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Aspire Cleito
February 1, 2016
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Aspire Cleito Review

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Chris Kendell
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Aspire Cleito

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The Aspire Cleito 120W Atomizer tank takes vaping to the next level of power with its impressive 120 watt capability that allows for smooth airflow and strong flavor at high temperatures. This smart design has a taller chimney, wider drip-tip and larger airflow holes than the original Cleito and provides a 25mm diameter deck for ultra-efficient wicking. The tank comes in stainless steel, black...

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Aspire Cleito Intro

Today we review the Aspire Cleito sub ohm tank. The Cleito is an affordable sub ohm tank that costs around $19. It features two Kanthal Clapton coils (0.2 and 0.4ohm). The tank is made up of extremely few parts and is very lightweight. The coils are a completely new design and are not compatible with any of the older Aspire sub ohm tanks.

We see how the Aspire Cleito vapes below:

Notable Remarks

Vaping the Cleito 0.4ohm Coil

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The 0.4ohm Clapton Cleito coil was my favourite of the two that came with the kit. I was getting burnt hits above 55W, so I’d recommend staying below that. My preferred range was between 40-45W. The flavor and clouds were fantastic!

Vaping the Cleito 0.2ohm Coil

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The 0.2ohm vaped well at around 60-65W. For my personal preference the 0.2ohm coil wasn’t for me. It got a lot hotter (like real hot) than the 0.4ohm coil and I preferred the flavor on the 0.4ohm coil at a lower wattage. The ramp up time on the 0.2ohm coil head was also considerably longer than on the 0.4ohm coil.


Lightweight and Short

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The Aspire Cleito is an extremely lightweight sub ohm tank and measures 22mm in diameter. It is also quite short and a lot shorter than the previous Aspire sub ohm tanks.

Fantastic Flavor

The flavor on the 0.4ohm Clapton kanthal coil head was fantastic. Given this tank costs a fraction of of what the other top tanks cost, we were very surprised (in a good way)! Honestly, the flavor is up there with tanks like the Crown, Herakles Plus and Rafale – wow!


This Cleito tank can be secured for around $17.99 – $22.95 online. This makes it around half the cost of some other sub ohm tanks. You still get a spare Pyrex glass, as well as two Kanthal coils with the Cleito kit. The tank whilst feeling very light and simply put together, doesn’t necessarily feel cheaply made. Coil replacements cost around $20 for 5 pieces which isn’t as cheap as other coils, but isn’t too bad. I cannot comment on the coil longevity yet, but if you have any experience with having used them over a longer period, please do contribute in the comments section. Your feedback is always much appreciated!

Big Airflow & Massive Clouds

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The air flow on the Aspire Cleito is pretty massive. It is airier than on the Herakles Plus for instance and is one of the widest air flows we have come across. This combined with those Clapton coils, ensures MASSIVE clouds! If you enjoy clouds and flavor, you won’t be disappointed by the Aspire Cleito.

Easy Top Fill

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The top fill is extremely easy to use and there is plenty of space for re-filling.


Top Cap Heat

The Cleito gets pretty hot, especially on the 0.2ohm Clapton coil at higher wattages. The top cap, as it’s directly connected to the coil, gets very hot, so be sure to use one of the silicon “chuffs” provided by Aspire that come in different colors.

Can’t Replace Coils without Emptying the Tank

The coils are at the same time also the chimney of the Cleito tank. Whilst this keeps the number of parts in the tank down to a minimum, it does mean that you need to empty the tank out before changing a coil.

Can’t Use Your Own Drip-Tip

You can kind of use your own 510 drip tip on the Cleito, but it doesn’t fit well and just looks really weird. We would recommend sticking with the installed Aspire delrin drip-tip.

Tank Capacity Only 3.5ml

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The Aspire Cleito Clapton coils eat e-juice and produce huge clouds. This means the 3.5ml tank will not last you very long! The top fill is however easy to use, which makes re-filling a doddle.


If you are looking for a cheap sub ohm tank, that chucks clouds and has fantastic flavor (up there with the Uwell Crown and Herakles Plus), then buy the Aspire Cleito! It won’t disappoint you and is an absolute beast of tank for just $19.

Aspire Cleito

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