Tobeco Super Tank Mini Review

Tobeco Super Tank Mini Intro

In this article we review a mini sub ohm tank – the Tobeco Super Tank Mini, the smaller brother of the Tobeco Super Tank.

The Tobeco Super Tank Mini has a 4ml e-juice capacity, despite being quite small, and comes with 0.2ohm and 0.5ohm kanthal coils. The Super Tank Mini also has a handy little top fill function.

Tobeco Super Tank Mini Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • 1 x Super Tank Mini (0.2ohm installed)
  • 1 x 0.5ohm coill


  • Price: $29.99
  • Wattage Range: 30-90W
  • Tank Capacity: 4ml
  • Coils Available: 0.2ohm (30-90W)
  • 0.5ohm (30-80W) & 0.15Ohm Ni200
  • Wicking material: 100% Pure Organic Cotton
  • RBA: No RBA

Notable Remarks

30W – Not much vapor at 30W
40W – Ok vapor now and you can already taste some nice flavor, looks promising!
50W – Tonnes of vapor already and yet a nice cool vape with good flavor.
60W – Vapor getting slightly warmer now and massive plumes of vapor with delightful flavor.
70W – flavor is immense at 70W! A warm vape now and huge clouds.
80W –Amazing flavor again, but the vapor and drip tip are starting to get seriously hot. There is now way this will vape at 150W!
90W – The vapor is just too hot for me already and the drip tip gets really hot. I won’t be trying to vape this any higher than 90W.

I’d vape the Tobeco super tank mini on the 0.2ohm coil anywhere between 60W- 75W.

30W – Okay vapor, but not too much on the flavor front
40W – Flavor coming through now and big clouds already
50W – Lovely flavor and nice luke warm clouds
60W – Flavor is amazing and the vape is now getting on the warmer side
70W – This is now verging on warm to hot and the drip tip gets hot on longer inhales as does the vapor
80W – Verging on a burnt hit for me at this wattage, so I won’t be vaping it any higher. The vapor is also very hot.

Again the recommended wattage is way out on this coil. There is no way you can have a good vape at 100W on this 0.5ohm coil head. For me the vape was best around 55-65W. The flavor, as on the 0.2ohm coil, was exceptional. We are really impressed by this little tank.


Top Fill

Tobeco Supertank Mini Top Fill
Tobeco Supertank Mini Top Fill

The top fill is really easy to use on the super tank mini. The top screws off easily, making it really easy to re-fill the tank with e-juice.

Amazing Flavor

The flavor on this little sub ohm tank was pretty immense. It isn’t quite on par with the Crown, but not too far off and very impressive for its size.

Great Aesthetics

Tobeco Supertank Mini on the Cloupor GT
Tobeco Supertank Mini on the Cloupor GT

We reviewed the black version of the super tank mini and loved the looks on this tank. The tank has a few subtle engravings that add to the sleek looks of this tank. I would definitely recommend getting this tank in the black and combined with a black box mod, it looks sick!

Tiny Size

Freemax Starre Pro, Atlantis V1 and the Supertank Mini
Freemax Starre Pro, Atlantis V1 and the Supertank Mini

As mentioned already the Super tank mini is a tiny sub ohm tank and is similar in size to the Kanger Subtank Nano and Sense Herakles Hydra. It does however have more e-juice capacity than the aforementioned tanks, which in my opinion gives it a real edge and makes it the leading mini sub ohm tank. However, the super tank mini is wider than those tanks mentioned above, as it is a 22m diameter tank.


Tricky to Put Back Together after Taking Apart

Tobeco Supertank Mini Disassembled
Tobeco Supertank Mini Disassembled

Re-filling from the top is easy, but switching the coil out and putting the tank back together was quite tricky. Taking the tank apart and switching the coil isn’t the issue, it is trying to get the glass and top back on that is tricky. If you are having issues I would recommend taking the bottom o-ring off the glass and placing that inside the base of the tank before putting the Pyrex glass back in. Also be careful, as the o-rings on either side of the Pyrex are slightly different and you need to make sure you have them the right way around.

As it is a bit tricky I can see the odd Pyrex glass breaking, so it would have been nice to see a spare Pyrex glass with this kit.

No Wattages on the Coils

There were no recommended wattages on the coils or anywhere in the box, as the box didn’t come with any leaflet or manual at all! I had to write to Tobeco to ask about the wattages and even the wattages they gave me were by no means accurate.

No Instructions or Info

There were absolutely no instructions or manual with this kit at all. You have no idea as to what wattages the coils are meant to be vaped at and there are no safety tips at all. Tobeco need to address this as this isn’t good enough.

Tobeco Supertank Mini Package Content
Tobeco Supertank Mini Package Content

Once I got a response from Tobeco about the coils, we tested the coils. The recommended wattage for the 0.2ohm is 30-150W! I barely got up to about 90W without burning my mouth out, so I think their recommendation needs to be adjusted slightly. Perhaps I’m a wimp, who knows, but I couldn’t get anywhere near 150W!
On the 0.5ohm coil they recommend up to 100W. Again this was quite a bit off and I could barely handle 80W on this coil. Again this is just my experience, so let me know what you thought in the comments below!

Not a 4ml Tank Capacity

The Tobeco Super Tank Mini advertises a 4ml tank capacity. however it can only fit 2.5-3ml depending on how you refill it. I would recommend attaching the coil to the chimney and then re-filling it like that to get 3ml in. Also get some juice in the coil to help it saturate.


I think if you are looking for a sub ohm tank that is a lot smaller in size compared with the others on the market and still has a 22mm diameter, then the Tobeco Mini is the choice for you. It’s top fill, fantastic flavor and clouds made for a fantastic vape. The 4ml tank capacity is also most welcome despite its small size.

There were a few minor things that can be improved on this tank, but nothing that was really a deal breaker for me. Tobeco do however, need to include a manual ASAP and add some accurate wattage recommendations onto the coils!

Overall if you want a mini sub ohm tank with a 22mm diameter and a 4ml tank capacity with fantastic flavor, then this is the tank for you!

​Other mini sub ohm tanks to consider: Sense Herakles Hydra and the Kanger Subtank Nano.

Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.

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I dont know why alot of people talk bad about this tank, i have both the tobeco Super tank and also a free max pro mesh. i like both of them. The coils in the super tank seem to last longer and has great flavor and i think that taking the tank apart to replace coils is no different than most other tanks out there and for the price you cant go wrong, the even now offer an adapter online to put on it so you can use any of your favorite 510 drip tips. I would like to know of what other coils can be used i would like to experiment with different coils to see if it can get any better and so on.


I cannot get my mini super tank to register on my mod! This is the only tank I have issues with too. All it will do is alert me “check atomizer”! Very frustrating! Please help!!!??

Jennifer Hartgrove

When I first got mine it did that as well.try checking the coil to make sure it’s on tight enough or try a new coil


does your mod support coils below .5?? Many of them don’t


make sure the tank is screwed together tightly ( the included allan key helps with this, used through the air hole )


Notch coils pack of five every single one gave me check atomizer.

.2 have an absolutely disgusting flavor though thoroughly wicked.

So far tobeco coils are an absolute disaster and certainly not worth dropping into atlantis evo or triton 2. I can’t fathom buying a tank Kadence for their coils though maybe its a great tank compared to the evo if you use better coils.

I’m surprised at all the outstanding vapor and plumes comments. At 50 watts the vapor production is anemic and the coils can’t keep up with wicking thick liquid.

Awful inconsistent coils with no documentation and terrible flavor.
Meant waste your money. I wish I hadn’t wasted $30’on their crap coils.


Why doea it say check atomizer on my screen i have it on tight


Did you ever get the tank to register? Mine as well continues to say check atomizer. This is the only tank I’m having this issue with! I haven’t been able to use my new tank at all! Extremely disappointed bc I love the look (it’s a really pretty mint green color lol) and the convenience of it being top fill- these are the exact reasons I chose this tank! But what good does it do if I can’t get it to register to my mod!!! I made sure it’s seated all the way (I think!) and I tried giving it a firm hit on the hard surface and still “check atomizer’! :-/

Rebekah Raymond-Guynn

Just hold the coil with one end in one hand and the other end in your other hand. Now gently pull on it and you will see that it will elongate. All you need to to is pull it apart just a TINY bit to make it slightly longer. I have to do this a lot with these coils and it works EVERY TIME? Give it a try. I learned this from my vendor where I buy my supplies. Easy fix!

Cochino Sgv Elitebikerz

Make sure it’s seated all the way. If that doesn’t work then take the tank off and give it a firm,but not hard, tap on a hard surface. Go straight down so you don’t hit the threads.


totally agree about the Wattage bullshit, i had no idea what Wattages i could vape at on the coils… and when i tried 85 on the .2 it was burnt as hell as well as on the .5 around 80 tasted burnt too..

Seth Stellingwerf

I use around 40 to 45 watts on the .2 and 35 to 40 on the .5


are the coils for both super tank and super tank mini interchangeable? Trying to buy replacements and all say “super tank coils” they look like they would so I assume yes but want to be sure.

Seth Stellingwerf

you can also use the atlantis and triton coils made by aspire

Cochino Sgv Elitebikerz

Yes. The super tank could are interchangeable between the super tank, super tank mini and the super tank KS


just bought the new mini super tank along with a new box on Wednesday. with the new fda regs. they can no longer help me at the store I bought it from. question… It loses charge after about 6 hours? Is setting at 20 watts.. question … runs hot… is that normal?


Hello, I want to ask one question. I have the exact same setup as yours which is cloupor gt 80w and the supertank mini. When I use the .2 ohm coil, I usually vape around 37 watt and the voltage is around 3.07 volt. When I change to the stock 0.5 ohm coil, the voltage is 4.7 volt. Is it normal and safe?


lol yes this is normal, Voltage changes as the Ohms change… i heard its like Volts x Volts Divided by Ohms (.2) or (.5) or w/e the ohms on your coil is.. you can find it online but yes the voltage will vary.


Does it make a difference what PG/VG ratio you use in this tank? I normally vape 30PG/70VG and recently bought some 70PG/30VG liquid and was wondering if this will cause a problem with the tank. I am new to vaping, so any info would be greatly appreciated.


This is one of my fav tanks, I bought 2 there so good. If you used to smoke the tip on this tank is perfect. The only con is of the tip breaks you have to buy a whole new tank. The flavor is great and it chucks great clouds. One of my go to tanks.


you can use Vaporesso Ccell coils in this tank also. they rock in it better then the Target tank


I love my Super Tank! I’ve tried many many different tanks & this hands down throws the best flavor. The eleaf ijust tank was really good too but barely dropped it… shattered the glass on all 3 I have! They NEED to include some info and directions with the Tank as it comes sans ANY! Also, it is Hell replacing the coils. Getting the tank apart should NOT be comparable to rrocket science. And once apart the coil MUST be perfectly placed or it struggles and gurgles totally wrecking the vape. Still I give it a solid 4 stars!


Hey everyone I love my super mini tank. I used the crown for years til I came across this tank. I use the .9 ohm ccell coils and they are flavor in any tank or coil. They can be sensitive when priming and first using though. Anyways I’m writing to you guys as I use my super mini tank with ccell .9 ohm coils on my minkin at around 2t watts. This morning I came to gurgle it as this helps prime the ccell coil and realized the pm drip tip will not seal and just keeps twisting in circles..any help or fixes anyou ideas anyone it’s driving me mad this is my favorit tank and I hate knowing something is wrong with it


Hi Alex, I bought the mini super tank about 2 weeks ago and I changed the coil once to a .5 and it is starting to leak near the air vents,mi took it apart and cleaned it. Made sure everything was tight and it still doing it. The liquid also burns a lot faster. Do you have any idea on what could be wrong


the 0.5 coil o ring is in the bag that was in. or take it of from the 0.2. it is on the bottom

Alex Kendell

Sounds like the coil is missing an o-ring. Have you tried a new coil?

María José Rico

I can’t for the life of me open this tank, not even with the allen key.


Theres no need to service this tank. just use the top fill feature.


the trick is to use that wrench, your supposed to stick it through the air vent holes and than twist.. it is a bit tricky but i mastered it quite fast.. theres a video by Tobeco using it on instagram somewhere i googled it before.

Brandon Campbell

Yea I have 2 of Tobeco super tank mini’s. I run a white .2 coil on 50 watts with my custom rx200 and a flat black .2coil on 55 watts with my limited edition black and gold snow wolf 200. Great flavor out of both tanks/mods. I see the only tank touching this in flavor is uwell crown and uwell rafale, but these are not mini tanks either. Great review keep em coming and thanks!

Hell No To Hilary!

I picked this up on Friday for my KBOX 120. I am new to vaping but quickly realized this was a good tank. I am running the 0.2 coil at 50W and it is smooth with lots of flavor. 60W’s seemed to start getting a little hot but none the less I am happy with it. My local vape shop is awesome…very nube friendly…


I just bought the sigelei 200w with the mini. I’m using the the .2 coil around 50w and its def the best vape I’ve had. I originally wanted to quit smoking so I tried vaping. I started off with a little pen e cig and moved up to a 4.7v battery with the kanger arotech mini then the aspire mini with the o.g. 11w mvp box to what I have now and I find the hobby to be more addictive than smoking a cigarette. I have nothing bad to say about the mini. Best investment I’ve made in a while. Ridiculous flavor and clouds.


how do I get a replacement top fill part for super tank mini not the drip tip


Everything about this tank, but it has one fatal flaw. It takes little to no force to break the tank off right where it screws into your mod. I’ve had many tanks and every single one has done this. My local Vape shop sucks and does nothing for us either. I’ll go back to Nautilus.


that probably means your mod sucks because i have never had that problem


i’ve never had that problem eithier.. this tank is Great…

and Angela i am sorry but yes 80% of the Vape Shops out their suck, they are money grubbing whores who overprice everything.. not ALL but MOST… i got lucky and my local shop is super informative, as well as nice, prices are higher than online but aren’t as outrageous as other vape shops…

Its tough to find a good Brick and Mortar Vape Shop but they are out their.


What is your recommended pg/vg ratio for this tank with the .5 ohm coil? Thanks in advance!

Alex Kendell

Anything from 60VG/40PG to 80VG/20PG 🙂


Awesome! Thank you so much for the fast response!! I love your reviews and website. I’m a big fan. Thanks again. Cheers!?

Alex Kendell

Thanks Jeffrey! Much appreciated, cheers to you too.


ll Eleaf Replacement ECR Coil Head fit on Tobeco Super Tank Mini?


ll Eleaf Replacement ECR Coil Head fit on Tobeco Super Tank Mini?


Hello my tank seems to be spitting fluid into my mouth like every puff. Also it get so hot on the mouthpiece, and it leeks from airholes in the side. I just got it today. Any recommendations, I’m so disappointed I want this nice tank to work, I’m worried I’m missing something.

Alex Kendell

It sounds like you might be missing an o-ring somewhere. Could you check to see if all the o-rings are on the tank correctly? If they are, wash the tank out and give it a really good dry with hairdryer. Put a new coil into it and screw everything as tight as possible. Let me know if that helps.


hi Alex,
nope, it didn’t help.. at least for me.
i did what u told, and i still have some leak at the air vent. all my O-ring is attached, i screw everything real tight (at some point, i noticed that umm i don’t know how to explain, that-thing-at-the-very-bottom-of-the-tank-which-will-lock-the-tank-with-the-mod is pushed down because i screw the coil really tight).

and yet i still have the leak.. i dunno what i missed but, i really want this tank work as it suppose to. 🙁
really need help here.

or is it might have another way for liquid to coming out aside from the middle of the coil?

ps: really sorry for my bad english. i’m trying my best so u can understand what i say.. 🙂

Alex Kendell

I am not sure what it could be, if you have all your o-rings and coil o-rings in place then everything should be fine. I suggest taking the product back to where you got it from.


Unfortunately i have missed the return-policy-day..

Are u saying my tank is a defect one?
How bout if i buy another one?
What do u say?

How many percent of chances i’ll got the correct one this time? LMAO..

Alex Kendell

That’s a shame. I am saying that I do not know what the issue is. Price drops on most of the older tanks are crazy and you will probably be able to get one for a cheaper price than you got it in first place.


I bought this tank last week. I have a D2. I was using the Arctic tank but their new coils suck. I am looking for a new tank. My only issue which I don’t know how to fix is I find the tip gets hot pretty quick. To the point that it feels like I am slightly burning my lips. I am using the .2 coils and it is getting hot at 30w. Any suggestions?? Thank you.

Alex Kendell

Hey Rob, to be honest it is the first time that I have heard anyone say that the driptip gets too hot. Ours was very cool even at its peak wattage. May I ask what coil and what wattage you are vaping it at?


Hey Alex, I think it was a bad tank. I use the Tobeco .2 coils at 30 watts. I went back to the vape store and they gave me a new tank. It works great now.


Im definitely getting 3.9ml into the tank top loading. Im using a syringe to measure it. I think this is the best tank I have ever used, these tobeco coils saturate and wick like a mofo. Im getting better flavor and comparable cloud to my Smok TFV4 Mini.


just bought the mini. ( and of course got price raped from the brick and mortar) Was recomended at 40w. I found 65-70 with half airflow was a good warm but not over powering vape. will have to try with a few different flavors. Also came with a tiny allen wrench. Anybody know what the wrench is for???

Alex Kendell

Interesting, we didn’t get an hex key with it. I have no clue what it would be useful for, maybe the non existent RBA kit? lol


after watching a few more reviews. It seems the most common complaint is the difficulty of taking the tank apart. Then it dawned on me. If you fully open the air vents and slide the hex key through the vents on the outside of the coil air flow. The hex fits perfect. And you use the hex key as a grip as you hold the hex key and turn the top of the tank. SOoooo much easier to unscrew the top.


I will second this…I still needed a damp paper towel to get some leverage on the top, but I could not have done it without that key. Even the place where I bought it wasn’t sure what the key was for, but it turned out to be vital.

Alex Kendell

That makes sense! Thanks for the update!


Have a question about the ni200 coils whats the suggested watts for the .1 .15 .2 ohms?and which better for flavor and clouds

Alex Kendell

We sadly did not try the Ni200 coils on the Tobeco Supertank Mini. Hopefully someone in the comment section has. Anyone?


I must tell you that I glad I found this review. Got the tank a little over a week ago and your recommended wattage settings were spot on! Also looks great on the Ipv d2. thanks!

Chris Kendell

Great to hear you are enjoying it Jeff and thanks for the comment!


I bought this tank about a week ago and the guy at the vape shop said that the triton rta Kit would work with the mini super tank. Is he right or was just trying to get a sale? If it does then I’ll jump on it.

Chris Kendell

It does fit Timothy, as I just tried it, however I didnt have a build in it so cant say how it vapes. I did get the RTA stuck in the base and now can’t get it out, so if you do put it in watch out for that.


Question for super tank mini tobeco, is it just me or when vaping sometimes it feels like the liquid is slightly spitting into mouth or is that just the fact I’m getting intense flavor. FYI switched from kanger protank mini new to subohms

Chris Kendell

Hi Adam. My brother has replied to you on Facebook!


I believe I read somewhere that the Herakles coils are compatible with this tank. Is this true? I have so many Heraklese ni200 coil heads but I’m looking to get a more compact sub-ohm tank.

Chris Kendell

Hi Adam. The Tobeco mini coils have a top threading on the coils that the Herakles coils (that we have) do not have. This means they do not work on the Tobeco Super Tank Mini.


Of course they work. I am using them and no issues at all. Try it. Regards


If you guys could try the original Super Tank, that would be great! I want to get the Super Tank Mini, and I can see that there’s little difference between the two. However, I’m not sure if the coils are the same or not. Despite my want for this, the fact that there isn’t any wattage ranges on the coils or anywhere in its box is a HUGE no-no! D:

Chris Kendell

We will try and get the original Nikolas!


did you check the 4ml capacity? i saw a youtube review and there is no way to get even 3ml in there 😉

Chris Kendell

Hi Miro. I just tried re-filling it a number of different ways with a measuring syringe. If you attach the coil to the chimney and re-fill it like that, you just about get 3ml in, but definitely not the 4ml. Thanks for spotting this and I will add this valuable information to the review! Thanks.


hi does it have ni200 coils ? and whats the difference with a tobeco supertank besides the size ?

Chris Kendell

Hi FoxVanilla. Yes I think you can get Ni200 0.15ohm coils. I haven’t tried the normal Supertank yet, but from what I have read besides the size there is not much difference apart from Aesthetics. Also the Mini is trickier to take apart and put back together.


yeah i found the ni200 coild at a nearby LVS. doing tc now. sweeeeeeet

Alex Kendell

Very good, enjoy!

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