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November 5, 2015

Aromamizer RDTA Review

Aromamizer RDTA by Steamcrave Intro

The Aromamizer RDTA by Steamcrave has been hyped by a good number of reviewers, and one in particular, for being a “10 out of 10 all across the board”. The hype is centered around the atomizer’s functions, ease of use, efficiency of wicking, its flavor and vapor. Without wasting anytime here, let’s dive head first into this “dripper tank” and see if the hype is warranted.

Aromamizer RDTA by Steamcrave Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • One Aromamizer RDTA by Steam Crave
  • Two Airflow Rings
  • Hex Key
  • Extra Glass Tank Section
  • Additional O-Rings and Hex Screws


  • 23mm Diameter
  • 3ml or 6ml Variations
  • Quad or Dual 3mm Airflow
  • Direct to Deck
  • Configured via Included Airflow Rings
  • Side Tension Two Post Design
  • 2mm Post Holes
  • Easy Coil Setting
  • Direct to Deck Liquid Feeding System
  • Eliminates Troublesome Channel Wicking
  • Reduces Liquid Travel Distance to Coil
  • Allows for Vertical Coil Configurations
  • Independent Deck and Tank
  • Bottom Fill System
  • Easy to Fill
  • Spill and Overflow Guards
  • Redirected Drip Tip
  • Enhances Flavor
  • PEEK Insulators
  • Silver Plated Contact
  • Knurled Bottom
  • Easily Disassembled
  • Stainless Steel and Glass Construction

Notable Remarks


Aromamizer RDTA Airflow
Aromamizer RDTA Airflow

​All parts fit together cleanly, smoothly with no burs or sloppy evidence of the machining process. And my device arrived clean, too—no machine oil to speak of (but understand that may not be the case for you as I’ve read some reports about issues with machine oil).

When putting the tank together, the airflow holes may not line up smack-dab in the middle of the posts (where the coils should be placed). This can easily be rectified by turning the bottom portion of the tank while holding onto the knurled base (and you will not create a gap by this little turn). All it really needs is a ¼ turn while peering inside of the airflow holes until you see your coils lined up accordingly.

Note: Some new reports from users have stated that the air holes line up perfectly, so this may’ve been fixed.

Ease of Build

Aromamizer RDTA Deck
Aromamizer RDTA Deck

Due to this device now coming equipped with a removable “Velocity-style” deck, dual coils can be inserted and trapped independently of the opposing side’s coils, and single-coil builds can easily be centered. It’s one of the truly ingenious and easy-to-use designs out there, but Steamcrave did not come up with this, they took this signature design from another. And since this deck was never native to this device, know that it may take some finagling to figure out which build works best for you due to the four air holes only working optimally with vertical coils.

The grub screws do work like a charm on this deck and I have had no issues with getting a solid twerk when tightening. No issues with stripped screws.

Note 1: This device used to come with an alternate three-post deck, but mine did not. Ask your retailer if your device will come with two decks or one and which deck.

Note 2: Make sure you tighten down the removable deck tightly or else you could have unstable ohms.

Acceptable builds

The post holes on the “Velocity-style” deck are ~2 mm in diameter, so you can fit various wires in, but the largest ID of the coils I’d recommend is about 3.5 mm for regular wire and maybe 3 mm for exotic coils—any larger and you run the risk of shorting due to the chamber size.

Liquid Feed

Aromamizer RDTA Build/Deck
Aromamizer RDTA Build/Deck

The Aromamizer feeds its wicks via its “direct to deck liquid feeding system”. This type of liquid feed is basically an auto bottom-feed system where the wicks drink up fresh liquid continuously as you vape. It works by liquid traveling down from the tank, around the outside of the build deck and up through four holes in the floor of the deck, directly to the wicks. It is likely the most efficient wicking I’ve ever used! It’s simple but very effective.

Aromamizer RDTA Deck
Aromamizer RDTA Deck

When wicking either with horizontal or vertical coils, make sure the wicks are touching the base of the deck but not bunched up.

Aromamizer RDTA Airflow
Aromamizer RDTA Airflow

Filling the tank

Aromamizer RDTA Top-Fill
Aromamizer RDTA Top-Fill

It’s easy to fill the tank, but it’s not really all that convenient. You have to take the tank section off and fill it through the feed-holes. It would’ve been nice here to have a top-fill, and I see no reason why it could not be added. Not a huge deal, but I see this ultimately as a con.

One nice part of this design is that you can take off your tank and access your coils without disturbing your coils or without spilling any liquid.

Airflow System

Aromamizer RDTA Airflow Rings

It’s got a hefty amount of airflow! And the airflow holes (with a bit of adjusting) can be directed right at the coils. But again, if you want to effectively use the max airflow, you’re going to have to run vertical coils.

The airflow is adjusted via removable, thick rubber bands (one with four air holes and one with two). The bands work as any airflow controller would, ultimately, but this is a really cheap addition to an otherwise quality device. To me this just lessens the perception of the unit’s quality, although it won’t affect the quality of the vape.

Note: Should you want max airflow with vertical coils, you will not need to use those rubber bands!

Drip Tip

Aromamizer RDTA Drip-Tip
Aromamizer RDTA Drip-Tip

The (removable) drip tip has an anti spit-back protection where the bottom portion of the tip has a floor and the vapor enters in through windows above the floor. This is design is largely based off of the 454 Big Block (v1) drip tip, but it works better here (although it’s still not perfect). The tip is also billed as increasing flavor but that is debatable, and it is only minimally successful in preventing juice in the mouth since liquid still can pool at the floor of the tip, ready to be accidentally sucked up—but it really does prevent spit-back, as in hot spit-back shooting out from the coil. You can use your own 510 tips here, though, should you want to.


​The performance of the Aromamizer RDTA is a pretty dang good! I really do love this unit even with its quirks. The airflow is so plentiful that you are able to get a nice open draw and this, in no small part, lends itself to the vapor this thing can put out. It’s not competition style, but it’s respectable.

And the flavor you can get off of this thing is definitely above average and, for me, even better than a host of sub-ohm tanks, but not great enough to get me howling at the moon and acting all possessed! The hype about flavor with this device is a bit exaggerated in my opinion and that is unfortunate because if expectations can be held in check, this can be a very rewarding vape—but it ain’t like hitting the lotto.

My favorite build for flavor is a 7/8 wrap, 2.8 mm ID dual horizontal-coils with the air hole splaced directly in front. I use the two-hole band here and occasionally drop a portion of one side to let a little more air creep in via one hole, but it’s just for opening up the draw itself, the extra air isn’t really hitting a coil.

Note: The Aromamizer RDTA can be a bit power hungry, so don’t be afraid to crank up the watts!


Using the Aromamizer RDTA as designed, it is more akin to a bottom-feeder than it is “dripper tanks” with a deep well (like the Zenith or Haze RDTA) or RDTAs that feed via spring-loaded tank sections to be manually pumped to drip on the coils (i.e., the Big Dripper or the Zero Gravity).

And the Aromamizer is also not exactly like most other RTAs. There is no vacuum system to feed via channel-wicking and although the Aromamizer does have a chimney like RTAs, it vapes and feels exactly like how an RDA vapes.

Note: After typing this up, something occurred to me. Since the chimney is so wide and goes straight to the coils, I figured out that I can drip with this (using a new flavor separate from the one in the tank) straight down the chimney onto the coils. And it worked just like a dripper would! I guess it is an RDTA.


  • Build Quality is pretty impressive
  • Options for a 6 mL tank or a 3 mL
  • Solid performance with vapor and flavor
  • Wicks VERY well
  • Versatile
  • Super simple to build on
  • Easy to put together
  • Generous airflow and can be adjusted via airflow control rings
  • Adjustable 510 pin


  • Rubber airflow controller feels cheap
  • Air holes don’t automatically line up with center of the deck
  • No top-fill


If you are buying this because you think this will be the end-all-be-all of devices and will have the angels singing, I’d say don’t get your hopes up. But, if you are buying this because you want a versatile tank that vapes like an RDA with generous amount of airflow, solid performance (with the right builds), supreme wicking and an easy-to-use deck, then I say get this tank an you’ll likely be happy with it. And for only $40, I do think it is a really good buy—but a “10 out of 10” is a stretch.

I'm the chief editor here at Vaping360 and I reside in southeast Michigan. I've been vaping since my first ecig purchase in 2010. For more reasons than I can list, vaping has been a lifesaver for me. Now, my goal is to help other smokers make the switch.

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90% of reviews see “generous airflow” as something positive. This is clear, for subohmers etc. But as a MTL vaper, I see it important to know whether a device can also reduce airflow that much for good MTL vaping. “Plenty” of airflow and no way to restrict I see as a negative. Not all vapers are hardcore subohmers who do direct lung hits. Myself I never got into subohming and direct lung hits, so a review that doesn’t cover whether a device is MTL suitable is relatively worthless to me.


This is not a MTL device.
To MTL get into Génesis style, they are the best regarding flavor and always have a restrictive airflow. See the nextiny, its my favorite right now.
This is a very good review, maybe worthless to you but I bet that reviews of women’s secret underwear are also worthless to you and you don’t comment there.


The airflow can be adjusted to suit your needs. Wide open or tightly restricted.

Jeremy Mann

My apologies for not writing up a review that was worth anything to you. Hopefully someone got something out of it.

This is not a good MTL device. I guess I figured that was obvious as I’ve never seen a tank (or any device really) with generous airflow that doubles effectively as a MTL. Maybe I am wrong.


Anyone know by chance what size are those grub screw? I bought one a week ago but didn’t get spare screws for I don’t know whatever the reason why

Jeremy Mann

Did you look all the way up under that padding in the box?


I cant even get juice into the tank. I cant fill it up to try it. Was all excited did a dual vertical build then time to fill her up and no go. I poked a tiny screwdriver through the fill holes and still no dice. Has anyone else had this problem?

Jeremy Mann

Take the base off, hold it up to the light and see if light penetrates. I can’t imagine what could be wrong here. Do you have any needle nose bottle droppers? Maybe the liquid you are using is so viscous that it’s just slow? Dunno.


Can you use this Aromamizer drip tip on other tanks like the Crown or the OBS TVCT?


It might I can use my other b
Drip tips on the aromamizer so I can’t say for sure but I’d assume so

Jeremy Mann

I lost my tip awhile ago, but I do not think it will work. I may be wrong.


This has replaced the Billow Nano v2 as my favorite tank. Easy to build and lots of airflow, the only problem is my mod only goes to 50 watts. I’m getting great clouds but not as much flavor as I would like, maybe more power would give me a better taste.. The vertical clapton coils do help in the flavor dept. but it seems as if a horizontal coil would allow juice from both ends instead of just from the bottom of a vertical coil and I also think it would allow more wraps as well. I have 3mm coils with 26/32 clapton-5 wrap at .4 ohm.I really don’t mind the bottom fill, I think it makes the tank less complex with fewer areas for leaking


I’ve had nothing but issues with mine, using velocity style 2 post deck with a .3ohm build dual vertical coils. The wicking is insanely touchy, either getting dry hits with too much cotton, or wicking is great, until you lay the thing on it’s side and find 25ml of ejuice on your desk in 30 seconds or less. Metallic taste, Heard it was machine oil.. tore it all down, rebuilt several times. Last build I did was a twisted dual coil build, flavor between ‘okish’ but very ‘humid’ tasting vape (like the ejuice had been sitting in it for a couple months without being vaped (it hadn’t/wasn’t)) lay it on it’s side.. ejuice.. the entire tank.. everywhere. From what I’ve been noticing people seem to have better flavor with the dual verticals; specifically the clapton builds. Now I’m getting almost no flavor (huge clouds tho), almost to the point of where I assumed vapers tounge.. vaped on my Herakles. tastes great.. so that’s not it. Not ultra impressed with this at all


God these RDTAs suck. They don’t wick thick juice well and are so picky with wicking. The TFV4 cartridges do a good job of wicking, but then I get dry hits if I use the rebuildable base.


Idk how they suck. The one I use is amazing. Dual coil, 2.5mm 6 wraps clapton. 32 over 26. Flavor is well above average. No dry hits ever. And I have been pushing her at 60-65 watts. Try that with a traditional RTA. So maybe you don’t know what you’re doing.


I use a velocity and flavor is amazing. Every time I use these RDTAs they’re either taste muted or get dry hits. I clearly don’t know what I’m doing. But I follow all the videos online.


If you’re getting dry hits with the TFV4 rebuild decks, then something is wrong with your wicking. Right this second I’m running a 6 wrap 3mm clapton in the clapton rebuild deck at 60w and can’t dry it even with chain vaping. I’ve used the single and dual RBAs for it and had the same great results despite the fact I make all my juices at 30/70 or 20/80. If I had to take a guess, are you using organic cotton pads? Are you just cutting a strip off and wicking with that? I’ve had a few friends that always seemed to have wicking issues and that’s what they were doing. Those pads are packed way too dense to be useful. It has to be fluffed out first. My prefered method is the scottish roll (google it if you aren’t familiar). Give that a try and you just may find all your builds get a new lease on life. 🙂


Will this work on a k box mini 50w if I do the vertical build?


I have a kbox mini and just got one of these aromamizers yesterday. Woow if you come from the kanger subtank you will feel big big difference. Kbox reads a minimum 0.3 so keep that in mind. Using 24g I did 7 raps dual coil and nailed it.. Its reading just that. First do 1 coil and check the readings. If you get 0.6 or above you’re good to go and make the second one. But if 1 coild reads 0.5 has you buid the second one readings drop to a half and you have wasted your time.
The only con I see is that she drinks a loooot of juice


How doni know if im sub ohming? How d ok ni know the best juice to buy?

Jeremy Mann

Sure. Whether your do a vertical or horizontal build won’t matter. The idea will be to build in the resistance range best suited for that mod, i.e., within the max 50 watt range.


Jeremy what ejuice you are using VG/PG?
I build 8 wraps 24ga kanthal single horizontal coil 2.5mm id (do you mean by id 2.8mm in your review the diameter of the wrapes?) at 0.6ohm. if i go for more than 25w i have a dry hits and burning cotton. Am using a 70/30 vg/pg!
Please advice!!

Jeremy Mann

Yes, the 2.8 mm ID refers to the diameter of the drill bit I used to wrap the coils, so the (I)nternal (D)iameter of the coil is the same as the drill bit, 2.8 mm.

What is your resistance? It is important to note that I used dual coils. My resistance was likely half what you are using which would require a lot more power.

The liquid I used was 70 VG. That’s pretty much standard for me. Can you upload an image of your build and wick?


I think both coils are starting burning the cotton from one side at the same time, notice that I tested them and they become red at the same time before wicking!!!!???


And no armomizer short msg!!!


My RX200 was giving me atomizer short messages with my Aromamizer. I unscrewed the 510 on the bottom of the atty a half turn and suddenly what was reading as a .42 ohm read .32 and the short messages went away. Adjustable 510 for the win.

Jeremy Mann

Man, your build looks PERFECT! Do you have the deck screwed down all the way? That will cause a bad connection if it’s not screwed down all the way. Once again, I do not know what to say because your build looks awesome! And the wicking looks professional! I don’t think this is your fault. Do me a favor, message me through the contact us form. I want to rap with you about a place that may be able to help . . .


Yes I checked that as well!! Man where is that contact us form?! I didn’t find it

Jeremy Mann

It’s lower down on the page in under ‘information’ and says ‘contact.’


Again, not a good taste at 45w i can tast burn and i hear at 40w a sound like THUNDERBOLT. What do you think?


Now, 0.44ohm dual coil.


Is my wicking is right?


Its 0.63ohm, am so upset :(.


This is the picture


This is after few hours, is it normal? But the taste like burn not like the subohm tank

Jeremy Mann


Did you ever try that route I discussed? I can’t get over how amazing your build looked. It should’ve worked well.

Jeremy Mann

It’s hard to say because liquids can react differently. But, if it doesn’t taste right, it is NOT right. Taste will tell you what you need to know.

Know though, I did not have the three-post deck, so I am not sure if this is causing you an issue. I imagine you have your air holes lined up with the coil? If it’s just not working for you, I would unfortunately have to say it’s just one of those things. Your build looks fine (really good, actually) and I don’t see why it would be burning. Do you have a vape shop near you that can look at it?


Actually I tried the dual coils only at the beginning of vaping because it takes to much juice and it was not good vaping experience because I build it wrong. And am living in UAE, and its so hard hear to have a vaping items because it’s still ielleagel here. And if you find it will be very expensive i order every thing online


This is my build


Its a 0.63ohm!! Is my wicking correct? Am so upset

Jeremy Mann

It looks great to me! If it’s .6Ω, I would keep it at no more than about 30 watts — so the 25 watts sounds about right. Have you tried dual coils?


Cool tyvm for the info I’ll look into what range is a good fit

Jeremy Mann

No problem, man! Since the Kbox Mini has a minimum resistance of 0.3Ω, but that would be a bit too low to power with just 50 watts, I say build a dual coil at no lower than 0.5Ω .

Cheers, bud.


what is the best watts to set it if am using 7/8 wrap, 2.8 mm ID dual horizontal-coils for the Armomaizer RDTA?

Jeremy Mann

Off the top of my head, I do not know for two reasons: 1) I don’t know what the resistance is and 2) everyone is different. What will work for me and my builds may be different for you.


Hello Jermy, I useally set it between 0.2ohm and 0.3ohm with three post deck. But the problem i face that one of the coils burning the cotton if i exeeds 30w. This bothers me to death. Advice please.

Jeremy Mann

Hmmm…do you have the “Velocity-style” deck? That was the only one I was using. If only one side is burning, I would recommend tearing the whole build apart and starting over, or just re-wicking. It’s most likely something wrong with the build/wick, but not the unit itself. Let me know what comes of this…

p.s. I used mine at the same resistance and vaped mine comfortably and flavor-fully at 90+ watts.


King of regards brother


Hey Chris any suggestions on a really good rta. That doesn’t leak and performs great

Jeremy Mann

What type of performance? Clouds? Clouds and flavor? What type of builds do you want to run on it? How much power do you want to push? Without knowing any of that, I would say try a Kayfun.


The anti spit system is not a Steamcrave’s original idea, there are older atomizers that have that system, like the oldie but goldie 454 big block

Jeremy Mann

True. I totally forgot about the 454 Big Block (v1), which is odd because I have it. That said, that drip tip–for me and others I know that had it–pooled liquid and didn’t work as well as this. But you are, nevertheless, correct. I’ll amend the review.


You’re also right, the drip tip didn’t work well in the Big Block v1. That’s why a lot of people had cut the delring base improving its whole perfomance (flavour, cloud and hit) ?


I have this tank and I think it is amazing! I don’t even use my Crown or TFV4 tanks hardly anymore.

Jeremy Mann

Thanks for the response. What build are you running?


Hey what Guage wire are you building with? I use 22. I changed my build since I got the velocity deck.

Jeremy Mann

When I was using this I was building with 24 gauge.


I have dual Clapton coils, 6 wrap, vertical build, on a 2.4 mm screwdriver for 3.5 ohms. I push it with 60 to 65 watts. Great flavor and very decent clouds.

Jeremy Mann

And incredible wicking. hahaha…

Vape on, brother! Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting. I really appreciate you taking the time to drop a line.

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