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How to Quit Vaping and Live Vape Free

Vaping360 Team
December 19, 2018


The vast majority of vapers started with one goal in mind: quit smoking. For many vapers, being able to improve your health by quitting smoking became just part of it. Vaping turned into a hobby! But many vapers out there have an ultimate goal to eventually quit vaping. And that’s okay.

Quitting vaping is considered easier than quitting smoking. E-liquid does not contain a wide array of the addictive substances that are found in cigarettes, and the absolute addictiveness of nicotine on its own is debatable. The arrival of nicotine salts has complicated things, but most signs point towards a small increase in addictiveness, if any – although the higher nicotine concentrations that are usually used with nicotine salts might be the culprit in most cases.

If you want to quit vaping, these are some ways to do it.

Wean off

Tapering down the nicotine content of your e-liquid is the advisable method to quit vaping, as it will minimize the mild withdrawal symptoms. In fact, some people do it naturally, as they find that they require lower nicotine out of their vape as time progresses.

If you vape on commercial juices, gradually lowering the nicotine concentration is usually dictated by nicotine strength availability. Most juices come in strengths of 0, 3, 6, 12 mg, and sometimes 18 mg or 24 mg. There are some factors to consider when gradually lowering the strength of your e-liquid.

  • Don’t change the way you inhale.

Going from a mouth to lung inhale to a direct lung inhale will have you consuming more nicotine per puff. If you want to eventually vape on zero nicotine, switching inhalation methods will skew your perceived nicotine intake.

  • Keep an eye on e-liquid consumption.

Self-titration is a very common phenomenon in vaping: people consume more e-liquid to cover for their cravings. Reducing the strength of your liquid in half will probably result in consuming more juice.

A way to make tapering down easier is to DIY e-liquid. This way you can create your own steps without having to cut nicotine strength in half every time; you can go from 6 mg to 5 mg instead of 3 mg, which will reduce cravings even more. If you don’t want to make your own e-liquid, an easier way to do it is to mix your nicotine containing e-liquid with some zero nicotine juice of the same flavor. You can gradually add more zero nicotine juice every time until you eventually switch to zero altogether.

Once you reach zero nicotine, quitting vaping will be a much easier process. But, as with quitting cold turkey, it is advisable to keep a vape and a bottle of e-liquid stored somewhere.

Gradually lower your e-liquid consumption

If you already vape on very low strength e-liquid, don’t have access to many nicotine strength options, or have just stocked a lot of e-juice, you can try gradually lowering your e-liquid consumption. But take note that this method will require careful monitoring, along with a lot of self-control.

If you use a vape mod, or any device that has a puff counter, you can check your numbers and create targets for the day. Otherwise, keeping track of vaping consumption is not as cut and dry as counting cigarettes.

Changing from a direct lung device to a mouth to lung one can be helpful when following this route. But while you will certainly manage to vape less e-liquid on a mouth to lung device, it is true that some people find it hard to change inhalation methods.

Quitting cold turkey

Cut and dried. You stop vaping at once. No weaning, tapering, or any kind of easing into it. You go from a vaper to a non-vaper by making the decision and sticking with it. This method can be dictated by factors such as the fear vaping on your health, unwanted side effects, uncertainty, doctor’s advice, or even legal reasons such as moving to a country where vaping is illegal.

If you’re going to attempt to go cold turkey, you will not be able to mitigate physical withdrawal symptoms. Luckily, the withdrawal symptoms are largely mild, and none of the withdrawal symptoms are a guarantee, let alone likely to be all experienced.

Withdrawal symptoms

When quitting vaping, and especially when going cold turkey, you will most times experience some nicotine withdrawal symptoms. You might feel the urge to vape or smoke (if you were previously a smoker). For that reason, it is advisable to not throw your vape away. Keep it in a drawer, next to a bottle of e-juice. This can be your defense to against returning to smoking, as finding cigarettes is much easier than obtaining vape gear and e-liquid on demand.

Other possible withdrawal symptoms include:

  • Fatigue
  • Drowsiness
  • Headache
  • Increased hunger
  • Irritability
  • Depression
  • Erratic heart and blood pressure
  • Digestive issues

Bear in mind that, as discussed, nicotine withdrawal symptoms are believed to be less intense when quitting vaping than when quitting smoking.

It is also widely accepted that a large part of withdrawal symptoms is dependent on the hand-to-mouth action. If you don’t want to store nicotine containing e-liquid, keep some zero-nicotine juice instead. In most cases, this will suffice to keep your urges in check. Having something to fidget on would not hurt either.

How about quitting the JUUL?

The JUUL was designed to cover your pack-a-day needs, and some people find it hard to quit, especially when doing it cold turkey. If you decide to quit the JUUL, there is an easier two-step method that will help you avoid any possible withdrawal symptoms.

Step one: use lower strength pods.
JUUL pods are available in roughly 5% and 3% strengths (59 and 35 mg/mL). If you don’t have access to 3% pods, or if you vape on a flavor that is not available in this strength, go directly to the next step. If your flavor of choice is available in 3% strength, then you can try switching to that as a first step of lowering nicotine strength. Try not to vape more, which should be easy to control if you are vaping one pod a day. The key here is to keep track of how many pods you use and deplete.

Step two: switch to an open pod system.
Open pod systems such as the Lost Vape Orion Go (or any other well-recommended pod vapes) let you vape the e-liquid of your choice. This will allow you to gradually lower nicotine strength and make quitting much easier. If you want a bit of an extra throat hit, go for freebase nicotine liquids since they hit stronger at less nicotine concentration than nicotine salt. It is advisable to start at relatively high levels (12 mg and above), to reduce any possible withdrawal symptoms.

From that point on, it’s up to you. You can slowly lower your nicotine levels in 3 mg increments, or even cut it in half. But don’t do it hastily. If you go too low on nicotine strength, chances are that you are going to have some cravings. If you feel like smoking, then don’t hesitate to raise your nic levels a little bit.

Final word

You might feel that quitting vaping will be an overwhelming process, but it doesn’t have to be. Most of this feeling stems from the misconception that vaping and smoking are similar habits. Put it in context: if you are a vaper, you are not a smoker, and according to Public Health England, you have already done yourself a huge favor.

If anything, vaping is much closer to NRTs like the gum or the patch than it is to smoking processed tobacco leaves. Quitting vaping is a completely separate thing to quitting smoking, and it should be viewed as such.

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Ive been vaping for 4 years and decided to go cold turkey 3 days ago. It’s unreal how much better I feel, I can breathe so much better and have so much more energy and feel lots more happier. I’m not slating vapes as they got me of fags so I’m all for them. But definitely after so long think about coming off it as let’s be honest it’s not supposed to be in our bodies. Good luck 🙂

Tyson Griffiths
Tyson Griffiths

How did you cold turkey? Did you have any serious withdrawals?


Hey jamie. I am in a similar position. Quit the fags thanks 2 vape but vaping got out of control getting worse and worse. Although vaping is better for you than smoking, the lungs are not meant to take that much abuse!


Hi Derek. I’ve been vaping for about 6 years, and was able to quit for 28 days, but started up again. Did you have any withdrawal symptoms? I’m thinking about going cold turkey like I did last time. I don’t remember any withdrawal symptoms last time.


On the brink of quitting my juul now. I’ve been using it for around 3 years now and I can feel so much of it is just in my head. Congratulations on quitting, gives me motivation

Ross Bergerson
Ross Bergerson

Your brain knows what you are doing- will sabotage it. Quitting smoking is extremely difficult for most people. Nicotine is relentless. Don’t start.


Like your advice you give on here. Very helpful.


Is it very unhealthy if you continue vaping on a coil that has had a dry hit or burn hit?

Jeremy Mann
Jeremy Mann

Good question!

The general rule of thumb with vaping is to let your taste buds decide. If it tastes off, it’s time to toss. If it was a real burned hit, and not just a dry hit, chances are you wouldn’t want to keep using it anyway because that nasty flavor will persist.


As soon as the flavour gets even slightly burnt, I put away the vaporiser immediately and just let it stand for an hour or two. Meanwhile I can use another one with a different flavour 🙂
When i go back to the first one after some time, the taste will be (almost) back to normal again. Any thoughts on this, Jeremy? Has the little piece of cotton had enough time to absorb some more liquid, so no more burnt taste?…

Jeremy Mann
Jeremy Mann

If you put it away before it actually burns, then it should be fine by the time you pick it back up later. It sounds to me that like you stop short of a full-on burnt hit. That is a good thing! Every device is somewhat different, but in general, a full-on burnt hit will taint the cotton in your coil and that flavor will likely never correct itself — and it may even taint the flavor of the juice in the tank. Keep doing what you’re doing and make sure if you ever feel the taste getting a bit… Read more »

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