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Aspire Atlantis 2 Sub Ohm Tank Review

Chris Kendell
April 29, 2015

Aspire Atlantis 2 Intro

Aspire recently released the Version 2 of their game changing Atlantis sub ohm tank. The Aspire 2.0 is a marked improvement over the original Atlantis and Aspire have certainly listened to their customers feedback on the original. The coils now feature 100% organic cotton, a new 0.3ohm and 1ohm coil have been added to the 0.5ohm one, as well as increasing the tank to a 3ml capacity.

Check out our other sub ohm tank reviews for more information on the other tanks currently on the market.

Aspire Atlantis 2 Specs and Features


  • Price: $30
  • Wattage Range: 20-30W (0.5ohm coil) 40-50W (1ohm) 70-80W (0.3ohm)
  • Tank Capacity: 3ml
  • Coils Available: 0.3
  • 0.5 and 1ohm
  • Wicking material: 100% Organic Cotton
  • RBA: No RBA
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • Proprietary Stainless Steel Competition Bore Drip Tip
  • Stainless Steel and Pyrex Construction
  • Redesigned Dual Adjustable Airslots Coupled with Auxiliary Airflow Ring at Base of Drip Tip
  • 100% Organic Cotton and USA Made Wire Coil Construction
  • 0.3 ohm Coil Optimized For 70 to 80 Watts
  • 0.5 ohm Coil Optimized For 20 to 30 Watts
  • Unprecedented vapor production and amazing flavor production

Kit Content

  • 1 x Tank
  • 1 x 0.5ohm coil installed
  • 1 x 0.3ohm replacement coil

Notable Remarks

  • 0.3ohm: 70-80W (80W was our preference)
  • 0.5ohm: 20-30W (30W was our preference)
  • 1ohm: 40-50W (didn’t get to try this one so can’t comment on this)

Changes on the Aspire Atlantis 2.0 vs the Atlantis 1

  • Organic Cotton Coils: the original coils featured some weird ceramic material that no one was a fan about. According to Aspire the new coils are 100% organic cotton.
  • 0.3ohm and 1ohm Coils Added: Previously you only had the 0.5ohm coil, now you have 3 different ohm coils to choose from.
  • 3ml Tank Capacity: Aspire have increased the tank capacity from 2ml to 3ml.
  • More Airflow: Instead of the one air flow hole on the original, the Atlantis V2 has two air flow slots as well as added air flow slots in the drip tip.
  • Wide Bore Drip Tip: A lot wider drip tip with some airflow holes that you can close or leave open. These help cool the vapor and keep the drip tip cool at higher wattages.
  • No Replaceable Pyrex Glass: The Atlantis 2 doesn’t have a spare Pyrex glass as the Atlantis 1 kit did.
  • Coils Have More Airflow and Juice Flow: The newer coils now have more air flow holes at the bottom of the coils and feature 4 holes as opposed to 2 on the Atlantis 1 coils. The juice flow holes are now also a lot bigger as well.

FAQs on the Atlantis 2.0

Are the newer Atlantis 2 coils compatible with the older Atlantis tank?

The coils are cross compatible meaning you can use either set of coils in each of the tanks. However when using the 0.3ohm Atlantis 2 coil in the Atlantis 1 the vapor and drip tip gets hotter quicker, as the Atlantis 1 doesn’t have the same wide airflow and wide bore drip tip as on the Atlantis V2.

According to Aspire 70-80W. You start get decent vapor at 60W and ours fired up to 90W with no issues. I would recommend using it at 80W for the best flavor and for no burnt hits. However do be aware that the Atlantis V2 was using tonnes of e-juice at the higher wattage on the lower coil. If you want to use less try the higher ohm coil at a slight lower wattage.

Can I use the Atlantis 1 tank extensions on the Atlantis 2?

Yes you can, however you will lose the wide bore drip tip and will need to use the drip tip from the Atlantis 1.

Do the Melo coils fit in the Atlantis 2?

The Melo coils fit in the Atlantis 1 and also fit and work on the Atlantis 2.0. The Atlantis 2 coil heads also fit in the Melo, but they get quite hot as the Melo doesn’t have the same airflow.

Why is my iStick 50W not firing the 0.3ohm Atlantis 2 coil?

Some people have had issues with the iStick 50W using the 0.3ohm coil. They get “Atomizer Low” on the screen. It seems quite a few have had this issue, but our iStick 50W seems to work with the 0.3ohm coil with no issues.

Vaping the New 0.3ohm Coil

This is what we thought when vaping the 0.3ohm coil and we thought it had better flavor than the 0.5ohm one. I won’t comment too much on the 0.5ohm coil as it vapes pretty similarly to the old 0.5ohm one, just with better flavor. We were using the Driptonic/Fa-Q Miss Samoa e-liquid which is a delicious 75% VG e-juice.

Up to 60W: There is not much going on and little amounts of vapor and flavor.

60W: You start getting decent vapor at 60W, but not the best flavor.
70W: Much bigger clouds now and a slightly warmer vape with improved flavor.
80W: Massive clouds now and a nice warm vape. Having the drip tip air flow open, keeps the drip tip cool as well as making sure the vapor doesn’t become unbearable hot. If you close them you’ll find the vapor gets a lot warmer as well as the drip tip. I am glad they added those air flow holes into the drip tip! The flavor at 80W on the 0.3ohm coil was very good. It was a lot better than the flavor we got from the 0.5ohm coil head.
90W: Still a decent warm vape without being too hot and no burnt hits, but I must confess we didn’t vape it for too long at this level.

My recommended sweet spot for the 0.3ohm coil: 80W.


Listening to Customer Feedback

We like that Aspire have listened to customer feedback and have now changed the coils to 100% organic cotton. I am not sure why they used the weird man made mineral fiber in their original coils anyway, but I am glad they are now 100% organic. The fact that they have also made the tank capacity larger is also a plus, although I would have liked a 4ml or 5ml tank instead of the 3ml one, but at least it’s more than the 2ml on the original Atlantis.

100% Organic Coils and Bigger Juice Flow

Aspire Atlantis V2 0.3 vs. Aspire Atlantis V1 0.5 Coil
Aspire Atlantis V2 0.3 vs. Aspire Atlantis V1 0.5 Coil

I am very glad, as I mentioned above, that they have got rid of the man-made mineral fiber in the wicking material. The organic cotton also seems to have a lot more flavor than the original coils which could partly be down to the larger juice flow holes on the Atlantis 2 coils.


Aspire Atlantis V2 on the VOX Mod
Aspire Atlantis V2 on the VOX Mod

The airflow options are now very good on the Atlantis 2 and match the other newer sub ohm tanks on the market like the Herkales, Freemax Starre and the Crown Uwell. There are now two airflow holes that are always open and different settings to choose from. I tend to use the wide open ones and then just adjust that to my liking.

The wide bore drip tip also features little air flow holes that can be opened or closed. This adds more airflow and also helps the drip tip stay very cool when vaping at higher wattages. I found they worked well with the 0.3ohm coil at 70-80W.

High Build Quality

Aspire Atlantis V2 Disassembled
Aspire Atlantis V2 Disassembled

The tank itself just feels very well built and you don’t have any leaking issues as many have reported on their Kanger Subtanks. The threading on the tank is very good and the tank is fairly easy to disassemble and put back together. I found taking the Pyrex glass out to clean was a little tricky, but apart from that everything came apart pretty well.


More Coils and a Bigger Wattage Range

Vapor Production

Having now tried almost all the sub ohm tanks on the market, I just don’t think the flavor on the Atlantis quite matches that of the Herakles, Freemax Starre and the Crown by Uwell. Having said that it isn’t far off and the flavor is still pretty amazing especially on the 0.3ohm coil at 80W. It is also a marked improvement in flavor over the original Atlantis coils, which is great to see. I think the vapor with the added air flow in the drip does however stay a little cooler than that of the Herakles, when vaped at higher wattages. The vapor on the Herakles was a lot warmer at 80W than that of the Atlantis 2. FYI: we were using the Driptonic/Fa-Q Miss Samoa e-liquid to test the Atlantis 2.

That is our very honest opinion and do feel free to voice your opinion on the flavor in the comment section below, we would love to hear what you think!

So our Atlantis 2 came with a 0.5ohm coil as well as a 0.3ohm coil. There is also a 1ohm coil that you can purchase as well for those who want a higher wattage coil. This means the Atlantis 2 has a greater range of wattages you can use it on, with different ohm coils for differing amounts of vapor and flavor. Have a play round to find your sweet spot.

The vapor production on the 0.3ohm coil was absolutely massive and up there with that of the Herakles and Freemax Starre. It still doesn’t quite match up to the Vision MK or High Voltage tank which we are currently testing at the moment.


No RBA Section

I had heard rumours of Aspire making a possible RBA, but I was disappointed to find that Aspire didn’t release one with the Atlantis 2.0. This will be a big negative for those who like to rebuild their own coils, but you will be able to rebuild the replaceable ones with a bit of fiddling. I don’t mind using the replaceable coils, so this isn’t a massive negative for me, but I know many people will be disappointed about this.

No Spare Pyrex Glass

The Atlantis 2 kit now doesn’t come with a spare pyrex glass, which is a bit of a shame in my opinion. We broke our original Atlantis 1 glass, so it was good to have the replacement in the kit. It’s not a deal breaker, but with all the competition in the sub ohm tank market, this is in my opinion a bit of a negative.

Wide Bore Drip Connection Not Compatible with 510 Drip Tips

The new wide bore drip tip in my opinion is great. I like the air flow holes on them and they help keep the drip tip and vapor cool when vaping at the higher wattages. However you won’t be able to use your other 510 style drip tips you have on this device, so some people might not like that.


You have an Atlantis 1, should you upgrade to the Atlantis 2?

So the Atlantis V2 is a much improved tank and comes with that added airflow, and bigger tank. The airflow and drip tip are in my opinion big improvements over the original and work really well with the 0.3ohm coil. The extra 1ml is a good improvement, but I would have liked to have seen a 4ml or 5ml tank capacity, as at higher wattages on the 0.3ohm you will be draining e-juice!

The rest of the changes are in the coils themselves, so I guess you could just get the new coils and use them in your original Atlantis. However having tried the newer 0.3ohm coil on the older Atlantis, the vapor production was a lot hotter at the higher wattage, as it doesn’t have that same airflow as on the Atlantis 2. Therefore if you want to be using that 0.3ohm coil I would recommend upgrading but if you are going to use the 0.5ohm coils you can probably just buy the newer coils without having to purchase the whole tank. I would recommend one of the tank extensions for the Atlantis 1 and the new coils if that’s what you want to do. If you have the money and airflow is a big thing for you, as well as keeping the vapor cooler, then I would look at upgrading to the Atlantis 2.

You’re purchasing your first sub ohm tank, should you get the Atlantis 2?

It is a very well built tank and a definite improvement over the original. However at around $30 dollars it isn’t the cheapest of the sub ohm tanks and doesn’t come with a replacement Pyrex glass or RBA section. The flavor is fantastic; however I was more impressed with the Herakles, Freemax Starre and the Crown by Uwell when it comes purely down to flavor (some will disagree with this but do check out our other sub ohm tank reviews to help you decide).

One thing you can count on is that the Atlantis V2 will probably be more available and therefore also the replacement coils will be available in many more stores than those I mentioned above. Some seem to say the Aspire Atlantis 2 is the best sub ohm tank around, but I think those others I mentioned above, give it a good run for its money, if not are perhaps slightly better.

If you do get the Atlantis 2, you won’t be disappointed and it is up there with the top sub ohm tanks we have tried. The final decision will come down to how you like to vape etc., so take a look at the others and if you have any questions just drop us a comment below!

I hope this Aspire Alantis 2 review was helpful and if we have missed anything or you have any questions, just drop us a comment below. Thanks for reading and vape one!

Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360 & Arktan.com. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.
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8 years ago

I have been lurking for a while, but I felt compelled to tell you that I appreciate the work you put into evaluating the products here, and you pretty much mirror my experience in the tanks I have tried. Thanks and keep up the good work!

Mike O
Mike O
8 years ago

I tried out the Atlantis 2 .3 ohm coil on the Atlantis 1 and didn’t care for it. It throws the balance off because of the bigger juice openings and bigger airflow at bottom of the coil but no increased airflow settings like the Atlantis 2 has to match this coil. The vape was also too hot for me with less flavor, just not my kind of vape. As far as I’m concerned the Atlantis 1 and matching Atlantis 1 heads is a perfect match in every way. I vape the .5 ohm coil at 35 watts and nothing has… Read more »

Kyle Murray
Kyle Murray
8 years ago

Hi, I currently use the Atlantis with the aspire cf sub battery, I am now wanting to get the new Atlantis 2 and want to use the .3 ohm coils. I was wondering what box mod would work best with it, one that I can purchase online with batteries already in it, I like the Innokin iTaste MVP 3.0 Box Mod Kit, but it seems that the lowest ohm it can use is .4 ohm? Any suggestions or information would be great, thanks!

Rob u.
Rob u.
8 years ago

I use this tank on my smok xpro m80 and it works great!! Huge clouds and great flavor. Lovin mine!!

Alex Kendell
Alex Kendell
8 years ago
Reply to  Rob u.

Glad to hear!

Michael Lockley
Michael Lockley
8 years ago

I only recently got this tank but I’m enjoying using the 0.3 coil so far. I was thinking of getting either the smok xpro m80 or the 100 watt sigelei mod. Which would you guys recommend?

Michael Lockley
Michael Lockley
8 years ago
Reply to  Chris Kendell

Thanks Chris.

I just read your review on the IPV4, so I think I will try that out for myself. Thanks for the advice.