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October 17, 2022
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Innokin Coolfire Z60 & Zlide Top Kit Review: Worth the Wait?

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Innokin Coolfire Z60

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Product intro and specs

A new Coolfire plus a new Zlide? It was about time! If you don’t know why this is exciting news, here’s a quick trip down memory lane. The Coolfire series of box mods has been one of the most popular product lines for close to a decade now. They’ve always been innovative devices, but true to Innokin’s mission, friendly for beginners. As for 2019’s Zlide tank, it became an instant hit with MTL vapers by being completely hassle-free and compatible with some of the best coils on the market in the Z-coils.


The Z60 is an internal battery mod capable of 60 watts. It comes with a 2500 mAh battery and Innokin’s latest innovative modes (Refresh and Coil+). As for the long-awaited Zlide Top, it is an MTL/RDL top airflow sub ohm tank designed by Phil Busardo and Dimitris Agrafiotis. It holds 3 mL of juice and comes with a fully adjustable airflow slot.


Keep reading to find out what this kit has to offer, and if the new Zlide tank has what it takes to impress one of the biggest fans of the original. 


Price: $46.99 (at Element Vape)

Colors: Black, blue, yellow, turquoise, green, pink.


  • Dimensions: 35.73 mm x 27.02 mm x 119.45 mm
  • Tank capacity: 3.5mL / 2mL (TPD)
  • Coil: Compatible with all Z-coils
  • Resistance range: 0.2-3.5 ohm
  • Battery: 2500 mAh/3.7V 7.77Wh
  • Minimum/maximum wattage: 6-60 watts
  • Minimum/maximum voltage: 1.0-7.5 volts
  • Body material: PC & ABS
  • Charging current: 5V/2A

Kit contents

Build quality and design

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The Coolfire Z60 mod adopts the signature classy design of the line. A bit over two-thirds of the body comes in matte metal, while the top third of it is brushed. The mod is relatively compact at 74 mm x 38 mm x 27.2 mm, but it has a substantial 128-gram weight. It’s lighter than an 18650-powered mod, but for an internal battery mod, I’d say it’s around average. As for tank diameter, the mod fits up to 25 mm atomizers with no overhang.

I love my Coolfire mods, but with the exception of the leather-backed Z80, they do have a tendency to wear and tear kinda easily. They still work, but let’s just say that they look their age. The Z60 looks flawless out of the box, but all the units I received already have some minor scratches from my pocket on them, and the one I dropped has a couple of tiny dents as well. If you want them to stand the test of time, you’ll need to be careful. If you are not that kind of vaper, you’ll probably need to get a mod with a rubberized finish.

As for the tank, the Zlide Top is probably the best-looking Innokin tank ever. It manages to blend a classic look with some modern touches, and it looks absolutely great on the Coolfire Z60 mod. My only complaint is that it’s a bit large for a 3 mL tank with the straight glass on—I was confident it would hold at least 4 mL when I unboxed it, especially since it has a 24 mm diameter. In my case, things were even worse, as they chose to send me the TPD edition that holds 2 mL of juice. The standard edition comes with a 4.5 mL replacement bubble glass which adds capacity but takes away some of the looks in my opinion.

A large part of the tank’s interior is occupied by the chamber needed for the top airflow design. Due to this, you’ll need to tilt the tank when the juice is low to help it reach the wicks, and you’ll need to refill before the tank is empty, to avoid dry hits. But that’s the nature of the beast with designs like this, so I can’t complain.

The one thing that bugged me though, is that the top cap in one of the two tanks I received seems to not be properly secured in place. It flew off the tank a couple of times when I slid it in order to refill it. It went easily back in place, but I am now being more careful when refilling. It seems that the only thing needed here is a tiny screwdriver for the top screws, but hopefully, this won’t be an issue with the production items.

The Coolfire Z60 mod

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The Coolfire Z60 is powered by Innokin’s latest chipset which features two of the three interesting modes that were first introduced with the Sensis pod mod. The Coil+ mode is the preset power mode on the mod, and there’s also standard Wattage mode, and Refresh. Here’s a rundown of basic operations:

  • Press fire three times to turn the mod on/off.
  • There’s also an on/off switch at the bottom of the mod.
  • Press up or down until wattage blinks to adjust it.
  • Press up and down to enter the menu (you can pick a mode, set the puff cutoff duration, and screen timeout.)
  • Press fire and up to see detailed charge level, resistance, and number of puffs.
  • Press fire and down to lock the mod (can still fire).
  • Coil+ is a power mode that is firing your coil for an additional 0.4 seconds after you release the button, at 40% of the wattage. This is a feature that is used to extend coil life, and while I was skeptical at first, I am almost convinced after using a 0.6-ohm coil for around two weeks now. Especially after testing the Refresh function, which does the same thing but manually.

    In fact, I am confident that I managed to revive an overused coil by using that function. I was low on juice, took a long puff, and had some nasty dry flavor. Refilled the tank, went straight into manual Refresh mode, fired it for the full duration, and the coil vaped much better after that.


    The Zlide Top tank

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    I’ll try my best to avoid turning this section into a love letter to the original Zlide tank—but it’s going to be tough. See, the Zlide is by far my favorite MTL tank of all time, and I’ve been using it daily since I reviewed it back in 2019. Scratch that, I’ve been using two of them daily since then. So is the Zlide Top an upgrade over my all-time favorite MTL tank? To be honest, I don’t think so. Here’s why.

    There are two main updates here, the top airflow design and the RDL capabilities. When it comes to top airflow, the only reason I can think of using such a design is to prevent leaking. But the thing is, the original Zlide just doesn’t leak! It’s the most hassle-free tank I’ve ever used, and I actually prefer the airflow on the original over the slot of the Top.

    And while flavor has never been the main selling point of the Zlide, the Zlide Top loses here as well as the top airflow design is bound to sacrifice a bit of flavor due to the distance the air needs to travel inside the tank. Putting two and two together, the airflow design feels more like a feature to shake things up instead of a real upgrade to the user experience.

    Now let’s discuss the RDL capabilities of the tank. The original Zlide couldn’t do RDL, and while I’ve never been a big fan of the Z-coils for RDL vaping, the Zlide Top can do it. The slot offers a smooth airflow, and flavor is alright. The capacity of the tank is a bit on the low side, so if you are getting this for RDL you’ll need to refill it often.

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    On the positive side, Innokin’s QC on the 0.3-ohm RDL coils seems to have improved, and my coils didn’t burn after 3 mL as they did when I was testing the Zenith II—although they didn’t last long enough for me to give them a thumbs up. If you are an MTL vaper who wants to switch to RDL once in a while, it’s fine. But I wouldn’t get the Zlide Top to use it predominantly as an RDL tank.

    The tank comes with the new 0.6-ohm Z-coils made for MTL vaping. These are the lowest-rated coils of the line (9-13 watts) and they are using a coil tech called DuoPrime, which Innokin has been using on some other tanks in the past. There are two mesh strips surrounding the wick, a design that helps with saturation among other things.

    The coils are fine. I wouldn’t put them next to my favorite 0.8-ohm coils, but they are a good option for high-strength nicotine and seem to last long. I’ve been using one for a bit over a week now (I’m guessing around 20 mL or so) and it just started feeling a bit gunked. I probably won’t be getting more of those, but it may be a fit for your style of vaping.

    All in all, the Zlide Top is a solid tank that’s compatible with the best MTL coils on the market. It is more versatile than the original Zlide, but if you are vaping exclusively in MTL, I don’t feel it’s much of an upgrade.

    Battery life and charging

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    If you are going to be using this kit for MTL vaping, you’ll love the battery life. Using it with the 0.6-ohm and the 0.8-ohm coils, the 2500 mAh battery lasted easily for a full day.

    The device charges through a Type-C port located on the bottom front. I timed a full charge at approximately two hours, which is borderline ok considering the battery capacity, but could be much faster. Innokin claim that it charges at 2A, but judging by the numbers, the charge rate isn’t over 1.5A.

    Two things of note here. First, the screen turns off when the device is charging, which is something that happens with many Innokin mods. Not a big fan—I don’t like having to press a button to check the charge—but certainly not a big deal.

    Secondly, I heard one of my mods firing (for milliseconds,) moments after pressing the up button to check for the charge. It has only happened once, and it could be that I somehow activated the Refresh mode, or even a sticky fire button making a momentary connection.

    I am going to mention it in the cons and keep an eye out but won’t read much into it. In any case, you should never leave mods charging unattended, and if you notice anything out of the ordinary, go for the on/off switch.


    Note: I mentioned the brief auto-firing incident to Innokin, and they responded that this may be a "side-effect" of the Coil+/Refresh modes: "When the device was woken, it may have performed a small refresh to read the current ohm level, so that Coil+ mode is calibrated for subsequent puffs." 

    They added that it could also be a device fault, and given Innokin's proven track record, I am confident that they will look into it.


    Pros / Cons


    • Classy design
    • Good build quality
    • Relatively compact considering battery capacity
    • Large and clear color screen
    • Mod fits up to 25 mm atomizers
    • On/off switch at the bottom
    • Easy to use
    • Coil+ and Refresh seem to work for extending coil life
    • Tank has fully adjustable airflow
    • Compatible with the best MTL coils on the market
    • No leaking whatsoever (top airflow)
    • Some RDL capabilities
    • Easy refill and coil swapping
    • Excellent battery life


    • Had a very brief auto-fire when plugged in (could be the Coil+ mode)
    • The mod may get scratched easily in your pocket
    • Top cap went off the tank on one of my units when refilling
    • Not impressive RDL performance
    • Screen turns off a bit too quickly while charging



    The Coolfire Z60 is a reliable and classy-looking box mod with long battery life, and the Zlide Top is an excellent MTL tank with some RDL capabilities. The only caveat here, is that if you already own the original Zlide and you’re vaping exclusively in MTL, you won’t be getting much of an upgrade in my opinion.

    But if don’t already have a Zlide, and especially if you dabble in the occasional RDL, give this kit a look. It looks, feels, and performs great, and caters to both beginners and advanced vapers. Just don’t forget to add some of the 0.8-ohm coils in your basket, as these are probably the longest-lasting and best-performing MTL coils you can get.

    Have you tried the Coolfire Z60 & Zlide Top kit? How was your experience with it? Let me know in the comments.

    Innokin Coolfire Z60

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