iJoy RDTA Box 200W Preview

The iJoy RDTA Box 200W is a complete kit that offers tremendous e-liquid capacity and great deck versatility. Here'a a closer look at iJoy's new all-in-one.

iJoy RDTA Box 200W

The joy of squonking

The iJoy RDTA Box 200W is a complete vaping kit that blends the high capacity of a squonk mod with a more traditional vape setup. If you’re not familiar with squonking then check out Vaping360’s squonking guide for a primer. This latest iJoy product includes a dual-18650 battery box mod coupled with an atypical e-liquid setup. While squonk boxes are the rage these days, there are many vapers that are resistant to that style of vaping. The iJoy RDTA Box 200W is perfect for these kinds of vapers. It has a whopping e-liquid capacity and a plethora of decks to choose from. Here’s a closer look at iJoy’s latest kit.

This article has been updated to clarify that the product isn’t a squonk box.

iJoy RDTA Box 200W specs and features

Here’s the official features and specs list of the iJoy RDTA Box 200W.

  • Dimensions: 105 x 55 x 28 millimeters
  • IMC Interchangeable building deck
  • More than 10 decks to choose from
  • Tank capacity:12.8 milliliters
  • 15-millimeter wide filling hole
  • Delrin and stainless steel chuff cap
  • 0.96-inch OLED Screen
  • NI/TI/SS temperature control
  • Unique custom user mode
  • Output wattage: 5-200 watts
  • Output voltage: 1-8 volts
  • Output current: 1-45 amps
  • Resistance range: 0.05-3.0 ohm
  • Energy conversion rate: 95%
  • Battery type: dual 18650 (not included)
  • Firmware upgradeable
  • Colors: Tiffany blue, red, yellow, teal, silver

Maximum squonking!

iJoy RDTA Box 200W atomizer

The layout of the iJoy RDTA Box 200W is quite interesting. Many squonk boxes use a bottle for e-liquid storage that runs parallel to the batteries. To get the same type of capacity without squonking, iJoy has chosen to go with an e-liquid compartment that rests above the batteries. While this makes the mod larger than average (the device is nearly as big as the dual-26650 iJoy LUX), it also allows for a considerable 12.8 milliliters of e-liquid. You’ll go a long, long time between refills with this kit.

Speaking of refilling, the top of the mod houses the refill hole. The hole is generously sized, so you don’t need a unicorn bottle or a dripper to refill. It’s large enough that you can comfortably pour e-liquid straight from the bottle. Unless you’re refilling during an earthquake or airplane turbulence (I may or may not have done one or both of those), you don’t have to worry about making a mess.

The iJoy RDTA Box 200W tremendous e-liquid capacity and great deck versatility.

Adding to the iJoy RDTA Box 200W’s versatility is the wide variety of decks that can be used with it. The company claims compatibility with 10 types of decks, as well as full compatibility with its iJoy Combo RDTA and iJoy Limitless RDTA (classic edition). Whether you prefer single coils, dual coils, or triple coils, the atomizer that comes with this kit should accommodate any build you desire.

Aesthetically, the iJoy RDTA Box 200W is louder and more aggressive than I care for, but I totally understand people that dig its looks. It’s certainly distinct for a vaping device, but to me it kind of looks like a Transformer toy. Out of all the finishes, I fancy the yellow model…but can’t help but think of Bumblebee from the Autobots (the classic cartoon version, not the Michael Bay abomination).

Closing thoughts

If you’re looking for a high-capacity vaping setup and don’t mind carrying around a large mod then the iJoy RDTA Box 200W is absolutely worth a look. It offers the great e-liquid capacity of a squonker without the squonking. The kit packs modern features, bold styling, tremendous e-liquid capacity, and great deck versatility. What do you think of the iJoy’s latest kit? Kindly vote in the poll below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

Raymond Padilla
Raymond Padilla is a level 26 Pokemon Go trainer, a longtime journalist, and an accomplished verbal entertainer. Kindly visit him at his personal website "RPadTV" (linked above) or his various social media accounts (linked below).

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Smoks answer to this is reputed to leak pretty badly intouch the better bay. What is this things like for that


What kind of batteries should I use with this? Yes, I know two 18650s, but what specs would be best? Or brand?


I love the design, and I
Ijoy makes some of the best rdas and rtas available right now. (The Limitless series) One big thing I need to find out before grabbing one is:
“How would you clean the tank?”
I ritually rinse out my tanks before I switch flavors, which is quite often, and I am curious how I would go about that with the tank being integrated into the box (something you wouldn’t rly want to get wet).



I have already preordered two of these because they are a massive capacity RDTA attached to a decent box mod. The RDTA part is identical to the iJoy Combo, and in fact, uses the same build decks.

This is not a squonk mod! A squonk, of bottom feeder, uses a separate bottle that pushes eliquid through a hollow 510 pin and into the deck of an RDA. This has a large tank that the wicks hang down into, in the same way as a genesis style RDTA.


I’ve updated the article to clarify that it’s not a squonk box. I hope you enjoy both of yours! I’m tempted by the yellow one.


Not a squonk but good review.


I’ve updated the article to clarify that it’s not a squonk box


Great review Mr Padilla!
One point on contention…
Strictly speaking this is NOT a squonk but a MASSIVE capacity rdta. A squonk relies on a rda that has a hollow positive pin to feed juice to the rda from a reservoir bottle. This system is very different and as the name states it is a “RDTA box” that has no ‘squonk’ function the button on top is a fill port not a squonk button.
While not revolutionary my opinion is that it is in fact a ground breaking mod. The reason for this? It combines two systems to fill the mAh/wattage void that has hindered the uptake of squonk systems up untill now as most run a single 18650 at a max of 70 watts.
Vape on and support your local vendors!


Your point is noted and I’ve adjusted the article accordingly. I agree with your point about “combination.” It’s like having the best parts of a squonk box without the squonking!