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June 7, 2022
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How to Do Smoke Rings and Amazing Vape Tricks [Tutorial]

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Dave Kriegel

People have been blowing O's for centuries, long before vaping. Originally they were called smoke rings, and were performed with cigarettes, joints, cigars and pipes. Eventually many of these smokers made the switch, and realized they could take their trick game to a whole new level with vaping. Vapor tends to be thicker than smoke, which is ideal for performing tricks.

If you’re new to tricking, have no fear. It just takes practice. Here’s a list of the coolest and most mind-boggling vape tricks, starting with some easy ones for vaping beginners and progressing into the more advanced ones for intermediates. We will also show you the best vapes for performing these tricks. Keep in mind some of the videos will not play on this page until you open them in YouTube, due to their age restriction policy.

How to blow smoke rings and O's

Based on the age-old smoke rings trick but revamped for vaping, "smoke rings" form the basis of many of the more ambitious tricks described in the advanced section. They are one of the most popular vape tricks, but take a lot of time and practice to master.

How to do it: Take a pull on your vape and inhale it into your throat. Keep your tongue at the bottom of your mouth, towards the back of your throat and form a round ‘O’ shape with your lips. Then push a small amount of vapor out using your throat in a short pulsing motion, similar to a subtle cough. The size of the O you make with your lips correlates to the vapor ring you’ll produce. If you’re going for some fat donuts, be sure to tuck your lips in, instead of pushing them out—which is a common newbie mistake.

How to do double/triple vape rings

As the name suggests, this is blowing two, or even three or more O rings at the same time. Although it looks impressive, this technique is quite simple if you’ve mastered blowing O’s.

How to do it: Simply place a finger over your mouth, pressing and pulling down slightly on the top lip to split the opening of your mouth into two sections. Now you can get two O’s for the price of one! Triple O’s work on the same principle: use two fingers to split your exhale, but open your mouth wider for best results.

Easy vape tricks for beginners

How to get colored vape smoke

You might have seen that “colorful vapor” effect that is becoming popular in many videos. Although technically not a vape trick, colored vape will add some style points to any real trick you combine it with.

How to do it: This "trick” is usually done in post-production using digital editing effects. There is also a mod called the Sense Arrow that features LED lights to color your clouds. It’s yet another creative way to visually enhance your vape tricks.

How to do a ghost inhale

Also known as the snap inhale or mushroom cloud, this is one of the easier vaping tricks. The "ghost inhale" involves releasing a ball of vapor, then ‘snapping’ it back in—it looks much more impressive than it sounds.

How to do it: Take a long drag of vapor and let it linger in your mouth for a couple of seconds. Then push out all the vapor from your mouth in a ball and quickly inhale it back in.

How to a dragon

Another easy vape trick to master, the Dragon makes you look like a ferocious mythical beast. Or maybe just someone blowing clouds out of four holes in their face. Either way it looks impressive.

How to do it: Take a long drag without inhaling. Once your mouth is full of thick vapor, exhale forcefully through your nose while simultaneously exhaling through each side of your mouth. Make sure to keep the center portion of your mouth closed.

How to do a waterfall

If you’ve ever wanted to look like a sorcerer dabbling with magic potion, this is the one for you. It turns your vapor into a heavy, almost viscous substance. Also known as the liquid mist trick.

How to do it: You’ll need a bottle with some frozen water in the bottom. Slowly blow your vapor into it, then pour it out. The vapor falls out like a slow waterfall.


How to make bubbles

Another piece of prop-based wizardry, this produces a huge bubble with vapor trapped inside. If you enjoyed blowing bubbles as a kid, you are going to love this one—it's even better.

How to do it: Cut the bottom off a small plastic bottle and mix up a bowl of bubble solution using hand soap and water. Dip the end of the bottle into the liquid, then slowly exhale vapor through the nozzle to create a magical vape-filled bubble.

Cool vape tricks for advanced users

How to do a tornado

This involves whipping a flat pool of vapor so it spins up into a tornado shape. This trick will help you look like you graduated from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The tornado looks good with a wand.

How to do it: Carefully and slowly exhale vapor onto a flat surface. It needs to be as thick and still as possible. Then use your hand to chop at the surface and flick your wrist up while lifting your arm, all in one swift movement. This converts the vapor into a tight twisting spiral.

How to do a French inhale

Also known as the Irish Waterfall, this was made famous in the classic Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa video. Vapor flows up from the mouth to be inhaled through the nostrils, similar to a waterfall in reverse.

How to do it: Take a drag but don’t inhale, let the vapor settle. Then slowly open your mouth, push your bottom jaw out and let the vapor come out naturally. Inhale through your nose at the same time. Voila!

How to do a bane inhale

Inspired by the legendary Batman villain, this is a tweak on the French Inhale trick so that it simulates the mask worn by Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. It will require some trial and error, but it is much easier than doing a Bane voice impression.

How to do it: Follow the instructions for the French inhale, but connect your top row of teeth with your bottom lip to form gaps—this produces streams of vapor. Inhale fast through your nose for best results.

How to do bull rings

Use vapor to create a pain-free, non-permanent ring through your nose. This one requires some precision and will probably look even more impressive if you already have a permanent ring going through your nose.

How to do it: Blow a thick medium-sized O then lean in and use your nostrils to inhale the top part of the ring, creating the illusion of a bull ring through your nose. This is best practiced in front of a mirror.

How to do triangles

Bored with O rings? Once you’ve mastered them, you can start moving on to other shapes. Use hand movements to turn your O into a triangle. This trick requires precision and timing. If you’re quick, you can then perform the Jellyfish for bonus vaping points.

How to do it: Blow a thick milky O ring then use your hand to push it, and tap down on the side of it twice in quick succession to bend it into a triangle. Sounds simple but timing is everything.

How to vape bend

Demonstrate your mastery of the O ring with a vape bend. This is a way of manipulating the O to direct it wherever you wish. Chances are you have seen this one around, as it is one of the most popular vape tricks ever.

How to do it: Cup your hand next to your mouth and blow an O ring. Then follow the O with your hand, gently directing it where you want it to go. With practice you can start to spin the O and do more advanced versions such as the Infinite Bend and the Shark Bend.


How to do a jellyfish

Also known as the Atomic Bomb and the Force Field, there are countless variations on this crowd-pleasing trick. The basic idea is to push a small cloud through the center of a larger one so they combine to resemble a jellyfish or mushroom cloud. This is difficult to master and will require a lot of practice.

How to do it: Blow a large single O ring then immediately place your hand behind it and push it slightly to make the O to slow down. Then gently exhale vapor through the center, similar to first part of the Ghost Inhale. This second puff pulls the first O ring around it, and leaves a trail that makes it resemble a jellyfish.

Doing vape tricks with the JUUL

You may have seen videos of vapers doing some impressive tricks with a JUUL or mini vape. Though it is technically possible, we do not recommend these types of devices for tricks. The JUUL and similar vapes were not meant for recreational use. They were designed for smokers, so JUUL tricks are just a waste of nicotine. From a technical standpoint, they are actually the complete opposite of what you need for doing most vape tricks.

Tips for doing better O's and tricks

The reason why vapor works so well for tricks is because it’s typically thicker than smoke. In order to get those thick milky O's, here are some tips you should follow. The principles originate from cloud chasing, the art of chucking clouds. The dense vapor is what makes most of these mind-blowing tricks possible.

Lung capabilities: Most tricks require knowledge of how to do a direct lung inhale. The better you get at pulling vapor directly into your lungs, the closer you’ll be to doing tricks.

Coil configuration: The number of coils can make a difference. The more coils you have, the more surface area is available for e-juice to be vaporized. Lower resistance coils are also ideal for clouds.

Wattage/heat: When using these low-resistance coils, you’ll need a lot of power to heat them up. The more power you are pushing out, the stronger the vapor production.

Airflow: Another important factor for getting the type of clouds you need is airflow. Most sub ohm devices are equipped with wide airflow holes that are essential for big vapor production. They also cool down the vapor so you can inhale into your lungs for doing tricks.

High VG E-liquid: High-VG e-liquid contains at least 70% VG and is the best for tricks. They will give you those thick plumes of vapor that convert nicely into rings and jellyfish. We also recommend going with a nicotine-free e-juice or you will risk get nic’ed out when practicing these tricks for long periods of time.

Best vape for tricks and O's

Believe it or not, you don’t need a mech mod to perform vape tricks. If you’re a beginner, it’s not even recommended. Most of the tricksters you see using mechs are experts with tons of experience and knowledge. All you really need is a vape that is equipped for clouds to do some serious tricks. Mech mods were traditionally used for aesthetic purposes.

The Freemax GEMM kit comes with everything you need to start tricking. It's an easy to use vape pen kit that includes a long-lasting battery and two powerful disposable sub ohm tanks. It's the easiest option for people who want to start doing some vape tricks right now. Just grab your favorite high VG e-liquid and you're good to go!

This is just one of many options out there. If you’re looking for a vape with more power, we suggest investing into a high-wattage box mod and pairing it with a sub ohm tank or dripper. You should also stick to e-juice containing the highest VG content with the lowest nicotine content possible, if you’re tricking.

5 popular vape tricksters to follow

Here are 5 of the most popular tricksters to look out for on YouTube and social media. They are not only good at performing these tricks, but also offer tutorials and how to's for all of the hottest tricks. Some of them are featured above, but if you really want to dig in, you should check out the rest of their content.

  • V Austin L
  • VGOD Official
  • Virchelle Vapes
  • Abby Vapes
  • VapeChilla
  • Coolest vape trick compilation videos

    Here are some of the best vape trick compilations to watch for some inspiration while you’re practicing your tricks, or just chilling.
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