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August 3, 2021
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DaVinci IQC Preview: A More Affordable IQ2?

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DaVinci IQC

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Product intro and specs

DaVinci has been making weed vaporizers for over five years now. They released the original IQ back in 2016, less than a year before the PAX 3 came out. It was followed up by the MIQRO in 2018 and now the IQ2, which hit the shelves in late 2019. Today, we are taking a look at DaVinci's latest conduction-based portable vaporizer—the IQC.

It seems like DaVinci uses their previous products as a baseline. The IQC has a lot in common with the IQ2. They both take 18650s, feature temp control with "smart paths", haptic feedback, and connect to your phone via Bluetooth. The main differences are that the mouthpiece and chamber seal are now made of a soft antimicrobial polymer and that the charging port has been updated to Type-C.

Will the IQC replace the IQ2? Then why isn't it called the IQ3? It’s time to find out.

Price: $229 (at DaVinci)

Colors: Sapphire, emerald, ruby, onyx.


  • Features: Type C charging / airtight zirconia / glass vapor path
  • Heating method: Heat-not-burn 32-430F / 0-221C
  • Heat up time: 30 Seconds
  • Battery: type 18650
  • Communication: LED Grid / vibration / app with Smart Paths
  • Capacity: 0.5 grams dry herb oven
  • Safety: Heavy metals tested / no loose parts
  • Warranty: 5 years

Kit contents

DaVinci IQC features

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On the outside, not much has changed from the IQ2. The IQC shares the classic body shape of the previous two IQs. It's mostly rectangular but with some ergonomic curvature. It comes in sapphire, emerald, ruby, and onyx, and the mouthpiece on all of them now is black. The hinges are like the ones on the IQ2, which have been reinforced significantly since the original IQ.

Unlike the IQ2, the IQC does not have an adjustable airflow dial. Other than that, the only thing you'll find on the IQ2 that isn't on the newer IQC is its dose-tracking feature. So, the performance is most likely going to be similar. The key differences are the new USB-C charging port and the silicon mouthpiece/chamber plug. DaVinci highlights that the IQC is also "heavy metals tested", which is always nice. And the IQC goes for about $60 less than the IQ2.

If you're unfamiliar with the IQ and IQ2, the most notable features that were carried over to the IQC are the airtight zirconia/glass vapor path, included 18650, Bluetooth connectivity, haptic feedback, and the LED grid display. The chamber still holds 0.5 grams and the IQC features a 30-second heat up time. There is also an “extract tab” for concentrates, but it's sold separately. However, DaVinci has decided to include a silicon water pipe adapter in the box with the IQC! Last but not least, the IQC is covered by DaVinci under a 5-year-warranty.


Battery life and charging

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The IQC is powered by an included 18650 battery rated for 3000 mAh. With the included battery, DaVinci says you can get an hour of run time. While the IQC doesn't support passthrough vaping, you’ll always have a freshly charged battery ready to go if you decide to use an external charger and have an extra 18650.

Using the onboard USB-C charging, it takes around 2 hours to charge. It also has reverse charging capabilities, so it can essentially function as a power bank in addition to a vaporizer. The LED lights also serve as your battery life indicator on the device.


Is it better than the IQ2?

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The IQC is not meant to replace the IQ2. Apart from a few minor differences, they are nearly identical. The mouthpieces are also cross-compatible, so you can upgrade the IQC with the hard ceramic mouthpiece that comes on the IQ2 for only about $10, if you prefer that over silicon.

So, the IQC is essentially just a more affordable IQ2. It's a clear upgrade from the original IQ, but also a step up from the MIQRO, which left a few things to be desired. If you're looking to upgrade from the IQ or MIQRO and don't care about the non-adjustable airflow and the silicon mouthpiece, you can now save about $60 by going with the IQC over the IQ2.

As a bonus, it charges up quicker and comes with a 10 mm silicon water pipe adapter instead of the concentrate add-on. That seems like a fair trade-off, especially if you plan to use it on a water pipe.

What was your experience like with the DaVinci IQ series? Leave a comment below.

DaVinci IQC

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