Uwell Crown 2 Review


As far as I’m concerned, no other new product release over the past year has been as eagerly anticipated as Uwell’s Crown II (or Crown 2) Sub-Ohm Clearomizer Tank. The expectations surrounding this new version of the highly-rated Uwell Crown have been extraordinarily high within the enthusiast vaping community.

Among reviewers and review sites (including this one), after its debut in 2015, the original Crown Tank was consistently rated among the top sub-ohm clearomizer tanks, and frequently as the very best in that category of tanks.

I don’t know how much pressure Uwell was under to release a Version 2 of the Crown, but they took their time and were very thorough in the redesign. The Crown 2 Tank addresses a wide range of requests for changes and improvements from both users in the marketplace and designers/engineers in-house at Uwell. Implementations of those changes went through a long period of testing and refinement.

Now the Uwell Crown 2 is ready, in production, and being shipped to vendors. While still in pre-order on most vendor sites as of the writing of this review (June, 2016), the tank will soon be widely available. Let’s see if the new Crown 2 lives up to our hopes.



  • 510 Threaded
  • 24 mm Diameter
  • 100% Stainless Steel Construction
  • 4 mL Eliquid Capacity
  • Quartz Glass Tank
  • Anti-Leaking Top Fill Design (with optional bottom-flll)
  • Juice Tank Locking Screw
  • Improved Chimney Design
  • Dual Adjustable Bottom Airflow Slots
  • Improved Coil Heads
  • Conical Positive Connector
  • Smoother Airflow
  • Three Coil options
  • 0.25Ω – larger clouds
  • 0.5Ω – balanced clouds and flavor
  • 0.8Ω – best flavor
  • long lifespan
  • lower eliquid consumption
  • Delrin Insulated Drip Tip
  • Removable Drip Tip

Notable Remarks

Using the Uwell Crown II

Uwell Crown 2 0.25 Coil

I own nine of the original Crown tanks among my large and diverse inventory of sub-ohm clearomizer tanks, so it’s obviously one of my favorites. I was never in love with the aesthetics of the original version; it wasn’t much of a looker. The tank’s performance, however, was (and is) superb, and it was among the earliest sub-ohm tanks to provide an easy top-fill.

Besides performance, the original Crown was extremely versatile. The dual-coil stainless steel heads could be used in both wattage and temp control modes, and the heads could be rebuilt as well. In addition, the original Crown gave a great vape over a wide range of power, from 50–100+ watts (depending on the coil head).

Aesthetics of the new tank are much sleeker and more attractive than the original. Gone is the triple-ring design for the air intake control and top cap that extended beyond the body diameter of the original tank and made it look a bit clunky. The Crown 2 is definitely cleaner in appearance.

Refilling the Crown 2 is even easier than the original. A single counterclockwise turn and the top cap comes off to reveal two large eliquid slots that are larger than the original’s four. I experience no leaks at all after refilling the tank.

The air intake control ring has detents, as did the original, but now there are stops at both the fully open and fully closed positions. Nice.

Uwell Crown 2 Top Fill

As before, the drip tip is removable (and accommodates any standard 510 drip tip), but Uwell has installed a locking screw under the drip tip inside the top cap. Tightening that screw locks together the three sections of the main tank — base, glass tank section, and threaded top — so that removing the top cap for refilling cannot inadvertently dismantle the main tank section. I never had that problem with the original Crown, but some users did. Uwell listened and, by adding the locking screw, insured that the problem would never occur on the Crown 2.

Coil heads for the Crown 2 have been redesigned and are not compatible with the original Crown tank, although they’re similar in size. If, as I do, you have a stock of factory heads for the original Crown, they will not work in the Crown 2. You’ll need to restock for the new version. I presume that the new heads can be rebuilt, as the old ones can, but I haven’t taken one apart to see, so I can’t guarantee that.

Heads for the original Crown were very long-lasting. Getting months of solid vaping from a given head was common. I expect the new heads to be just as durable.


Uwell Crown 2 Aesthetics

I didn’t expect a dramatic upgrade in performance from the Crown 2 over the original Crown. In fairness, I presumed that any improvement in the vaping experience would be subtle at best. I hoped mainly for better aesthetics and a reduction in the occasional leaking after refilling the tank that marred the original. And that’s pretty much what I got in taking the Crown 2 for a test drive.

The original Crown was (and remains) a great tank with superb performance. So is the Crown 2.

Having used the new version for some days, one performance improvement I can pinpoint is in the smoothness of the vape it provides. The high power vaping experience (at 80 watts and higher) is essentially the same in both versions, but silkier in the Crown 2. The other difference is that the particular Crown 2 I tested provides a perceptibly fuller experience at lower wattage (50-70 watts). The improvement is mainly in increased vapor production. Flavor is great in both versions, about as good as current technology can provide for a sub-ohm tank using factory heads.

Overall, the Crown 2 honors the legacy of its predecessor and improves on it in all the ways we hoped it would.


If you own the original Crown and love it, you don’t need to rush out and buy the Crown 2. The original Crown remains one of the best sub-ohm clearo tanks in the marketplace. But I’ll bet that you will buy a Crown 2, anyway, and sooner than later.

My best guess is that you won’t be disappointed. I wasn’t. In fact, I’m thrilled. The new version gives a subtle but meaningful improvement in vaping performance and seemingly silences all the small criticisms that the original Crown tank generated among users. The wish list has been fulfilled.

The Crown 2 Sub-Ohm Clearomizer Tank deserves and gets my Highest Recommendation.

My name is Bill. I’ve been a dedicated vaper for five and a half years, having ended a 35-year addiction to tobacco cold-turkey on my first day of vaping. I live on the Oregon coast, in the tiny town of Florence, one huge sand dune away from the Pacific Ocean.

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I have had the Crown 2 for over a month now and have had NO PROBLEMS…. no leaking, no dry hits and my coils lasts more than a week each… I absolutely love the tank and am about to order the build deck for it as well…. I stick with .4 ohm coils, for better flavor and battery life and vape at about 52w on my Istick 100w, with 70vg/30pg juices…. No issues whatsoever…


My 2 cents.

The tank is a winner by any standard after 2 weeks of use. It is December 2016 and am completely certain that my coils are the 4th generation or is it 3rd?

Any weakness in coil design has been addressed completely.

I too have original Crowns, but had put them down for a long sleep. My needs for MTL vaping inspired me to buy a Kabuki with excellent results. However, I missed the performance of my Crowns and wanted that experience again.

I purchased by Crown II in the very elusive to find “black chrome”. My vape store was unfamiliar with the style and was completely impressed. They actually thought I modified it by heating the outside of the tank.

It is a looker.

The vape is very, very smooth. However, the taste after using a premium MTL device lacks just a bit. Maybe I should say “it is different”. It compares but doesn’t, which is why we vape different devices… correct?

It is easy to fill and change out coils. I highly recommend the .8. kenthal. The flavor is wonderful and the juice usage is minimal compared to the .25 or .5 coils.

The construction is lighter than the Crown I. Uwell did not use the same weight of metals. This is actually a good thing, since I transport my mod and tank in a jacket pocket.

Vaping the .8 at 35W also produces a good amount of vapor and is not a power puller on my Vape Forward Lite. They pair beautifully.

I highly recommend this tank and wish Uwell had not rushed the original coils to market. They would have had less headaches and larger sales from the beginning.

Live and learn.


Just purchased the II and am very satisfied, especially after hearing that the coils were not lasting long. The “black chrome” is truly a “looker”, while the craftsmanship shines as brightly as the Crown I.

I waited until a fix came out.

Using the .8 coil seems to produce the most flavor at a juice savings rate. Both are important, but one can’t enjoy the flavor if worried about massive juice consumption at higher temps.

Paired with a Vape Forward Lite, I am a very content all-day vaper without massive power or juice consumption.

This is a win-win for me and highly recommend the II.


Would this tank work with 30pg 70vg?


I have had the crown for 2 years and it’s an amazing tank, few little bad bits about it like the glass unscrewing but a great tank. The crown 2 is a completely different tank altogether. I have had mine for about three weeks and I have gone through a tube of 0.8’s and two 0.5’s and they all had a funky taste which was not quite burning but it was foul also the tank leaks like crazy. I contacted uwell and they promised me new coils, they messed up and sent my coils to some one else, then they sent me an over complicated instructions sheet on filling to stop leaks which frankly I wouldn’t have time to follow every time I fill my tank. Also I am still having problems getting the coils they promised to send. Tell anyone you can NOT to buy the crown 2 it is not a patch on the original crown


For those of you experiencing dry hits with the Crown/Crown 2 coils, the problem appears to be related to the cotton being wound too tightly so that they can’t breathe properly.

To solve the issue, patiently prime the coil, then take a small straight pin (the kind with a plastic ball end) and push it through each of the juice ports 2 or three times, making sure to go all the way through the cotton.

I keep a straight pin in my vaping kit and use it every time I change a coil. Works like a charm. The tank can breathe but there’s still enough vacuum so it doesn’t leak.


so what version of stainless steel is being used in the new “shiny” crown 2 coils? When I vape in temp control with ss316 & ss316L I dont get any vapor hardly even at 600F. Should I be vaping these coils on SS304?


Ok guys, the V2 is absolutely wicked. BUT. Again the coils are crap! Again, and again, and again. I know a fair bit of ppl who vape and got this tank. Same old problems as the V1, limited coil life. Prime them for hours all sorts of different mods, and not running even close to its max potential. No dice!!!??? On my third round of coil purchases and they are all exactly the same 24 hours. Hard vaping, moderate, and low, 24 hours. For all of us. I will call it for what it looks like, a racket. Imagine buying a new vehicle that says mileage is this and you and all your friends buy it to find mileage is 1/5th the post mpg’s. It would be on the front page of CNN! So why do we keep saying “well the next batch, oh, the next batch…”. Comparatively, running the Smok V8, really weak priming, run it very hard, and guess what, I get 3-4 days??? Uwell if you are listening, get this right for once. Figure out your quality control and keep customers. Otherwise I am part of 6 ppl here that are going to scrape the V2. Honesty is king!

Tony Trenkle Jr.

Anyone else having the drip tip get hot and cant get a long inhale going?


Utterly enamoured with the Crown 2 with the 0.5 ohm coils (presumably the fixed shiny ones); Smok/Koopor mods seem (to me) to work best with them – utterly smooth, flavourful vape at 50W.


Okay, I’m admittedly new to vaping. Smoke free for nearly 3 weeks and have been vapong for about 10 days. Using a smok h priv tank, with the tfv4 micro..I wasn’t happy. I did some research and ordered the tfv4 fullsize but bought the Crown 2 in the meantime. LOVED IT. The .2 ohm with temp control at 440 and 75 watts was AMAZING. Well it was for 2 days. Then burnt cotton and the like. Now using the .5 and using 60 watts. It’s fine but I miss the .2 ohm badly. That said, the Tfv4 was and is awful for me. The 3 head and quad lack flavor. Sure, I can disappear behind my cloud like a ninja but when your 30 ml bottle costs $22 and goes down faster than a cheap date on prom night..what’s the use? Anyways, I digress. Loving the Crown 2. Best tank for a beginner like myself. No leaking, easy to clean, juice lasts longer, flavor is great. I would recommend it in a heartbeat. That said, I would love to see an RBA for it as that’s my next vaping step to take.


The youtube revisit reviews are out now. It appears the coils with the matte finish were bad. They released a second batch of coils that were shiny, they were better. Now there is a third batch released that the problem has been fixed. Going to hold off on buying any replacement coils till all the bad coils are off the market!


I’ve had this tank about 5 days now. Started with the 0.5 and it was great. Massive clouds and flavour! After 1 day I started to get seriously horrible burn hits! I was scared to inhale even at low wattage. I changed the coil to the 0.2 also included and it was amazing…for 1 day. Exact same I was putting away thinking this is the best tank ever then bang out of nowhere a horrible burnt hit that never goes away. I’m experienced, I prime properly I use only premium hi vg juices etc. The only way to regain any slight flavour is to inhale unbelievably hard but it’s scary stuff cause you might get the throat destroying burn! Surely I’m not the only one suffering this problem? Any solutions anyone?? Thanks!


I am having the exact same issue is well, amazing clouds and great flavour. But after only a few hours on the .25 I get that nasty burnt hit. It lasted a little long with the .5. Thought I just got a bad batch of coils, bought a new tube of coils and got the same thing. Went back to my original Herkles Tank a little leaky but vapes great coils last me a week. No tasty burnt taste


Sounds like your juice might be just a tad too high in vg guys. Try 75/25 (if you mix your own). Got some kicking clouds this end and full of flavour


I had problems with this too. One solution was to slightly ease off with the tightness of the top cap, another was to slightly (and I mean slightly) loosen the chimney bolt, and the last one was to use a pin to penetrate the cotton a few <5 times. My best results have been with loosening the chimney screw slightly, too much and it leaks.


Have the exact some problems – a coil a day is what I’ve been dealing with.. Wish I knew the cause…


I got my crown V2 on 5th.. I tried the .25 coil.. Chain vaped it for 3 days… Amazing clouds and great flavor through out… But by the end of day 3… I finally started to get the dry hits… But please note I had been chain vaping at 85 watts.. I pulled out the cotton and no surprise… The cotton was burnt, the first 2 layers had holes in them. But during the 3 days before the coil waz burnt I never got a single dry hit or the hot wire taste at all. I have the .5 coil in now since yesterday… Vaping at 65watts… Again good clouds and better flavour than the .25. I hope it can last longer than the .25


Good luck dude. Hope you don’t get the same issue. I’m afraid I’m going to predict you’ll start getting the burnt hits in a few days as the tank becomes more air tight and you will need to open the top every 2-3 puffs to let air in 🙁
Mines is going back to ukecig. They got back to me saying this is happening to lots of people…


Bill, over all a great review, however, I for one really loved the aesthetics of the Crown V1! A great tank with great looks. I know this is subjective, but I had to voice my opinion. Also, I think saying you could go months on a single coil is overly optimistic. There are so many factors that go into how long a coil will last that I feel you are setting those new to The Uwell Crown tank for a large disappointment.
That being said, I still think that Crown Rulz!

julie beresford

I just purchased the crown for my pico and well it doesnt fit to well…but i read i can get a heatsink to lift it so it wont hit the battery cap so i will look into that. I too quit smoking after 30 yrs with a vape and im learning as i go so i have a question for veteran vapors. I saw warning notifications about the battery exploding when crown used on certain vapes, is the pico ok to use it on? I did notice it got very hot when i put it on to try it? Thanks for any advice. I do have a 40a battery.


I also use a Pico mod with the Crown 2 tank but I had to modify the battery cap by filing a small flat on it where the tank air ring meets it to allow clearance for the tank to screw on. Early days but I’m very happy with it so far


Bill, what would be your pick between C2 and Herakles Plus? (considering build quality, juice consumption, leaking problems, taste, coils life lasting, etc.)


Herakles Plus was over hyped nonsense! Haven’t tried Crown V2 yet, but based on the Crown V1, go with the Crown.


JC, thanks for sharing your opinion. Would you care to tell me what cons you’ve experienced with Herakles plus.

By the way, from what I’ve heard, Crown v2 seems to have disappointing coils unlike its former versio.


I was very excited to get the HP & it let me down in every way. Weak flavor, leaky coils, top airflow kills what little flavor I had. Even with all airflow closed, it still got air. There are new coils already out for the Crown V2, so from trusted sources, the problem has been addressed. Look on Youtube for more on the coil situation.
As soon as I have the funds, I will definitely buy the Crown V2!
like I said above, IMO



Yes, I too have heard/read that the Crown 2 conical heads were giving people problems. The designs and materials used were targeted as the culprits.

Sense and FreeMax have both been criticized for their Herakles Plus and Starre Pro revisions. Now Uwell is experiencing difficulties and negative user reaction. Is this a trend?

I have more faith in Uwell than in most vaping manufacturers (although that may not be saying much). I hope they have or will address the problems with the Crown 2 coil heads.

Right now, I’m happy to own as many Crown v1 tanks as I do.

Alexander White

Honestly, the Herakles Plus leaks a great deal and has issues with is pressure fit seals. The tank performs very well at higher wattages but is a tad restricted. I liked the Herakles v1 a lot more than where Sense took their tanks. I would say the Uwell tanks are leagues past in their quality.


Thanks for the comment Alexander. Regardless, I ordered a Herakles Plus as I couldn’t manage to find Crown V2. But considering my experience with Crown v1, likebyou said Herakles Plus has lower build quality.



I’ve never vaped a Herakles or Herakles Plus sub-ohm clearo tank. If I presume those tanks to be about on par with the original Crown or a Freemax Starre, then the Crown 2 represents a refinement upgrade rather than a wholesale improvement.

I haven’t logged enough vape time with the Crown 2 to say definitively that it never leaks, but mine hasn’t so far. Build quality seems slightly improved on the Crown 2 over 2015’s crop of premier sub-ohm clearo tanks. Same with taste — maybe a slight improvement, but not enough to sit up and take notice. Eliquid consumption seems the same to me.

As for coil head longevity, I really don’t know, since my coil heads never get very old. I rebuild the factory heads of all those tanks as soon as the cotton wicking darkens some. I make new stainless steel vertical single or dual coils (depending on what gauge I use — 24-25 gauge I build as single coil, while 26-28 gauge will be dual) with wrapped wicking of fresh KGD cotton.

Kevin Wasalaski

I just received my C2 a few hours ago and my first impression is that it’s more aesthetically pleasing than the original but not much different than the Rafale. It’s functionality far exceeds that of the Rafale in that the top fill is much more user friendly.

The one concern that I’ve had with all 3 tanks is the fact that the resistance has a tendency to bounce around before finally locking onto its proper rating, a flaw that I was hoping would be resolved with the C2 but my expectations were short lived. The original wasn’t too bad with this issue but the Rafale and C2 are pretty bad. The coils will start out reading at about a .52 (with the .5 heads in the C2) and bounce up as high as .63. This flaw undoubtedly changes the vaping experience until you can get the coil to lock on.

The flavor experience is still consistent with the original but it is definitely a smoother draw. While holding this tank, you can feel the quality of the piece and you know then that Uwell definitely took their time. I just really wish that there was a tried and true method to fixing the coil issue. Any thoughts on that?


Hmmm, interesting. I’ve never noticed the resistance bouncing around on my original Crown tanks, but I’m not doubting what you wrote.

My question is: Why would the resistance change until it settles in? I understand hat resistance changes as the coil heats up, and may change some as the coil ages, but you’re describing a different phenomenon. Is it the electrical connection? the metal alloys used? I really don’t know. How odd.

I have a Rafale, but I’ve never used it. Maybe I’ll break it out and see if the resistance changes.

Kevin Wasalaski

I’m trying to answer that same question and I think it might be the mod I’m using. It’s a custom DNA200 device but I never have issues with the resistance bouncing with any alloy, except for SS. I didn’t really have this issue with the original Crown coils but it’s quite prevalent with the Rafale and C2. Simply unscrewing the tank from the mod and reseating it a few times eventually locks on the resistance, quite strange.

Since I posted my review here, the resistance finally locked on and this tank delivers a fantastic vaping experience! It’s bringing out flavor notes in some of my favorite juices that I hadn’t noticed before. As far as the jumping resistance goes, I can live with it if it means a vape this good!


Thanks for another great review. Is there an RBA set available for the C2 and if so have you had the chance to test it as well? After going through a few RBA coils on the C1 I got a couple that stayed together well but that was after going through a few where the top and bottoms did not hold together well. I also felt the juice wells could have been much larger or even just designed differently to allow for faster wicking. Thanks in advance


Rick: No, I am not aware of any RBA deck available yet for the Crown 2. A Google search for ‘Crown 2 tank RBA deck’ comes up empty — search results are all decks for the original crown.

I understand that some people insist on RBA decks and won’t buy a sub-ohm clearo tank without one. A standard pro or con in video reviews for sub-ohm clearomizer tanks is the presence or absence of an RBA deck. In general, however, I’m not a fan of RBA decks on sub-ohm clearo tanks. Too many of them are tiny, cheap, and cheesy — sorry-ass efforts to “hybridize” a clearo tank into an RTA.

I”ve had much better luck rebuilding dual-vertical-coil factory heads, anyway.


Bill – I could not agree with you more, they seem in most cases an afterthought by the company in response to the few that want them. There are few RBA decks for sub ohm tanks that are well made IMHO but the one’s that work well are much easier to use then rebuilding the factory coil, which I understand that you enjoy rebuilding but I personally find myself having flashbacks of rebuilding the old evod and/or protank coils, I have trouble with the extremely limited space to build on. But RBA’s like the Kanger subtank v2 RBA deck and the Smok TFV4 R-2 & R-1 RBA decks are well thought out, easy to build on for newbies and experts alike and offer excellent juice flow with much better of a flavor profile than their pre-built counterparts. I like having the option of an RBA and hope Crown releases an improved RBA for the v2 but I am sure that none of us want them to change the screwdriver that comes with their original RBA, seriously that’s the best screwdriver I have for my vape gear!



Good thoughts.

Yeah, the old Kanger EVOD/Protank coils were a PITA because they were so tiny. Aspire Atlantis or Uwell Crown heads are much easier. I understand, of course, that many vapers wouldn’t want to try rebuilding them. I don’t know why I enjoy it so much, but I do.

I just submitted my review of SMOK’s monster TFV8 tank, which comes with the best sub-ohm clearo RBA deck I’ve ever used — similar to the Herakles RTA. Brilliant.

I’d be willing to bet that Crown or a third-party releases an RBA deck for the Crown 2. If so, I hope it’s a good one.


So I haven’t seen any reviews for Crown II’s RBA either. As I just got mine the other day. I thought I’d throw my review here for now. It’s chucking some decent flavor and smoke. It comes with a pre-built klapton and Japanese cotton. Interestingly, for only 1 coil it’s sitting at .28 ohms, although I’m new to vaping- I would have expected the resistance to be closer to ~.50 given my other various builds (but whatever). When I first got it I vaped on it around my usual ~40Watts, and after a long drag…I burnt the cotton auughh. After some trials of tasting gym socks…It’s only safe to vape up to 30watts on my Fuchai200. Been vaping it a day at this setting, and it’s not bad. I’m not used to these low settings, and flavors are a little different- sweets are more..sweet:P It’s not a bad vape- recommended if you’re into the lower watt vaping. Will be using this setup when I’m out and about and to not be bothered with conserving juice and having to carry around my ejuice bottle/extra batteries 😛


Oh how quickly we forget how we raved about the Crown’s knurled adjustment rings, now calling them clunky. They worked, and worked well. Now, we’ve taken a giant leap backward to the death pinch.


I’ve always disliked to the look of the original Crown’s rings, but understand and appreciate their functionality. I’ve started using a Crown v2 today and find it quite easy to adjust.



You may be right that some (many?) people raved about the original Crown’s knurling on the top cop and air intake control ring. I recognized their utilitarian purpose but always felt that they looked clunky. Another case of beauty being in the eye of the beholder, I guess.


rAre the replacement atomizer any better I really loved the crown for a while and then all of a sudden all the atomizers were bad even from different sources. Spending a tank to tank and a half to break in and remove chemical taste and properly prime for 20- min with baby puffs.

So you say there is a better design in the coils does this mean we don’t have to waste 20 min and a tank of juice before it starts smoking the way it should.

I think these days most people are a bit more interested in Taste first then Vape Clouds with the real life majority users. We want honest and information on Atomizer quality, So when reveiwing a tanbk I think a good paragraph at the very least should go into the Atomizer. Does it give good flavor, Is there a chemical taste, Do we have to waste a Tank of juice just to break it in, does it burn out quickly.

Ok lets face it a tank can be good it can be great in design but without good atomizers that go in it it makes no difference how good the tank is.

So did they get a new company to make their Atomizers did they improve on it?


i agree wholeheartedly that a sub-ohm clearomizer tank is only as good as its coil heads. Chinese clone coils (the kind sold on Fasttech), for instance, are notoriously inconsistent in quality. I wasn’t aware of Uwell having a quality control problem with its authentic heads, but I don’t doubt that you experienced what you wrote.

Other than priming Crown coils with eliquid, starting at low wattage (30W), then gradually turning up the power as the wicking fully saturated over the initial 5-10 minutes of vaping a new Crown coil head, I never had the problems you report. If I’d experienced what you did, I’d have probably pitched the tank in disgust and wouldn’t even consider a new version.

I don’t know whether Uwell subcontracts the manufacturing of their coil heads. All I can tell you is what I wrote in my review — Uwell claims that their new “bullet” coils for the Crown 2 are superior to the original Crown coil heads. After vaping the Crown 2, I didn’t discern much, if any, difference, but the vape quality was excellent for flavor and vapor production.

I’ve been rebuilding factory coil heads since the days of EVODs. That’s not something everyone can or will do, but I enjoy it. For sub-ohm clearo heads, I usually do dual vertical coil rebuilds with 26-28 gauge stainless steel wire. (Some heads are easier to rebuild than others — Aspire and Uwell heads are among the easiest. The old-style two-piece Kanger heads are a little more trouble, but workable. A few, including the newer one-piece Kangers, are impossible, for me at least.)

Whatever you choose to do, I hope you have better luck than you did earlier.


Could you make some kind of table with the key changes between UC 1 and 2?


Dr. Ama,

Three key changes distinguish the Crown 2 from the original Crown:

1. better coils (called “bullet coils” because of their shape); the new coils are designed for smoother air flow.
2. easier top fill; a wider eliquid slot for filling and a locking system to insure that the tank doesn’t disassemble when the top cap is removed.
3. aesthetics; the Crown 2 resembles the Rafale more closely than it does the original Crown, with smoother, sleeker lines.

I’d refer you to Ray Padilla’s preview article about the Crown 2 and video interview with Uwell’s Director of Marketing. Read the section “The Heart of the Crown 2” for more information about the three main differences.



Is the crown 2 coils temp control (the 2 (.5/.2) that come with the tank?

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