What is a hookah pen?

What is an hookah pen?-Infographic

Hookah – also known as shisha – has become a trend in the United States only in the last decade or so, yet its origins date back to the 18th century. Hookahs use a water filtration system which helps to reduce toxins from the tobacco smoke, that’s burned with charcoal and inhaled through a hose.

Technically speaking, hookah/shisha was one of the earliest forms of tobacco harm reduction. Since hookah produces considerably bigger clouds, hookah smokers are the first cloud chasers.

Vaping is the most advanced form of harm reduction available, so it’s only logical for fans of hookah to naturally gravitate towards the vape life. E-hookahs come in many shapes, sizes Although some hookah pens contain nicotine, many of them are available nicotine-free.

Shisha pens provide a similar experience to that of a regular hookah, minus the tobacco, tar and charcoal. They also provide more options in terms of flavors, since they utilize e-liquid made for e-cigarettes and other vaping devices. Shisha pens are the natural evolution of the hookah…

Refillable hookah pens

  • Sub ohm capable
  • Ultra portable
  • Refillable
  • Micro USB passthrough charging
  • Cons
  • 2mL capacity
  • The Halo Triton II is one of the smallest sub ohm vape pens, so it is perfect for simulating the type of clouds you would get from an e-hookah device. The Triton II kit comes standard with two 750mAh batteries and three 0.75-ohm coils, which is a recipe for tasty clouds all day long.

    The Halo Triton kit is a perfect entry-level device for somebody who wants to try hookah pens, or just vaping in general. The Triton II tank holds 2mL of any juice of your choice, so the flavor possibilities are endless. The Halo Triton II is powerful enough for the most advanced vaper.



  • Built-in water filter
  • Safety features
  • Micro USB passthrough charging
  • Lightweight
  • Refillable
  • Cons
  • Lesser known brand
  • The Beyang H Legend 3 Electronic Hookah is an all-in-one, sub ohm vape pen with a built-in water filtration system, the first of its kind. It’s lightweight and portable, but powerful enough to put out a satisfying cloud of vapor that compares to that of a traditional shisha pipe experience.

    The Beyang H Legend 3 runs on a single 18650 battery and has USB-passthrough charging. It comes standard with 0.5-ohm coils, so it is technically a sub ohm vape pen. The H Legend 3 comes complete with built-in safety features such as reverse battery and short-circuit protection.


    $37.33 (Gearbest)

    Save 5%
  • Sub ohm capable
  • Refillable hookah pen
  • Organic cotton wicks
  • Micro USB passthrough charging
  • Cons
  • Only available in black and silver
  • Non-adjustable airflow
  • The Halo Tracer V2 Starter Kit isn’t marketed as a shisha pen, but it provides the perfect puff of flavor with its 0.5-ohm sub ohm coils. The Tracer tank holds 4ml of the e-liquid of your choice and comes with a powerful 2300mAh battery complete with micro-USB charging capabilities.

    The Halo Tracer brings some of the best features found in the most advanced e-cigarettes to the portable hookah scene. Made of high quality materials such as 304 stainless steel, organic cotton wicks and comes with a free 30mL bottle of Halo’s wide variety of delicious flavors.


    $50 (Includes free bottle of Halo e-liquid)

  • Perfect for beginners
  • Easy & quick charge
  • Magnetic USB
  • Nice vapor
  • Cons
  • Only 5 flavors available
  • No zero-nic options
  • Battery life (200 mAh)
  • The JUUL is without a doubt the most advanced vape starter kit on the market. It manages to pack the technology and capabilities of a larger hookah pen, in a device half the size. The JUUL uses a pod style system which is extremely simple and convenient to use as any e-cigarette or shisha pen.

    There is no messing around with e-liquids, coils or wattage settings. Just plug your pod into your JUUL and you are ready to vape. JUUL has 5 different flavored pods to choose from. The JUUL pods deliver a powerful, satisfying hit of nicotine but unfortunately are not available in zero nic.

    If you’re looking for your first vape or e-hookah stick and want a starter kit that is super simple to operate and provides a fantastic vape experience in a tiny package, then the JUUL is for you.



  • Good battery life
  • Includes multiple flavors
  • Includes two batteries
  • Rechargeable
  • Slim and discrete
  • Decent vapor production
  • Cons
  • Not cheap
  • If you want a hookah pen that is different, this is the one. Instead of being disposable, it is made for long-term use. The kit includes two batteries, a charger and nine different flavors to choose from. Each cartridge is good for approximately 500 puffs and can be re-ordered and replaced.

    Each rechargeable hookah pen has great battery life. You get two, so you never have to take a break from enjoying your flavors. It is easy to use and automatically fires when you take a puff. Everyday Hookah makes extraordinary products for people who won’t settle for any less.

    Disposable e-hookahs

  • Stylish
  • Good flavor
  • Nicotine-free
  • Cons
  • Non-refillable or reusable
  • Limited flavor selection
  • The NEwhere E-Hookah vapes are simple, stylish and easy to use. These disposable shisha pens are nicotine-free. They come in a variety of flavors including watermelon margarita, island squeeze and orange cream. Each pen comes fully charged and is good for a few hundred puffs.

    The NEwhere “Zero Nicotine” E-hookah stands out primarily for their flavor, which many people have noticed is superior to the other electronic hookahs on the market right now. They’re ready to use with no assembly required so they are the perfect way to try hookah pens for the first time.



  • Nicotine-free option
  • Classic Starbuzz shisha flavors
  • Familiar brand
  • LED indicator
  • Inexpensive
  • Cons
  • Not every flavor available with nicotine
  • Non-refillable or reusable
  • Starbuzz is already well-known in the hookah industry for making shisha-related products, but now they have created an e-shisha pen based on some their classic flavors. The ones that are available in 12 mg include apple doppio, green savior, irish peach, simply mint, white mint.

    Additional flavors in zero nicotine include: golden grape, code 69 and pirate’s cave and more…

    Starbuzz e-hookah sticks are available in 12 mg or 0 mg nicotine strengths. When you puff on it, the smart chip activates the lithium ion battery and the LED indicator lights up. Each pen comes with a 240.5 mAh battery and are good for 250-500 puffs depending on frequency and intensity.



  • Wide variety of flavors
  • Flashy design
  • LED indication
  • Cons
  • Non-refillable or reusable
  • White Rhino makes a variety of vape-related products so it’s no surprise that they have their own disposable shisha pen. Almost identical to the Starbuzz e-hookah vapes, the White Rhino Blacklight stands out with fun flavors in 6 mg, and standard tobacco/menthol flavors in 24 mg.

    The White Rhino is a flashy, portable hookah stick that is portable enough to take anywhere. 6 mg flavors include bentley grape, blueberry frost, chocolate chill, coco loco, mazerati mango, menthol, presidential peach, strawberry dream r8 watermelon. Tobacco and menthol are 24 mg.



  • Inexpensive
  • Decent flavor
  • Nicotine-free
  • 9 different flavors
  • Cons
  • Generic hookah pen
  • The 800 Puff E-Hookah vapes are simple, stylish and easy to use. These disposable shisha pens are nicotine-free. They come in nine different flavors. Each pen comes fully charged and is good for a few hundred puffs. For the price, it is one of the cheapest ways to enjoy e-hookah.

    The 800 Puff Zero Nicotine E-hookah has a nice diamond LED tip. The flavor is pretty standard but the price is right. They come ready to use with no assembly required so they are the perfect way to try hookah pens for the first time without having to invest a lot of money into a vaporizer.

    Some other great disposable shisha pens include Fantasia, Shisha Time, Viking, Twilight iHookah electronic shisha pens.


  • Variety of flavors
  • Includes 2 flavor cartridges
  • Familiar brand
  • Cons
  • Non-refillable
  • Starbuzz took e-hookah vaping to the next level by creating a device that emulates the hose of a traditional hookah. Now shisha fans can take their hookah with them everywhere they go. All you need to do is charge it up, pop in a cartridge and inhale. Hookah has never been easier.

    The Starbuzz Wireless Shisha E-hookah hose takes the coal, tobacco and mess out of the equation, but left in their classic shisha flavors. The cartridges are available in 0 mg and 1.5 mg nicotine strengths. Starbuzz now has a miniature version of their Wireless E-hookah hose too.

    Starbuzz Wireless Shisha E-hookah hose comes in black, blue, pink purple and red.



  • Wide variety of flavor cartridges (0 mg and 1.5 mg nicotine)
  • Compact design
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Cons
  • Non-refillable
  • The Square E-Hose 2.0 brings something new to the portable e-hookah hose with the addition of adjustable airflow. This is the latest evolution of the classic Square E-Hose, one of the first of its kind. The Square E-Hose 2.0 is the perfect choice for fans of traditional shisha and hookah.

    The Square E-Hose 2.0 takes the same flavor cartridges as the original, which are available in 18 different varieties including apple roma, peach sunrise and mint spear. If you are looking for an E-hose, look no further. The E-Hose 2.0 is the clear choice for both value and performance.

    The Square E-hose 2.0 is available in gold, silver, red, pink. There is also a mini version of the original E-Hose that is half the height, but doesn’t come with adjustable airflow options.



    Electronic hookah bowls

  • Connects to existing hookah
  • Touch screen
  • Refillable
  • Zinc alloy construction
  • Micro-USB pass-through charging
  • Cons
  • Requires existing hookah
  • Not portable
  • Starbuzz is a well-established name in the Hookah industry, and one of the first to put out a portable e-hose. The Wireless E-head is the most advanced e-hookah system to date. With an LCD screen and up to 40W of power, this device will replace your existing hookah/shisha bowl.

    The LCD panel has touch-screen functionality and displays battery life and wattage levels. Other features include a puff-counter and multiple exhaust ports that provide a smooth vaping experience. The Wireless E-head hooks up to your existing hookah and holds 8 mL of e-liquid.



  • Accepts dual 18650's
  • Organic cotton wicks
  • 0.25-ohm stainless steel coils
  • Holds 10mL of juice
  • Micro-usb charging
  • Cons
  • Requires existing hookah
  • Aspire is a well known player in the vape game for many years now. This is their first e-hookah, but it utilizes a similar superior vapor technology found in all of their popular products. The Proteus hooks up to your traditional hookah like any e-head, and it holds 10mL of e-liquid.

    The Aspire Proteus e-hookah utilizes two 18650 batteries and takes 0.25-ohm coils that use stainless steel wire and organic cotton wicking. This is the e-head for the vaping connoisseur. It has the form factor of a hookah, uses your favorite e-liquid and provides tasty clouds of vapor.


    $35.95 (MyFreedomSmokes)

    Hookah pen and e-shisha e-liquid

  • Tasty new flavors
  • High quality manufacturing standards
  • Great cloud production
  • 1.5 mg Nicotine option available
  • Collaborations with Cosmic Fog
  • Custom flavor blending for high VG
  • Cons
  • Only suitable for sub ohm devices
  • The new Vaporfi high VG e-juice lines are well worth trying. Vaporfi has also introduced a 1.5 mg nicotine level, which is ideal for refillable hookah pens. Vaporfi has also teamed with Cosmic Fog to create some interesting new ejuice flavors. Caramel Swirl, Dutch Apple Pie, Slushie and Catch Ya Latte are all outstanding new high VG flavors.

    If you want to create your own mix of flavors with high VG base, you can also do so and mix up to 3 different flavors. If you are looking for some new high VG e-liquid check out the Vaporfi site.


    $32.99 per 60mL

  • Incredible variety
  • Delicious new dessert flavors
  • 7 choices of nicotine strength
  • Test results provided
  • Cons
  • Not cheap
  • There really hasn’t been much time in the history of vaping when Halo was not considered a huge brand. Though they have updated their look, and added new vape juice flavors (and even retired some), Halo is still here. They remain as a top notch, professional e-juice company with great customer service and a host of quality e-juice flavors ranging from uncompromising tobacco flavors to heavenly desserts which will work perfectly in your e-hookah devices.

    There are currently a lot of flavors to choose from at Halo, but it’s all categorized in a way that you can’t miss where you wish to be. The nicotine amounts are 0, 1.5, 3, 6, 12, 18 and 24 mg/mL. Halo offers a variety of sample packs as well, enabling you to save some money and try a bunch at once.


    $19.99 per 30 mL

    Types of E-Hookahs

    Electronic hookah (disposable)

    One type of hookah vape looks just like a disposable e-cigarette, except that it might have a fancy, colorful design. Other than that, they work exactly the same way, provide a decent little puff of vapor. Most disposable shisha pens come with a built-in battery good for about 500 puffs.

    Hookah vapes aka shisha pens are similar to what we would categorize as cigalikes, like the Blu and Logic. These are vapor products that look and feel like cigarettes, except they produce no smoke, only vapor. Unlike typical e-cigs, shisha pens also offer a variety of fun flavor options.

    Electronic hookah (refillable)

    If you are familiar with vape pens, than you already know what a refillable hookah pen is. They are virtually identical, the major difference is how they are marketed. Former cigarette smokers might call the same thing a vape pen, while hookah fans may end up calling them e-hookahs.

    You will notice a lot of shisha pens are simply just re-branded vapor products that appeal to hookah smokers. Like the disposables, electronic hookah pens may or may not contain nicotine, depending on the type of e-juice you decide to put in it. These devices are also rechargeable.

    Electronic hookah (e-hoses, electronic hookah bowls / e-bowls)

    Some E-hookahs are a little bit more advanced than your average vape pen. These devices are all-in-one units that include everything you need to get puffing. Some of these e-hookahs connect to your regular hookah, while others are shaped like a hose, and work independently.

    All-in-one e-hookahs include a built-in battery, and some type of atomizer that will vaporize your e-liquid. They utilize a similar technology to e-cigarettes but are distinguished by their form factor. E-hookahs are an excellent way of introducing vaping to a larger audience of people.

    E-hookahs that connect to a regular hookah pipe are especially great for helping smokers make that transition. They still get to use their favorite flavors, and even the same waterpipe, only without the mess of charcoal, and the threat of inhaling harmful toxins such as tar.

    The best part about e-hookah, is not having to worry about your charcoal burning out anymore!

    History of e-Hookah

    The term e-hookah came into widespread use in 2012, and has become more popular year on year. Just as e-cigarettes were originally geared at smokers trying to quit, e-hookah is regarded as a healthier and more convenient replacement for shisha. A flavorful satisfying inhale can be obtained, without the need for coals, tobacco or bulky equipment.

    This focus on e-shisha and e-hookah has spread into other aspects of vaping, with various e-juice companies selling shisha-branded juice, inspired by the sweet fruity flavors found in traditional shisha. Inawera, one of the most highly-regarded flavor concentrate makers, even have their own shisha-specific range of flavorings, designed specially for DIY juice-makers and shisha lovers.

    Advanced e-Hookah

    E-Hookah heads

    For shisha fans looking for the next step up from basic electronic hookah vape, there are a number of options. Electronic hookah heads, such as the Square E-Head, Starbuzz E-head and Aspire Proteus, fit on top of your shisha pipe, replacing the original hookah bowl and allowing you to vape e-liquid through your standard hookah kit.

    These are ideal for recreating the communal feel of a traditional shisha session. However, they are relatively expensive compared to other vaping equipment, and because the vapor is inhaled through a long hose and passes through water, it has a tendency to lose flavor.

    Shisha stones

    These are porous stones that you saturate with e-liquid, then use in your conventional shisha set-up. Reviews are mixed about these, though they are certainly a healthier option than using regular shisha tobacco.

    Pros of e-hookah

    E-hookah pens are easy to use and an excellent introduction to vaping.

    E-shisha products usually have zero nicotine so the vape is smooth and pleasant.

    The shisha name highlights the range of flavors, and these products often have a strong, unique taste.

    Cons of e-hookah

    The terms e-hookah and e-shisha are often just another marketing term for e-cigarette.

    A better recreation of the thick, flavorful inhale from a shisha pipe can be obtained from a good quality sub ohm vape kit than low-powered e-shisha pens.

    The more advanced electronic hookah heads are expensive, and the vape tends to lose flavor through the use of water and the long hose.


    In the majority of cases, e-hookah or electronic hookah are simply other terms for e-cigarettes, or vaping equipment. Products billed as this are geared more towards shisha fans than smokers,and many electronic hookah vapes have the strong, sweet fruit flavors commonly found in shisha, highlighting the variety of flavors that vaping can offer.

    Multiple flavors are uncommon in cigarettes and pipe tobacco, so the vast range of flavoring found in vaping more closely parallels shisha than traditional tobacco. While they have their limitations, e-hookah pens are an good way to dip your toe into the world of vaping, and as they often contain zero nicotine they are relatively safe – and undeniably healthier than the traditional hookah set-up.

    And for those looking for a more authentic shisha experience, there are numerous vaping electronic hookah products that work directly with your existing hookah equipment to give a flavorsome inhale,but without the carcinogens.

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