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Joyetech Cubis Intro

By several professional reviewers (and by Joyetech), the Cubis Tank has been referred to as “innovative” and “leak-free”. One video-review in particular totally sold me on this tank, so I had no hesitation with buying it!

But is this innovation amounting to better performance than what we are accustomed to?? Is the Joyetech Cubis going to make your eliquid shine, just because it is leak-free and innovative?

Here’s a quick look into my experience with the performance of the Cubis tank by Joyetech. This is not a ‘full’ review of the ins and outs of the tank, it’s merely about how it performed when I used it. This will be short and sweet.

Joyetech Cubis Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • 1: Joyetech CUBIS Sub-Ohm Tank
  • 2: Drip Tip (1x SS and 1x clear plastic)
  • 1 x BF SS316 0.5 ohm Atomizer Head
  • 1 x BF SS316 1.0 ohm Atomizer Head
  • 1 x BF Clapton 1.5 ohm Atomizer Head


  • 22mm Diameter
  • 5ml Tank Capacity
  • Unique Cupped Design
  • Extremely Leak Resistant Designed Reservoir
  • Coil and Top Section Removed as Solid Unit
  • Top Filled
  • Fast Filling Method
  • Hidden Top Airflow
  • Greatly Reduces Flooding and Leakage
  • Fuels Great Vapor Production
  • Specially Designed BF Coil Heads
  • Stainless Steel 316
  • 5 ohms
  • 15 to 30W
  • Stainless Steel 316
  • 0 ohms
  • 10 to 25W
  • Clapton
  • 5 ohms
  • 8 to 20W
  • Additional E-Juice Containment Cap
  • Easily Store and Carry E-Liquid for Use


Joyetech Cubis Top Fill/Chimney
Joyetech Cubis Top Fill/Chimney
  • Very competitively priced! But is it really competing with the Cleito? Don’t think so!
  • Comes with three coil heads of separate resistances
  • Can use the SS coils in temp or power mode (as long as your mod is set up for SS)
  • Easy as hell to fill due to it’s top-fill, “innovative cup design” (literally, you just pour liquid in as you would a cup!”)
  • Very creative design that is really unlike any other tank we’ve seen
  • Truly is leak-free
  • Very nicely manufactured
  • Caged glass tank to protect the glass
  • 2 separate drip tips (I really like the clear, plastic one)
  • Integrated and hidden airflow control that is easy to adjust
  • Very unique coil heads with an interesting airflow design (but I honestly can figure it out)


  • Difficult to know where you have your airflow set
  • Spitty coils
  • Hardly any flavor from the Clapton coils and the others are mediocre at best

Performance Remarks

Joyetech Cubis SS316 0.5, SS316 1.0 and the Clapton 1.5 Ohm Coil
Joyetech Cubis SS316 0.5, SS316 1.0 and the Clapton 1.5 Ohm Coil

I tried all three coils within their recommended ranges and I tried the SS 316 coils in various ranges and temps in TC mode (on a RX200 and an SX Mini ML-Class). At their max power or temp, none of the coils in my experience produce flavor that is noteworthy enough to make me want to vape it beyond the purposes of this review.

The 0.5Ω coil performed all around the best for flavor, but, ultimately, even it was an anemic vape for flavor though it puts out decent vapor. They do include a Clapton coil, but it is a really high resistance for a Clapton (1.5Ω) and it was the absolute worst performer for flavor and vapor – though that one is meant to be more of a mouth-to-lung vape (but even for that, I don’t think it performed well at all—and I do love a good mouth-to-lung vape).

I’ve tried and tried with this tank. I keep thinking that the next attempt will finally reveal some worthwhile flavor, but it hasn’t. As it stands now, this tank is one of the coolest little tanks I have that will never again sit on any of my mods.


I only paid about $20 for this tank, so it’s not a huge loss.  But then again, I don’t think I could ever lose a $20 bill and not want it back.  When I was vaping on the Cubis tank by Joyetech, it felt like I lost a $20 bill . . . so yeah, I wish I could have my money back.

The two best parts of the Cubis is that it TRULY is leak-free and it does reshape what we think a ‘normal’ clearo should be designed like—and I believe this type of design can eventually perform amazingly—but for me, the flavor is just too lackluster to give it anything more than points for being ‘cool’ and leak-free.

For a tank in this price range, we recommend the Cleito by Aspire.

I'm the chief editor here at Vaping360 and I reside in southeast Michigan. I've been vaping since my first ecig purchase in 2010. For more reasons than I can list, vaping has been a lifesaver for me. Now, my goal is to help other smokers make the switch.

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As I am recently diagnosed with reumatoid arthritis AND a PG allergy, I mix all my liquids (for MTL as well as DL) at 90% VG which goes well in all tanks. The only downside is that I have to add much more flavour (CdD at 6-8%).

The spitty Cubis tank has become much less spitty by using TC-coils (Ni200 at 0.2 ohms) with the airflow half-way and a temperature set at 230 degrees Celsius. It’s a little better than okay now and I’ve even bought a second Cubis for tobacco liquids. To reduce spitting even more, you can use anti-spitback driptips.

My Nautilus Mini started some time ago to get moist at the bottom, probably due to the spring connector. I’ve become more a DL vaper so maybe I should invest in a slightly more airy Aspire MTL tank which uses the perfect BVC TC-coils. Any suggestions?


Hey, I’m new to the vaping community. I have successfully used it to quite cigerettes, but have always had a hard time finding a good take for the type of juice I use. The juice I have has a high nicotine content, and every tank I’ve used thus far have been hard to manage. Spits back, and leaks. I’ve even has this cubis leak on me on the first day I got it! I bought another thinking it was just a fautly peice, only to be disappointed again. My main piece is a Sigelei-150W which i was told was a good piece. Help please! What would be a good tank for me to use?


If all your tanks are leaking, including the Cubis, then you have to be doing something wrong.


I was pretty disappointed with this tank until the new 0.25ohm NotchCoil DL heads became available. They’ve breathed new life into the Cubis, and I’m rather enjoying vaping on it now.

Jeremy Stefanopoulos

I bought some today and hope they work well. I burnt through all three that came with it in a day running at 65w.


I hate it! I bought two for me and my husband. It’s by far the crappiest tank I have ever used. It spits juice out badly. I changed the coil three different times because that’s what the vape shop told me to do. It didn’t fix the problem. It sucks super bad.


Must be missing something. have nothing but positive things to say about the tank.Tried one and liked well enough to buy a second one tank is inexpensive and well worth it.

Jeremy Mann

No, it sounds like some of us are the ones missing something. 🙂 Congrats!


Interesting, I picked up the joytech combo and did not like the Clapton what so ever and thought the airflow was bad too. I switched over to SS316/0.5 for TC and bam! Smooth pull, massive plumes, and a very nice flavor. The vapor was nice and cool as well considering I don’t like extremely warm/hot vapor. Doesn’t require high power either. It was like a perfect match. Picking up some more coils today.


The airflow of the coil is almost none, heck the old subtank coils have 5x the airflow. I think a redesigned coil alone with openings much larger for juice would 100% make it a go to tank. But from an engineering standpoint, it’s just a guess if it’s possible. Might be a great mouth to lung low vg mostly tobacco quit smoking juices at low wattage, but for vaping, it’s time for Version 2.

Jeremy Mann

Ha! You are so spot on.


I’m using this one now for several months and in the beginning it was great and taste was awesome. I vape it with the Clapton coil at 15 Watts, any higher it produces quite quickly a burnt aftertaste. But my main problem is a constantly flooding coil, no matter what I try (new coil, thicker/thinner juice, loosening the top, adjusting air flow). It’s becoming very annoying now and I just sent Joyetech an email about it.

Meanwhile, I see no other option than to vape my other tanks. Really crap because the Cubis does give the best taste out of my own juices. Hopefully soon without juice in my mouth…


Cover mouthpiece with paper towel Hold the tank and flick wrist down hard few times juice will come out the mouthpiece usually works or other tanks need to be blown through the mouthpiece while holding upside down juice’ll come out airflow

Jeremy Mann

Yeah, mine was spitty too.

What are your other tanks that you will now use?


My first ever tank is a Aspire Nautilus Mini and my second is the BeyondVape Silo Beast. Both these tanks I’m using with a SXmini on TC Ni200. Expensive mod but worth every penny.
The Cubis should has been a nice “in between” tank.

Jeremy Mann

Yes, I’ve had those tanks and LOVE that mod. We are going to try and do more of ‘in between’ tanks specifically for people like you.

Do you like to draw with a mouth-to-lung hit?


Yes, MTL is my favorite way of vaping. Despite the Nautilus Mini is a near perfect tank, I find the maximum draw a little bit on the tight side. Besides that, I have absolutely no issues with it. Great little tank to start with and use it forever if you like it.

The Beast I use when I want to tease non-vapers a bit. DL gives me pleasure with really soft & mildly sweetened juices. Like Advocate with a big topping of whipped cream, or Hot Chocolate (with cream).

I make my own juices almost from day one, use only aroma’s from CdD because the pure taste and the low percentage needed. My MTL juice is usually a 50/50 mix with 8mg nic. My DL juice is 25/75 with 4mg nic.

I bought the Silo Beast due to the great review you did here. Also bought two RDA’s (Cthulhu Mod Hastur & Origen Dripper V3) but it’s not my cup of tea (yet), though I like the Origin better. As I have some issues with keeping my hands/fingers steady while building, I probably need a really large 2-post leak resistant dripper. Any advise?

Jeremy Mann

Sorry, I totally got distracted and forgot about responding. I’ll come back to this later.


I had pretty high hopes for this as well. Will there be a follow up review when the Ni and Ti coils come out?

Jeremy Mann

Maybe, but highly doubtful. Unfortunately there is just too much to keep up with for me to go back to a tank that so incredibly underwhelmed me. If the SS coils were a bust, I just don’t see how the Ti or Ni coils can be much different.

I hate to come down so hard on a device, but it’s just not a very good vape to me.


I just got a Cubis in this week and started using it with the 1.5-ohm Clapton. The experience reminds of vaping in 2013. Hopefully the other coils will be better. I’ve heard from a few people that the coils are wildly inconsistent. It’s a shame since I dig the clean looks and leak-proof design of the Cubis.

Jeremy Mann

Dude, I know! I had such high hopes for this tank, but if the performance isn’t good, what’s the point? You are so right. This has about the performance of a damned Protank . . . v1! LOL

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