have the Plato, Kanger the Nebox, Joyetech the AIO and Innokin have a similar device to the Plato coming soon.

The Aspire Plato is priced between $50 – $70, depending on where you purchase it from. Some vapers have commented saying that $70 is overpriced. I disagree, as the kit is capable of mouth to lung vaping as well as sub ohm vaping. The kit also comes with a 2500mAh Aspire 18650 battery. I don’t think the Plato kit is overpriced given most decent box mods, tank and battery combos will set you back roughly the same amount if not more.

Below we take a look at a few of the pros and cons of the Aspire Plato. Please note we cannot comment on the durability of the Aspire Plato or any long term issues that may arise, given the short amounts of time we have to test devices. We ask that if you find any issues to please add them in the comments section below.  Thanks!

Aspire Plato Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • 1 x Plato Box Mod
  • 1 x 1.8ohm BVC Atomizer Head (Pre-Installed)
  • 1 x Subohm Atomizer Head
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Drip Tip
  • 1 x Delrin Drip Tip
  • 1 x 18650 2500mAh Aspire Battery
  • 1 x Micro USB Cable
  • 1 x Key (For Battery Changing)
  • 2 x Extra Seals with Rubber Stops


  • 50W
  • Temperature Control
  • Height: 100mm (With Drip Tip)
  • Width: 50mm
  • 6ML Juice Capacity
  • Two Juice Ports
  • Adjustable Airflow
  • Updatable Firmware
  • Available in a variety of colours

Notable Remarks

Cleito Coils Not Compatible with the Plato

Aspire Cleito 0.4/0.2 Clapton Coils
Aspire Cleito 0.4/0.2 Clapton Coils

If like me, you were thinking the Cleito coils would work with the Plato, then unfortunately you will be disappointed. Given the design of the Plato, the 0.4ohm Clapton coils come attached with the whole chimney and cannot be removed (one solid piece), meaning you can’t use the Cleito coils in the Plato.

USB Port for Charging and Firmware Updates

The Plato cannot be vaped whilst being charged through the USB. The micro USB port will however charge your Plato. The micro USB slot can also be used for future firmware updates.

Be Careful with the E-Liquid Level on the Clapton Coils

I got a massive burnt hit from the Clapton coil, as the e-liquid level had gone beneath the e-juice wicking holes without me realising. Keep an eye on this as you cannot allow the e-liquid to go down to the bottom of the tank on the 0.4ohm Clapton coils as the wicking holes are a lot higher.


All-In-One Versatility

Aspire Plato Clapton + Nautilus BVC Coil System
Aspire Plato Clapton + Nautilus BVC Coil System

The biggest selling point about the Plato is it’s all-in-one capability and that it can vape either mouth to lung or direct lung, using different coils. The MTL coils are Aspire Nautilus coils and can be replaced with other Nautilus coils. The 0.4ohm coils have a very unique coil design and replacements must be purchased separately.

The Aspire Plato, also has a temperature control function and can use Ni or Ti coils. The kit itself doesn’t come with any temp control coils, so we were not able to test the temperature control function.

Firmware Upgradable

The Aspire Plato has the capability to be upgraded with future firmware updates, should there be any.

Replaceable Pyrex Tank

Aspire Plato Coil System
Aspire Plato Coil System

The main issue with the Kanger Nebox was that the tank was non removable. This meant if it broke you had to purchase a whole new device. The Aspire Plato has a removable Pyrex tank which can be taken out allowing users to clean out the tank and other parts. Should yours break you can purchase a spare instead of buying a whole new Plato kit.

Plato Kit Comes with an 18650 Battery and Easy to Access Battery Compartment

Aspire Plato Battery Compartment + Tank
Aspire Plato Battery Compartment + Tank

The Aspire Plato kit comes with an Aspire 20/40A ICR 2500mAh battery. I can’t find any tests on this battery by Mooch yet, but I am sure he is planning to test this one, given it is an ICR. If you are worried about the battery at all, check out our best 18650 battery article by Mooch.

The battery compartment is very easy to access with the cover sliding easily off. The magnets could be a bit stronger in my opinion, as there is a slight give in when moving the cover. I haven’t however had any issues with the cover falling off in my pocket.

Auto Rotating Screen

Aspire Plato Screen + Buttons
Aspire Plato Screen + Buttons

The Plato’s screen automatically rotates depending on how you hold it. This is a nice feature and I am sure left handers will appreciate this.

Easy Fill and Decent Juice Capacity

Aspire Plato Top-Fill and Drain Holes
Aspire Plato Top-Fill and Drain Holes

The tank holds 4.6ml of e-liquid with the 0.4ohm Clapton coil and 5.6ml with the 1.8ohm Nautilus MTL coil head. The Kanger Nebox had a bigger capacity, but 4.6ml is still just about enough for a sub ohm coil. 5.6ml for MTL vaping is more than enough in my opinion.

There is also a little window to check the amount of e-liquid left in the tank.

Flavor and Vaping Performance

Aspire Plato Front
Aspire Plato Front

If you have vaped the Cleito Clapton coils, then you will know what to expect from these 0.4ohm coils, as for me the performance is very similar. They are probably the same coils and the flavor and clouds are very solid.

The 1.8ohm coils are great for mouth to lung vapers and anyone who has tried the Nautilus BVC coils will know what to expect as these ARE Nautilus coils.

No Leaking Issues

Aspire Plato Tank
Aspire Plato Tank

We didn’t have leaking with our Kanger Nebox, but it seemed many others did have issues. The general consensus from reviewers on the Plato so far, is that it does not leak at all. We have not had any issues as of yet.


Non Cleito Coil Compatibility

This for me was the biggest con of the Aspire Plato. I was really looking forward to using the Cleito Clapton coils I had lying around with the Plato. Given the unique design of the Plato you cannot use the Cleito coils. Given the size of the Plato 0.4ohm coils I was afraid the replacements would cost a fortune, however they are selling for around $17 for a 5 pack, which is only marginally more than the Cleito coils (which aren’t small either). I know this lack of compatibility will annoy some vendors who already have enough issues with stocking such a huge range of products.

The one thing that does bother me with the coil design is the amount of wastage that is happening. What happens to these coils when we through them out? They are not being recycled and it seems like a massive waste given the size of these coils and the materials involved. This is part of a much larger problem the whole vaping industry faces and is something that needs to be addressed at some point by all vendors. Perhaps we will cover this topic in another article!

No RBA Section

I am sure there will be some RBA section for the Aspire Plato at some point, but as yet there is nothing available. Those who like to make their own coils, will be disappointed for the time being.

Ease of Use

Aspire Plato Coil Screw Tool
Aspire Plato Coil Screw Tool

Switching out the coils from the 0.4ohm coil to the mouth to lung setup or vice versa, isn’t the easiest procedure. Make sure to empty the tank before unscrewing the top section of the chimney, otherwise e-liquid will go everywhere! I think it’s great the tank is removable and the parts come apart for cleaning, but the whole procedure to switch from mouth to lung to the sub ohm setup, is a bit of a hassle. Maybe I am just being lazy, but I think this procedure could be optimized or made easier somehow. I am sure Aspire can come up with something!

1.8ohm MTL Coil Could Have a Tighter Draw

Aspire Plato Airflow
Aspire Plato Airflow

You can adjust the Plato air flow at the bottom of the device easily. However, even when almost fully closed, the draw on the MTL could be slightly tighter (our personal preference). It doesn’t quite compare to the Innokin Endura T18 when it comes to mimicking the draw you would get from a cigarette. For most the draw will do nicely, but for us it could have been slightly more restrictive.


The Plato addresses a lot of the issues the Kanger Nebox had (Non removable tank, leaking, tank cracking and lack of MTL) and feels like a sturdier more well-built device.

If you have an Aspire Cleito right now, there is no real need to purchase the Aspire Plato kit, unless you want something different in looks and something that is easier to carry around or if you want to switch between MTL and direct lung.

In my opinion this AIO (all in one) kit is aimed towards newer vapers who will want to vape mouth to lung and might want to later try vaping direct lung on the 0.4ohm coil. The Plato kit is great and it fits nicely in your hand or pocket making it a nice device to take out and about with you. Overall the Aspire Plato is a great kit and we love its ability to switch between mouth to lung or direct lung. It is just a shame it doesn’t work with the Cleito coils!


Aspire have launched a firmware update that allows you to customize you start-up screen.

For more information head over to the Aspire website here.

Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.

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I have had mine for a about a week now and have had no issues. Cons for this is changing coils its a mess if you don’t have the right tools just tipping it will be a huge mistake. I can see why some are having issues, care is needed with this device to make sure juice does not leak into the mod. As well as proper cleaning of the device, which should be done every time you change a coil.
I love the size I love the flavor and the vapor production options. The plato for long time vapors that have had a few mods and tank/rda/rba’s will have no issues but to newer people that may not be familiar with some quarks or how to prevent/deal with them this mods could be a mess.
It’s become my everyday setup and pending massive failure it will continue to be.


I usually thoroughly research products before I buy them. I made a huge mistake with the Plato. Not only does the battery not last me all day, it’s terrible all around.
I needed to change the cartimizer and I had filled up the tank an hour or so before today. I had no where to empty the tank and i made a complete mess of my desk and coworkers were complaining of the smell of the juice being so strong. I lost 4ml or more of juice trying to change it. Then the atomizer wasn’t recognized and I had to take it apart again. Thankfully I had a juice of another kind with me to refill enough to get me home. I almost felt like either I went home early from work or go buy a pack of cigarettes or Nicorette or something to get me home. I panicked when I couldn’t find my backup aspire tank (still missing) to go with a different mod. I really wish I could return this to the company I bought it from. I’ve wasted almost 10ml of juice since I’ve had this less than a week.

Michelle Carroll

Had mine one day and it leaks took it back to the store I got it from and they told me this happens and we were taking the wattage up to high it can’t go over 9 or it leaks don’t understand why it goes up to 50 watts if u can’t take it above 9


Quick question. I saw there are a couple firmware updates. Do I have to do them all in order or can I just load the latest one for all fixes?


I’ve had mine for a few months and only had to change the subohm coil once, now i don’t know if this is due to over tightening the coil but the plastic body has cracked and the part that encases the air flow part is completely broke off so as my review for this device it’s a great mod but I think they could go with better material for the body as it breaks really easy

Elgan Flowerturtle

I had a similar problem with my Plato set-up. Mine was resolved with a higher VG content. Using a 50/50 mix resulted in huge leakage but around 70% VG and above I have had no further leakage problems. Hope this helps.


I too have problems with the plato leaking, I thought maybe I had done something wrong so I have gone over and over instructions but its leaking from the bottom, I am so annoyed as I really liked the look of this one 🙁

Michelle Carroll

I have the same problem and only had it a day they told me at the store I can’t take my wattage over 9 watts and they said the sale is final and won’t do anything about it I’m not happy at all

Alex Kendell

What coil are you using? Have you checked to see if all of the o-rings are in place?


Had mine for a week, filled it last night woke up this morning with juice everywhere….not happy at all.

Theodore Wirth

I have had mine for a couple of days and love the form factor (no more robot dick or tractor parts). However, I have been struggling with nearly constant leakage. I changed to the sub-ohm coil right off the bat. I followed the filling instructions to the T and leakage out of the intake started immediately. I tightened up the screw assembly, made sure that the rubber flaps weren’t tweaked and everything was square and tried again. No dice. Every time I fill it (and I have tried lesser levels each time) it constantly leaks about 1/3 of the juice until it reaches the level of the intake port and then slows way down but never stops. I did a lot of online research and have not yet found a remedy. I am a highly-experienced vaper that has owned and operated roughly a dozen different rigs. I am hoping for a miracle in the next few days before I have to request my very first return.


I used max vg with mine and had no problems with leakage, that is till the body started breaking. Only had it for a few months but when it was good I had no problems with leakage


Where can you buy replacement coils for the plato?

Alex Kendell

Wherever you brought your Plato from should have replacement coils.


I have had MAJOR issues with leakage as well. No other issues — but the reviews telling of it having no leaking issues is what sold me on this. Been dealing with it for a few weeks now. But i’m over getting VG all over the leather interior of my car when it spits and drips out of the air flow. Anyone have any remedies?

Jamison Jägermeister Vodka III

I have had this for less than a week and I left it on my desk overnight and when I grabbed it in the morning there was juice all over, this thing leaks, bad. I don’t know if mine is defective, but I wouldn’t recommend this to people that put it near things of value. I am very disappointed with the battery life as well, the battery that come with this device last for a max of 2 hrs of vaping not very long if you are hours away from home and can’t plug it in. Bring extra batteries or, better yet, don’t waste money on this.

Alex Kendell

Hey Jamison, we have been using ours for quite a while now and we have not had any of the issues mentioned above. The Plato has not leaked since we unpacked it and the battery lasts about 3 hrs of vaping at 40W.


My Kanger subox took a crap today, and since it was a sunday my normal shop was not open and I panicked and found a store that was open about 30 miles away.So far I am really enjoying this little mod. The only con was I really got ripped off big time on the price and ended up paying 100 for the kit, when I could’ve bought it online for 50. You live and you learn


You are the coolest person I have ever seen in my entire life. Maybe we can vape sometime


How does this compare to the Pegasus? I have the Pegasus with a Triton v2 tank and 1.8Ohm coils, and I’m essentially looking to upgrade.

Alex Kendell

I have not used the Triton V2 yet, just the Triton using the 1.8 coils. For my liking the Plato was a tad too “airy”, I like a more restricted draw for MTL devices. Flavor and liquid capacity is fantastic and it is really great to use for both sub ohm vaping and plus ohm vaping. I suggest you take a look at the Aspire K3 and the Innokin Endura series if you are looking for a plus ohm vaping set-up.


Provari 2.5 w/extension for 18650 blems which are essentially perfect 80.00 add a nautilus mini and it’s the absolute perfect very high quality and reliable feels with Black Note 18mg just like a real analog is the best setup, if 80 is too much ebay Provari mini is 40-50.
If you want a setup like the Plato or Nebox step up to the Railbox, and you can use any tank you want, and not like these God Forsaken coils BURN if you let it get less than 1/3 full because the holes for juice the genius of Aspire designed are 1/3 of the way up on the coil. This whole setup is a weak attempt and a couple of minor changes ( Cleito coil compatibility, and lower the GD juice holes) would make it worth actually buying, but it’s not.

Alex Kendell

Hey William, I agree. They should have lowered the coil opening. I still like the Plato, all in all it is a great kit for someone who would like to try both sub ohm and MTL. I would not say the same of the NEBOX, due to it leaking like crazy. I have not tried the Railbox myself, but looking at the price I don’t see many beginners buying it. The whole reason you buy an AIO device is because you have everything in one device, it is easy and simple to use. For someone who has been vaping for quite a while, I agree should step up to a higher quality mod, but I think the Plato is based on beginner/intermediate vapers. Thanks for the comment!

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