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Aloha Sun Rodman 9K


The Rodman 9K by Aloha Sun is a disposable vape made in collaboration with Dennis Rodman. It is built on a 550 mAh battery and features a smart screen for battery and juice levels. The Rodman 9K has 14 flavors in 5% nicotine to choose from, including a sweet tobacco.

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$13.99(price is for reference only and could be out of date)
  • Puff count: 9100
  • E-liquid capacity: 16 mL
  • Nicotine strength: 50 mg
  • Display: Smart LED screen
  • Adjustable airflow
  • USB-C charge port
  • Rubber mouthpiece
Kit contents
  • 1 x Rodman 9K
  • 1 x Special edition Rodman Card/flavor profile

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