iJoy Maxo Quad 18650 Box Mod Preview

The iJoy Maxo is a quadruple-18650 battery variable-wattage temperature-control box mod. Following the 2015 trend of triple-18650 mods, this one has four.

iJoy Maxo trio straight
iJoy Maxo trio straight

This one has four

The iJoy Maxo aims to supplant the Wismec Reuleaux as the most popular high-powered, but inexpensive, mod by using the clever strategy of adding a battery. While triple-18650 mods became popular at the end of 2015 and throughout 2016, the iJoy Maxo hopes to usher in the era of affordable quadruple-18650 mods. That’s right, the device is a quad-battery temperature-control variable-wattage box-mod. Although it’s a beast in terms of power and features, the form factor is reasonable for a box mod that sports four batteries. Here’s a closer look.

[The subtitle of this article was inspired by This is Spinal Tap.]

iJoy Maxo specs and features

iJoy Maxo red and yellow
iJoy Maxo red and yellow

Here are the official features and specs for the iJoy Maxo.

  • Quad 18650 box mod, two 18650 also work
  • Dimensions: 41 x 64 x 89 millimeters
  • Weight: 350 grams
  • Power: 5-315 watts
  • Resistance range: 0.06-3.0 ohms
  • Appearance can be customized
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Chip designed by Iwepal

Maxo-mum effort!

iJoy Maxo black and leather
iJoy Maxo black and leather

In many ways, the iJoy Maxo reminds me of another product in the company’s lineup — the iJoy Limitless LUX. Similar to that dual-26650 box-mod, this quadruple-18650 box-mod is smaller and more ergonomic than I expected it to be. Both devices are powered by Iwepal chips. While I haven’t used all of the chip’s features, I’ve been impressed by what I have used. It provides smooth performance with a broad array of features. While it’s not going to make Evolv or YiHi sweat, the Iwepal chip delivers nicely for the price.

The iJoy Maxo uses sticker panels for customization. The primary color can be complemented by secondary colors, some of which have different textures. The iJoy website shows stickers in leather, carbon fiber, and plastic finishes.

While 315 watts is overkill for many vapers, myself included, I’m looking forward to trying out the iJoy Maxo. I like its ergonomics. I’m certain that I’ll enjoy the heft a quadruple-18650 mod provides. And in my limited experience with the Iwepal chip, I’m satisfied by what it offers.

How about you guys and gals? Any of you looking forward to checking out the iJoy Maxo? Do you think a quadruple-18650 mod is something the market wants? Will vaping become like the razor market with different companies releasing a “plus one” model every year? If you’d like to see more of the iJoy Maxo, check out the image gallery below. When you’re done with that, kindly share your thoughts in the comments section.

[The title of this section was inspired by Deadpool.]

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I have been using the ijoy maxo quad. Love the unit but after 3 days my display screen sort of went by by. It was if the pixels exploded. Is there a screen that can be replaced on the unit and the cost. I upgraded the firmware but this has not stopped the problem. I live in Canada. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2e7600ec13cc78afe8f37d9f527935c3ce3224bbb71684d5985b4bee7eadbe45.jpg


Could this mod support a 26650 RDA? I’m wanting more build space, and I’m gonna need it with such a power upgrade lol


Me? I’m stoked about the Maxo Quad. I found this conversation while looking for a shoot-out between the Maxo Quad and the Smok Power Engine (to no avail). I’m leaning towards the Maxo Quad primarily due to the fact that the reputation surrounding Smok’s mod’s, though improving, is questionable. I still have never met anyone who would actually USE 300 – 400 watts… but, as mentioned, the increased mah’s are appealing as all hell! I can burn through a Reuleaux in less than a waking day. I’d like to think I could make it from sun up to sun down with one of these. Also… I’m 6’4″ & 325lbs. I like things big. In fact… If any of you guys know of a tank that performs like the TFV8, but can hold 10< mls of juice… I'd like to hear about it. Frankly, I'm mystified as to why the market is flooded with 2 – 5 ml tanks. I personally would love to see tanks that would hold 15 – 30 ml. the TFV8 has a 6 ml tank on it, & I can't even make it through a movie without needing to refill!


When my girlfriend asked me what i wanted for xmas this year i told her i wanted this mod so now shes going to buy it for me lol im getting her some manicure pedicure sessions she requested so we both get what we wanted or asked for cant wait to try it my go to mods right now are the rx200 or the lmc box mod both work excellent i just enjoy collecting mods its my new favorite hobby lol


Hang onto her! She seems like a keeper.


yeah apparently smoke is releasing the power engine which is also a quad battery mod but this time with 400watts….


While 4 18650 sport a lof od mAh I see nothing else appealing on the mod. On the contrary design is in my eyes awfull. Reminds me on late 80s japanese sport cars. All edgy. No style. But it will find it’s customers, truckers that can use a lot of battery power and those who collect mods or those who just want to light up 8uple caterpillar coils on the newest Mutation X v6 XXL.


The design isn’t that different from current triple-18650 mods. The ones from Wismec, Sigelei, etc. all have a similar shape. The only one that’s distinct (that I’ve seen anyway) is Council of Vapor’s.


Yes indeed they all share this prismatic shape but if I may say the Wismec design I find appeling. Or the Lost Vape Triade.


While 4 18650 sport a lof od mAh I see nothing else appealing on the mod. On the contrary design is in my eyes awfull. Reminds me on late 80s japanese sport cars. All edgy. No style. But it will find it’s customers, truckers that can use a lot of battery power and those who collect mods or those just want to light up 8uple caterpillar coils on newest mutation X v6 XXL.