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Ample Mace Subohm Tank Preview: Aspire to be Better

Jeremy Mann
February 24, 2018

Ample Mace Subohm Tank intro

The Ample Mace Subohm tank is a solid-looking 24.5 mm top-fill tank with a disc-shaped coil, much like the Aspire ARC coil. The most important difference between this coil design and Revvo’s is the placement. Unlike the Revvo — which needed to be tipped like an old-school genny tank to saturate the coil, because the coil was above the juice — the Ample Mace Subohm Tank places the coil at the bottom of the tank for consistent juice feeding.

Price: $37.00

Colors: Stainless, black, Tiffany blue, rainbow

TPD version: Yes

Ample Mace Subohm Tank specs and features


Specs and features

  • Material: stainless steel + Pyrex glass
  • Length: 37.5 mm
  • Diameter: 24.4 mm
  • Capacity: 2 mL/3 mL/4.5 mL
  • Weight (including package): 132 g

Kit contents

  • Mace Tank
  • 1 ADC-F1 coil (pre-installed)
  • 1 AHC-F1 coil
  • 1 connection tube (for the tank extension)
  • 1 replacement glass tank (4.5 mL)

The Revvo killer?


The Ample Mace Subohm Tank comes with a 3.0 mL capacity tank, and an extension glass to expand it to 4.5 mL. There is also a TPD version that’s 2.0 mL. Each tank comes with two disc-shaped coils called AHC and ADC. The AHC coil stands for Ample Hive Coil (but it’s not clear what the ADC stands for; it looks just like the ARC coil). For each coil, there are two resistances called F1 and S1. The tank comes with two F1 series coils: a 0.24-0.30 ohm AHC and a 0.18-0.23 ohm ADC. Available for separate purchase is the S1 series which have a lower resistance: 0.18-0.23 ohm AHC and a 0.15-0.20 ADC.

The tank looks like it improves on what Aspire did with the Revvo tank. The refill is a typical top-fill with open slots, and the airflow comes from beneath the coil. And because the coil sits below the tank, there is no need to tip it to saturate. Also, the disc coil “heads” have a cotton-loaded deck under the disc for even greater liquid absorption for the coil.

The big question is if performance of the coil is any different than the flavor and vapor from the Revvo.

Ample is a relatively new company that made some headway late last year with the Mace RDA. Will this tank propel them further in the vape market? Just from looking at the tank, the Mace Subohm tank seems like it may be a winner for those that liked the ARC coil in the Revvo. The big question is if performance of the coil is any different than the flavor and vapor from the Revvo.

Disc coils are also now being used in a bottom-fed RDA from VandyVape called the Maze Subohm RDA. I’m still not totally sold on the coil performance — but I’m curious what everyone else thinks. Is this the type of coil you want to see more of? Let us know your thoughts in the poll or the comments section.

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