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Catchie Pod Review

Vaping360 Team
August 6, 2019

Product introduction

The Catchie is a compact new beginner kit made by Seven Stars Biotech, a relatively new vape manufacturer. The kit is a sleek and compact pod system that removes all the guesswork. It’s a one-step system to get started vaping.

Featuring a 3rd Generation Honeycomb ceramic wicking technology, the Catchie pods hold 1.7 mL of vape juice and the concentration of nicotine salt is 3%. You can buy the flavors individually in packs of three on the Catchie official site (catchietech.com), but the kit comes with one each of the three flavors available.

Price: $64.99
Colors: Blue Enchantress (purple), Black Demon (black)

Kit contents

  • Catchie battery
  • 3x Catchie flavor pods
  • Micro USB charge cord


  • 95 mm x 23 mm x 12 mm
  • 46 g
  • Constant 10 watts output
  • 1.7 mL pod capacity
  • 3% nicotine
  • Pass-thru charging

Size, weight, and feel

Catchie Pod review

The Catchie has a level of class that’s evident the second you hold it. Its flattened and elongated pill-shape fits equally well in hands or in pants pockets. The Catchie measures 95 mm x 23 mm x 12 mm (it’s just over 3” long).

It’s basically a stealth device, but larger than something like the JUUL. That said, the Catchie is still considered lightweight, yet it feels substantial too. It won’t weigh down your pocket, but it’s got a solid feeling in the hand. The Catchie weighs just 46 g.

The Catchie comes in black or purple, although the purple is called Enchantress Blue. Both colors come with a smooth rubberized finish that’s a pleasure to hold and handle.

Getting started

Catchie Pod review

The Catchie kit comes with everything you need to begin vaping. The Catchie has no buttons or complicated menus to navigate, just an automatic draw that activates when you inhale.

Battery, pods, and charge cord – all included. Just remove the pods and their rubber covers and place them inside of the battery housing. Furthermore, the pods are held in by strong magnets, which makes them easy to remove and insert. This type of system is ideal for beginners because there is literally no work involved in getting the Catchie ready for use.

The only real decision you’ll have to make is to decide which flavor you want to try first.

How does it hit?

Catchie Pod review

The Catchie does not leak, spit, or pop when taking a draw. It’s a quiet vape, and it’s just the right temperature to be pleasantly warm but not too hot or too cool. It has a tight draw, much like that of a cigarette or like the JUUL, but you don’t have to pull hard. The automatic draw that activates easily by a barometric switch can detect 0.001 ATM (atmospheric pressure) differences. Simply put, you don’t have to draw hard on the Catchie to get it to activate. Just start to lightly take a drag and you’re in business!

The draw is a legit MTL. The overall nicotine of 3% is not as high as other popular devices, but it still has an impactful hit. If doing a strict MTL, it hits like it should with a mild to strong throat hit. But if you try and pull with your lungs it may make you cough.

The vapor it makes is about the same size of smoke that a cigarette makes. It’s not going to win any cloud contests, but it’s not supposed to. It’s more designed to satisfy your nic cravings, quickly and effectively. The vapor production is a tad bit more than the amount of smoke you can blow from a cigarette, but you can control this to a certain degree by taking shorter or longer hits. If you really want to be discreet, you can take very short hits for stealth or zero vaping.

The Catchie pods are rated for up to 500 puffs, and the Seven Starts Biotech website claims that each pod is equivalent to about two packs of cigarettes. That’s not something we put to the test, but we also don’t have much reason to doubt it.

Are the flavors any good?

Catchie Pod review

The Catchie flavors included are a menthol, tobacco, and mung bean flavor. Aside from the mung bean flavor, these are standard fare types of flavors with a quality taste. The mung bean (Green Been) is also of good quality, but it’s not exactly a flavor all that familiar to the Western world.

Green Been
If you’ve ever been to China, it’s likely you’ve seen or tasted mung bean. It’s a legume that goes in sweet or savory dishes. The Catchie Green Been tastes very much like mung bean, but with a mentholated cooling note. It’s nutty, almost tasting like toasted peas, with a hefty dose of cooling on the inhale.

Cool Menthol
If you are/were a menthol smoker, you’re likely to be satisfied by the Catchie Cool Menthol. It’s strong and quite cold. Maybe a more accurate name would’ve been cold menthol!

Nuts Tobacco
We here at Vaping360 that tested the Catchie kit all agree that the Nuts Tobacco is our favorite. It’s nutty and slightly smoky. You can taste the flavor of hazelnuts and tobacco in a well-balanced mix that’s both mature and enjoyable.

None of the flavors have much of an odor while vaping, but they all have a high amount of flavor saturation. These are not light flavors in the way that the Vuse Vibe is. Particularly with Cool Menthol and Green Been, the flavors are not for the faint of heart.

The FDA announced Jan. 2 that it will begin enforcing all Deeming Rule requirements immediately for prefilled pod- and cartridge-based vaping products in flavors other than tobacco and menthol. Products sold after Feb. 2 are subject to enforcement if the FDA has not granted them marketing approval through a premarket tobacco application (PMTA). No PMTAs have been approved for vaping products yet. The FDA guidance only applies to products sold in the United States.

Battery life and charging

Catchie Pod review

Although your Catchie should come completely charged, it’s a good idea to top it off first if you know you’ll need it throughout the day. Just insert the micro-USB into the bottom of the Catchie and plug it into your computer like you would any other electronic device.

The Catchie battery is rated for up to 300 puffs from a fully charged battery before needing a charge. So even if you use the Catchie a lot throughout the day, it’ll likely last you until the end of the night before needing to be charged again.

You know it’s time to charge because you’ll see a little white LED on the bottom of the battery change to red. When the battery is dead, the red LED will begin to flash. The red LED stays lit when charging and turns white when it’s finished. Although the Catchie site says the charge only takes 45 minutes, we clocked a full charge at 1 hr 33 minutes, making the Catchie one of the slower charges in this class off devices. Luckily it has pass-thru charging.

Pros / Cons

  • No burnt hits or leaking
  • Quality construction and design
  • Strong magnets hold pods in place
  • Easy to use
  • Vapes quietly
  • Pleasantly warm vapor
  • Strong flavors
  • Legit MTL
  • Price is high
  • Flavor selection is low
  • Long charge


The Catchie is a quality beginner kit. It’s a bit on the expensive side though, being priced almost exactly the same as JUUL, although the Catchie pods have a lower price per mL than JUUL (Catchie is $4.12/mL and JUUL is about $6/ml). But for $64.99 for the kit and about $20 for a 3-pack of refill pods, there are plenty of other options on the market at a fraction of the cost. That said, the Catchie is more refined and better made than many cheaper devices.

It simply comes down to what appeals to you. We found no deal breakers with respect to the performance or build quality of the Catchie. The hit is great and the device’s construction and design is without fault. If the price doesn’t scare you away and you’re interested in the flavors, we recommend the Catchie.

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