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58 Vaping Quotes to Share With the World!

Vaping360 Team
May 18, 2017

You asked and we delivered! The vaping “quotes of the day” we’ve been running on Facebook and Instagram are now all in one place, ready to save and paste into your own posts as often as you like.

We have statements from vapers, advocates, scientists, politicians, and even some vaping enemies. What makes them great is that each one makes an important point about vaping that might gain us supporters, or at least make people think about this thing we know has improved or even saved our lives.

They’re good for us to see too! They remind us that we need to keep fighting, spreading the word, and staying on top of what’s happening in Congress and the courts. Every vaper has to be an advocate.

So pick a quote and share it today. They look great on all social media platforms. Let’s try to help vaping as much as it’s helped us.

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