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Efest Luc V6


Efest Luc V6 can be used as a power bank, and it has a digital LCD screen displaying charge and voltage for its 6-bay battery status. Accepts 18650 and 26650, flattop 20700 but not 21700. Adjustable charge amps allow 2A charging for two bays or 0.68A for three or more. Best as an 18650 charger, but it can do more.

  • Modern design with HD LCD screen
  • Auto detects battery status and selects appropriate charging mode
  • Minute parameters displayed (current, voltage, and output)
  • Selective charging modes: 6 x 0.68 A / 2 x 2.0 A
  • 2 A fast charging on slots 3 and 4
  • Spring made from piano wire
  • Output: as power bank at 5 V 1.0 A
  • 4 kinds of charging protection
Kit contents
  • 1 x Efest Luc V6 charger

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