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What Are Delta 8 Carts & How to Fix One That Doesn't Hit

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Hayley Heidelbaugh

If you’ve recently hopped on the delta 8 trend, we don’t blame you. The rising popularity of delta 8 THC has led many cannabis enthusiasts to give this cannabinoid a try.

Despite the attention delta 8 has received, it isn’t surprising that many people have missed the memo on what this compound actually is. Is it just another passing fad in the hemp scene, or is delta 8 actually worth your time and money?

In this guide, we’ll cover everything you need to know before deciding to get started with delta 8: its properties, effects, cost, and more. Plus, we’ve included a quick how-to on resolving issues with your delta 8 cart (including clogs) before they turn severe. Note that most of the advice included in this guide applies to delta 8 disposable vapes as well, so if your disposable stops hitting, there may be ways to fix it.

What is a delta 8 cart?

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Delta 8 THC is one of over 100 cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant, several of which can be extracted and used to produce oil that can be vaped in weed carts or other types of vapes.

Like the more common delta 9 THC, delta 8 is a psychoactive compound that causes the user to become high. Many people enjoy the temporary alteration of space and time perceptions the THC compounds create.

Although delta 8 is produced naturally, it’s found in tiny quantities in the cannabis plant. That’s why manufacturers of delta 8 products process the cannabinoid from hemp-derived CBD, rather than directly from the plant. That also makes it a federally legal hemp-derived substance.

Delta 8 cart construction and usage

A delta 8 cart features 510 threading, which is by far the most common threading type found in vaping devices. So, as long as your weed pen is threaded at the top, you shouldn’t have a problem connecting it to your delta 8 cart.

Most modern prefilled THC carts have a glass housing and a ceramic wick and coil. The coil that heats the oil is still made of metal, but it’s enclosed in a ceramic housing.

Delta 8 vs. delta 9 THC

More often than not, when we refer to “THC,” what we’re actually referencing is delta 9. This is the cannabinoid most commonly associated with the high we get after consuming cannabis products. However, delta 9 isn’t the only THC compound found in hemp or cannabis.

What sets delta 8 apart from delta 9, and why do some cannabis users prefer it? Most simply, the psychotropic effects of delta 8 are far milder. The high that delta 8 produces isn’t as intense as highs from most forms of delta 9 THC. Delta 9 also comes from federally controlled marijuana and is only available legally in regulated cannabis dispensaries in states that have legalized marijuana.

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Canna River D8 Cartridge

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Canna River’s delta 8 carts don’t starve you of choice. With 18 strains to pick from, customizing your session is a piece of cake. These hemp oil carts keep it simple with just two ingredients: D8 distillate and USP-grade terpenes. Full-panel tested, additive-free, and compatible with any 510 thread battery.

Check the details

How much does a delta 8 cart cost?

Depending on the store or online retailer you’re purchasing from, the price of a delta 8 cart can vary.

The exact price varies based on brand and quality. At the minimum, most high-quality delta 8 carts usually cost at least $25 USD. Although some reputable brands list 1-gram carts for as little as $20, the majority sell between $25 and $35.

Some smaller delta 8 carts retail between $15 and $20, although it is extremely rare to find a high-quality 1-gram cart in this price range.


How much THC is in a delta 8 cart?

Remember, delta 8 is a form of THC. Depending on the cart you purchase, you’ll find a different amount of the compound.

A 1-gram cart of 90% pure delta 8 THC (and no delta 9 THC) would contain 900 mg of THC (90% x 1000 mg).

If the cart also contained 0.3% delta 9 THC (the maximum for a legal hemp product), the cart would have a THC total of  903 mg (90% x 1000 delta 8 THC + 0.3% x 1000 delta 9 THC). Note that 0.3% delta 9 THC isn’t enough to get anyone high by itself.

If it was a half-gram cart (500 mg), the total numbers would be cut in half.

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How long does a delta 8 cart last?

Your delta 8 cart’s lifespan can vary based on the size of the cart, how often you take a hit, the power setting, and how long your draws are. Proper storage and care are also important since poorly treated carts are more likely to go bad or lose potency.

First, make sure you’re keeping any delta 8 carts in a cool, dry location without sunlight, and that you aren’t overheating the device. With this treatment, a 1-gram cart can last for several months of casual use. With moderate to frequent use, a 1-gram cart can be depleted in around two weeks or fewer. At a party with 20 people sharing a cart, it might not make it through the night.

To prevent your delta 8 cart from running out of distillate quickly, try sticking to shorter draws and low power settings. Pace yourself to avoid using more oil than you need.

Also, keep in mind that most users think delta 8 is milder than delta 9 THC.  You might vape more delta 8 and still find it doesn’t produce the same kind of high.

Why is my delta 8 cart not hitting? Clogs and more...

Frustratingly, there’s more than one reason why a delta 8 cart may not be hitting. This includes clogs, reduced potency, incorrect device settings, and more. Here’s how you can identify and address some of the most common problems with delta 8 carts.

Why does my delta 8 cart clog?

Many delta 8 cart clogs are a result of improper storage. On the bright side, this means that clogs are often preventable.

Store delta 8 carts in cool, dry places, either in a container designed for cart storage, or a confined space like a drawer. Keeping your carts upright can reduce the chance of a leak or clog developing.

Even allowing carts to sit around for months, untouched, can boost the clogging risk. Avoid purchasing carts unless you plan to break them out in the near future.

An increased risk of clogging also comes with low-quality oils and distillates. Before purchasing any delta 8 cart, make sure to do your research about the brand and listen to what other consumers have to say. In the world of hemp and cannabis, it’s never a wise decision to go with the cheapest product you can find. This often points to poor quality.

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How can I unclog my delta 8 cart?

To tackle a clog that has already occurred, start by checking for some of the most common issues.

  • You may try tightening or loosening the cart, as this could be the source of an airflow blockage.
  • Incorrect device settings can also lead to clogs or blockages. The cart’s manufacturer may provide recommendations, whether these are included with the cart or found on their website.
  • Check the cart’s airway for condensation buildup. This can be cleaned up by taking a hard pull (without firing up), and gently removing the leftover residue with a pin or paperclip.
  • For more information on unclogging your cart, check out our dedicated article.


    Why does my delta 8 cart taste burnt?

    A burnt delta 8 cart can occur due to high voltage settings, draws of three seconds or more, or improper storage.

    This may also be due to chamber flooding, which is a severe (but not irreversible) clog. When the chamber of your cart has flooded, the coil isn’t able to heat correctly. Despite the burnt taste and smell, you’ll actually see a sharp decrease in vapor production, because the coil is essentially submerged in oil.

    How to get bubbles out of my delta 8 cart

    Most of the time, bubbles in your delta 8 cart aren’t an issue.  Of course, if you’re seeing this in conjunction with other issues, excessive bubbles could point to a low-quality cart—or to users who draw way too hard on their carts.

    Bubbles may pop on their own eventually, but delta 8 is thick, and bubbles may not pop naturally. To speed up the process, try shaking the cart repeatedly or warming your cart with a hair dryer on the lowest setting. Avoid this method if your cart is made of plastic, as this could lead to melting.

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    CBD Farmhouse Delta 8 Carts

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    CBD Farmhouse doesn’t take potency lightly. Puff on these carts and reap the rewards of oil testing at 90% delta 8 THC. Offered in several flavorful, aromatic profiles, including classic strains like Sour Diesel and Skywalker. All CBD Farmhouse products are third-party tested to ensure safety and purity.

    Delta 8 carts: a milder alternative to delta 9 THC

    Delta 8 didn’t skyrocket to popularity without reason. It’s a great substitute for delta 9 in states without legal marijuana, and a more relaxed high for anyone looking for one. As long as you’re purchasing delta 8 carts from a trusted seller, this cannabinoid is a great alternative for those who want to steer clear of delta 9 THC’s more intense effects.
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