Aspire Nautilus Mini Review

Aspire Nautilus Intro

In this article we review the Aspire Nautilus Mini, the little brother of the larger Aspire Nautilus. The Nautilus Mini is a mouth to lung style clearomizer and is often touted as the best clearomizer for beginners and those who like a mouth to lung vape. A mouth to lung vape, for those who don’t know what that is, is the same style of draw and inhale you would take on a normal cigarette. Many say the Aspire Nautilus mini is the best mouth to lung style clearomizer on the market. We take a look to see if this is the case!

This Aspire Nautilus Mini was kindly provided to us by for reviewing purposes. Do check out their site which has a huge range of products at fantastic prices.

Aspire Nautilus Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • 1 x Aspire Nautilus Mini (BVC) Tank Clearomizer (1.8ohm BVC Coil inside)
  • 1 x Additional Aspire Nautilus BVC coils at 1.8ohm
  • 1 x eGo Adaptor
  • 1 x User Manual


  • 2ml Tank capacity (big Nautilus has a 5ml capacity)
  • Stainless Steel
  • Adjustable Airflow Control (4 airflow options)
  • Pyrex glass tube
  • Bottom Vertical Coil Technology
  • Resistance of Aspire BVC:
  • 6ohm (3.3v-5.0v)
  • 8ohm (3.3v-6.0v)
  • 18mm Diameter
  • 68mm Height

Notable Remarks

How We Vape the Aspire Nautilus Mini and Tips

Aspire Nautilus Mini on a iStick 30W
Aspire Nautilus Mini on a iStick 30W

We vape the Nautilus Mini around 8-11W using a 100%VG e-liquid from Virgin Vapors (Razzmatazz) at 6mg Nicotine. If you want more of a throat hit like you are used too on a normal cigarette we would recommend using a higher nicotine level. We have been lowering ours gradually so hence we only use 6mg.

When putting the Aspire Nautilus Mini back together, I would recommend not screwing it on too tightly, as otherwise it is tricky to unscrew again!

I would suggest using the Aspire Nautilus Mini on an iStick 30W or similar mini box mod, as this will give you a lot of flexibility going forward. You will be able to use other tanks on these box mods, without having to purchase a new battery device.


New BVC Coils

Aspire Nautilus Mini BVC
Aspire Nautilus Mini BVC

The new BVC coils are much improved over the older ones. You get two 1.8ohm coils with the kit and you can also purchase a lower 1.6ohm coil as well.

The new Aspire Nautilus Mini BVC coils last longer, provide much better flavor and much more vapor making for a considerable more satisfying vape. It is not exactly sub ohm vaping but the flavour is definitely on par. The coils also wick fantastically well and really fast. You can even vape a 100% VG e-liquid on these coils without any issues whatsoever! I highly recommend Virgin Vapors organic 100% VG e-liquid range – Razzmatazz is absolutely delicious!

These BVC coils really are fantastic and make for a wonderful all day mouth to lung vape. Any beginner vaper should straightaway look at using these coils and the nautilus mini.

More Vapor and Flavor

I just mentioned it above that these new BVC coils just kill it on flavor and you get a lot more vapor. This gives you a much for satisfying vape and as a beginner you will be less likely to go back to normal cigarettes.

The flavor obviously isn’t up there with something like a sub ohm clearomizer or an RDA or RTA, but in terms of a mouth to lung style vape, it is probably the best around.

Good Build Quality

Aspire Nautilus Mini Disassembled
Aspire Nautilus Mini Disassembled

As with all Aspire tanks, the build quality on the Aspire Nautilus Mini is fantastic. It is made from stainless steel and the coils will last you a good amount of time before having to change them. Replacement coils also are pretty cheap at around $20 for a pack of 5 BVC coils. We didn’t have any leaking issues or anything and the tank was easy to take apart.

Good Air Flow

The Aspire Nautilus Mini features 4 different air flow settings allowing you to find the perfect draw. We vape ours on the widest air flow setting and it makes for a great mouth to lung draw. Beginners might want something with a slightly tighter draw, so would recommend one of the tighter settings.

Air Flow Holes in MM

  • Widest: 1.8mm
  • Wide: 1.4mm
  • Medium: 1.1mm
  • Small: 0.9mm

Smaller Size than the Full Sized Aspire Nautilus

I like the smaller size on the Aspire Nautilus Mini. It does mean that the tank capacity is only 2ml, but for mouth to lung vaping this should still last you a good period of time. If you think you need more e-juice capacity I would recommend the full sized Nautilus and its 5ml tank.



Aspire Nautilus Mini on the iStick 20W
Aspire Nautilus Mini on the iStick 20W

This isn’t a big deal, as this comes down to personal choice and ultimately you want a tank that vapes well. However, I just don’t really like the aesthetics on the Aspire Nautilus Mini. The massive Aspire logo as well as the shape of the tank, just doesn’t really appeal to me. Despite this I would still definitely vape it, as it is just too good!

Pyrex Glass Tank

The Pyrex tank is very sturdy, however there is a lot of exposure of the Pyrex meaning if you drop your Aspire Nautilus Mini, it will most likely smash and crack the tank. A solution to this is firstly try not to drop it and secondly if you are prone to accidents, I would recommend getting the Aspire Nautilus Mini T-Window Replacement Tank or the Aspire Nautilus Lattice Style Replacement Tank. These have a steel casing around the Pyrex tank to protect it.


The Aspire Nautilus Mini is the best mouth to lung style clearomizer we have yet to come across. It just beats the likes of the Kanger Aerotank Mini or the Aspire K1. The flavor, vapor, air flow and the new BVC coils are just amazing on this tank. If you are a beginner I would 100% recommend this tank alongside an iStick 30W device. Even if you aren’t a beginner this clearomizer still makes for a fantastic all day vape. My brother still uses this tank as his go to all day vape as he enjoys a mouth to lung style draw.

In our opinion it is no wonder everyone so highly recommends the Aspire Nautilus Mini, and we think it is the best mouth to lung style clearomizer on the market!

We hoped our Aspire Nautilus Mini review was informative and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop us a comment below!

Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.

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Hi, great review!
Quick question.
I have used the Nautilus 2 for a while and really liked it. Just got the one you are reviewing here – the 5 ml.
Do you think I can use a 0,7 coil in it? (like the Nautilus 2 tank)
I am currently using a 1,8 coil in the 5 ml (pre-installed) but don’t feel like I am getting enough throat hit or flavour. Any suggestion?

Dave Kriegel

Hey David. I’m glad you’re enjoying the Nautilus 2. It is still one of the best tanks you can get for that style of vaping.

Yes, you can use the 0.7 ohm coils in the Nautilus 2. It has a bit more airflow than the original, so it can handle it. In fact, I usually run a 0.7 build in my rebuildable MTL tank, it turns out it doesn’t actually have to be above 1.0 ohm for a good MTL vape.


Nice review..! Are Aspire Nautilus Mini will be fit and good with Joyetech Ego One XL (2200 mah) ?


Hi everyone and thanks for the review Chris. I’m new to Nautilus (5ml version). There seems to be a great deal of Nautilus coils around with different ratings:

My package came with 1.6ohm BVC installed (rated 3.3 – 4.2 V) and 1.8ohm BVC (rated 4.2 – 5.0 V) replacement ***not sure if it’s 5.0 V or 6.0 V as the print on the coil is so small I can barely read it !!!***

At the same time I see Aspire’s web page talking about BDC coils with different ratings.

To complicate things even further my 1.6ohm BVC reads as 1.88ohm on Cuboid 150W screen so not sure if this is a real reading and how high I should fire up.

Can you please help clarify how many coils there are out there and recommend voltage/wattage range (especially the high ends to avoid killing the coil) ? Right now I run the 1.6ohm BVC (which reads as 1.88ohm) at 4V (8.5W) but I’m cautious to test higher.

Thanks in advance


Hi I just bought the nautilus , waiting on the delivery, one of my friends is a reviewer and he swears on it, I’m going to use a innokin cortex tc with the tank, what should be the normal wattage on it to appreciate the flavour to the max? By the way this will be a new experience for me been using the sub-ohm I sub S with it and been doing great on a 0.5 coil, what can I expect from the nautilus with an 1.8 coil?

Alex Kendell

Hey Nuno, I would use the Nautilus at about 10-15W max. The difference between the iSub S and the Nautilus is quite large. The iSub S is a sub ohm tank and the Nautilus is more of a mouth-to-lung tank. If you would like to know more about both inhaling techniques then check out our article:


Hi thanks for the info, I have now received the nautilus and after a bit of trouble to stop it leaking, because it was tight up to much, I think I mastered it now. I’m actually using it on 25 watts, and it is working for me. I will try it at 10-15watts just to see the difference and if I like the flavour and the smoke, I will probably stick with it. Anyway thank you very much

Alex Kendell

Hey Nuno, no problem. I would just like to mention if you do use it at 20-25W you will kill the coil life. I have used the Nautilus and the Mini for a long time and I can only recommend using it at 15-20W. You get less vapor but the flavor seems to be the same.


Thanks again, I noticed that my nautilus leeks a bit if I have it on an horizontal position, is this normal?

Alex Kendell

Normally it should not leak, it depends on how long you leave it horizontal. Sometimes if you leave it for a longer period of time the coil starts to flood and thus causes leaking.


Hi. I’m using a nautilus mini on a cool fire 4. I’d like a bit more volume of liquid, do you have any suggestions. I’m otherwise very happy with the nautilus mini. It’s the first kit I bought after deciding to kick the cigarettes. I’m now three weeks in with only one little lapse.

Matt C (JDMster)

Aspire mini is the first tank i bought, with an istick 20W, and to this day it is my go to and the flavor i get from it beats out any other tank. Idk what it is about this little guy, but the flavor you get, with only 7-9 watts is amazing. I have bought many other tanks and drippers ect, and this Nautlius mini is still my #1. The max VG/PG I have used is 70/30 and that is with the newer style BVC coils with bigger juice holes, for better wicking. I never get dry hits and the experience is always awesome vaping my Nautlius mini. I don’t think you need anything bigger than a istick 20W to power it either. With a 1.8ohm coil vaping Looper I have it set at 5.5V/16.8W and she vapes like a champ 🙂

Alex Kendell

I totally agree, I have gone through so many coils and have used the Nautlilus Mini for about 2 years. Just got the Aspire K3 Kit to test, cannot wait to see if it can live up to the Nautilus.

Kim Mckenzie-Smith

Hi! I have the Nautilus Mini on an Aspire CF VV, I wondered if you think there’s a max VG I should to on liquids with this set up? I’ve tried a lot of 50/50 which I like and VG 70 at 12% nicotine has been good but got my eye on the Milkman range which zooms up to I think 90 VG at 6% nicotine. Do you think I’m pushing my set up with this selection and wasting this liquid without having a more powerful box mod? Thanks! K

Alex Kendell

I think 90% VG is a tad too much for the Nautilus coil. 70% was max whilst I was using the Nautilus Mini, everything over 70% gave me dry hits.

Kim Mckenzie-Smith

Thanks Alex! I’ll bear that in mind, had a feeling i’d need a more powerful battery for a higher VG content but if you think the tank can’t handle it I might look at a better set up all round in future if I find I want those eliquids a lot. What would you recommend for a vape that can handle anything, alongside the fact I’m a girl so I want something that’s not super huge and clunky, and it definitely does not need to be pink lol!

Saying that, for now I think I’m very happy with my setup at present and there is more than enough liquids available for what I’ve got. I’m going to try the Suicide Bunny range next as I’ve seen an offer on a sample pack of all their juices. K

Alex Kendell

To be honest, I am still using my Nautilus Mini! Great little tank, great flavor and perfect for what I need it for. That being said, I am currently using the Innokin Endura T18/T22 with the Innokin Prism Tank. I actually tried 90% VG juice, and it worked perfectly. I was shocked by the T18, the flavor is out of this world and the clouds even on a PG based liquid is crazy. Definitely worth a look! Here is our review on it:


Loved the review and almost convinced buying one. But would value opinion how a Aspire Vivi Nova S compares to the Nautilus please. Just wondering as the Vivi looks sturdier and I’m worried about how durable glass tanks will be! Thanks..

Alex Kendell

Hey Chris, so the Vivi Nova S has a different coil design than the Nautilus Mini, it uses the same BDC (Bottom Dual Coil) as the K1 Glassomizer. The Nautilus Mini runs the newer BVC (Bottom Vertical Coil). The Vivi Nova S holds more e-liquid running at 3.5ml compared to the 2ml on the Nautilus Mini. The Nautilus Mini has an airflow control base which gives you the chance to modify the airflow through the tank. I used the older Vivi Nova back when I first started and it was truly the best tank on the market (at the time). Got me to quit the stinkies! To be honest, the Nautilus Mini’s BVC is much better than the Vivi Nova’s BDC. The flavor and vapor is by far better! The Nautilus is a newer tank thus the newer coil and airflow system. Like you said, the Nautilus has a massive glass tank that can be easily smashed on impact (happened once or twice whilst I was using it). BUT there is a metal sleeve for the Nautilus Mini (T Window Sleeve) and can be found here: – You might have to search through google to find a US shop that sells it. I hope that helps!


Hey Alex, thanks for the confirmation. A lot to take in, as new to vaping. But I’m nearly off the cigarettes. Should buy this soon, as I’m fed up with the expense and unreliability of the plastic clearmizers. And quite excited by the prospect of not only adjustable air, but temperature (does that work?) Hoping this will save a few bob in the long run! Looking at tank covers. Shame no one seems to have thought of doing coloured rubber ones!! 🙂

Alex Kendell

Very good, I hope that you can clear yourself from the stinkies! Theoretically, yes. It is not a temperature control mod (meening you cannot control the direct temperature of the wire/coil, you would need an Ni200/SS coil for this and a TC box mod) but you are able to adjust the airflow, the more airflow the cooler the coil and vapor gets.


Bought the tank today. Now my brain is wondering how well the battery will last etc. So one more dumb question. I read the article on batteries, but it doesn’t really answer my question. I expect I need a battery that I can hit quite hard as I take long draws. Don’t want to buy a square one though! Please can you suggest.. Thanks!

Alex Kendell

Hey Chris, no problem at all. You should check out the Vamo V5 or the Aspire CF VV mod. They are probably the best fit, if you want something larger then I suggest going for the Apollo V-Tube 4.0 (We have reviewed it:


Many thanks Alex. I like the look of the Aspire CF VV, but prefer the Passthrough version because it has a usb port on the bottom. I know it’s not variable – will it do the job?? Anything else like it, even square that has a usb port and is simple to use please??? What about the Innokin IV – but not sure about mods that have batteries that go in it..

Alex Kendell

I think it would make more sense to go for a VV mod, as you can adjust the wattage on the coils from anywhere from 6-15W. If you would like a box mod then I suggest you go for something like the iStick 30W or even smaller as the diameter of the Nautilus Mini may look a bit weird on a box mod such as the Innokin Coolfire IV Plus.


Really appreciate all your help. A box mod it will be! 🙂

Alex Kendell

Anytime, I hope you will enjoy the Nautilus Mini! Vape on!


I’d just like to say the tank is great now that I have finally got the vv battery I was waiting for. I went for a Coolfire 4 in the end. So two pluses = AWESOME!! 🙂

Alex Kendell

Very good, enjoy! 🙂


Got my Nautilaus mini tank today. Not sure about it. Doesn’t seem to produce much vapour. Any tips please? I seemed to have filled it okay..


After 23 years of smoking, I started vaping only a few months ago and bought this as a first setup: SXmini M-class with a Nautilus Mini. I enjoyed it from the first draws and still do. Absolutely leak free, only have some gurgling sometimes but this is no big deal. Just dry the top occasionally and you’re good to go. Once a month I clean all parts for 8 minutes in a cheap ultrasonic bath (with condensed water from the tumble dryer). The driptip is cleaned every few days ofcourse.

I use the 1.8 ohm BVC coils at 12.5W (4.9V) which are great and lasts 3 weeks minimum. When I change the liquid (e.g. fruity to sweet or sour to tobacco) I use the same coil. Just after 5-10 draws the old taste is completely gone. Soon I’ll be using the 1.6 ohm BVC coils which operate on a lower voltage (max 4.2V) which means a bit less wattage (max 11W) but I don’t think this makes a different vape experience though.

From what I hear and read on several forums, it’s the best MTL tank to have and I haven’t touched a cigarette since. And for occasional cloud chasing I use the BeyondVape Silo Beast at 45W with a 1.0 ohm coil (also reviewed on this website).

Chris Kendell

Thanks for the comment and info Rene. Glad it has helped you stop smoking!


Although, to add to this, I’ve just put in a 1.6 Ohm coil and it reads 1.75 Ohm and 4.36v so, I just think it’s not reading correctly. Not sure if this is an issue with the Box Mod now.


I’m a bit confused by your answer. I’m putting 10w through it and it’s vaping fine at that (even at 11w). I’m just confused that the IPV4s is displaying around 2.0 Ohm’s and 4.5v even though I’m using a 1.8 Ohm coil.


You can’t put an 30 Watt on a mini Nautilus the coil will fry need sub tank


Hi. Can anyone help me try and figure out why my Nautilus fitted to an IPV4s TC running at 10w is displaying 2.02 Ohm’s and 4.49v? I would have thought this would use about 4.2v to work closer to the 1.8 Ohm range that is spec’ed on the coil. I can’t imagine it’s the Efest IMR 35A 3000mAh 18650 batteries I’m using. Forgive me if this a stupid question but I’m pretty much a vape noob.


never mind i think this guys havin a laugh and has a cigalike


is this you tube vid right its called

Conclusive proof that vaping REALLY is a scam…2 years on…why I dont “:Vape”


oh and when you have vapors toungue does that affect the TH

Chris Kendell

Not that I have noticed.


hey how long have you been vaping just want to know if their efficient in the long run

Chris Kendell

Hi Kc. The Nautilus Mini is a good clearomizer that will work well over a long period of time and the coils last a week or two depending on your usage. Hope that answers your questions.


I love the mini . But it seems to have a big problem with flooding, tend to get juice in my mouth with vaping . Anyone else have this issue?


I had this issue on the Nautilus for a few days, it turned out that I was flooding the asjustable air chamber. I was not tightening the top where the drip fits to the pyrex glass thread and only tightening the bottom refill. Once I realised, the problem went away straight away. Its been 6 weeks and no flooding now. Also take the tank apart and clean inside the adjustable air chamber, if you find liquid in there then its probably the same issue I had. I love the Nautilus and I highly recommend the heisenburg premium liquid from billysmokes. Every who has tried it has said it is the best vape they have had by far. Good luck and I hope this helps.

Chris Kendell

Thanks for the tip JD!

Alex Kendell

Sounds like you are missing an o-ring on the coil! Have you tried a new coil?


hey quick question, how much nicotine in the juice should i be using if im smoking 4 mls worth a day in the nautilus, i normally smoke close to a pack a day should i use 6.

Alex Kendell

Hey Casey, 4mls is quite a lot of eliquid on the nautilus, wow. In that case I would go for 6mg but you might find that 6mg is not enough if you smoked close to a pack of analogs. I smoked around 18 analogs a day and I started on 18mg and I am currently on 12mg on my all day vape. Hope that helps!


hey how many mls would you be able to use on the nautilus minis coils before you need to change em

Chris Kendell

Hi Casey. I answered your question on the other thread.

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