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Double Comma Vapes E-Liquid Review

Dave Kriegel
October 19, 2016

Double Comma Vapes Intro

double comma vapes P1

At first I didn’t know if this box of e-juice was for a review or just the US Army’s clever attempt to recruit me. Then I saw the label, remembered the name “Double Comma Vapes”, and it all made sense. They seem to be as passionate about automobiles as they are about e-liquid.

Unlike those expensive cars, Double Comma Vapes keeps their prices extremely affordable.

Sometimes vaping can be more than just tasting flavors. Scientists discovered that our sense of taste and smell can be strongly linked to past memories. I believe that if an e-liquid is accurate enough, it can trigger these emotions. Double Comma Vapes’ line of juice is an example of this.

If that doesn’t make any sense to you, then read this review and I will elaborate more on that….

Notable Remarks

$13.99 per 30 mL unicorn bottle, $24.99 per 60 mL glass bottle, available in 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg nic strength. Each juice comes in an 80/20 VG/PG ratio.

At first when I saw their pricing, I was expecting this stuff to be “bargain juice”. I was so wrong. This stuff not only holds up to the most premium juice around, but it is made in a certified Iso 5 lab by a PH.D Chemist who is apparently the Walter White of e-liquid. Spoiler alert: it was good.

Free juice alert: Double Comma Vapes is having a promotional deal where you get a free 30mL unicorn bottle with any order. Take advantage before the month is over!

Our Setup

For this review I used the Subzero Shorty mechanical mod combo because it delivers such a nice punch is one of my favorite atty’s to date. I am using a standard SS 316 dual spaced coil build, 5 wraps, .17 ohms. The Subzero delivers such amazing airflow and warm, dense flavor.

Just for the record, I did a full rinse and re-wick in between each juice to ensure the accuracy of this review. I will be describing the flavors, then telling you what I thought of them.

Our e-liquid review

Countach Crumble


Countach Crumble is definitely on the sweeter side. A dessert medley of peach, buttery crumble cake with a dot of cinnamon. If you like rich, buttery dessert flavors with a sweet hint of peach, then this is going to be for you. It was a bit too sweet for me, and I’m not a fan of peach e-liquid.

That being said, it was still vape-able for me and I will probably finish the bottle once I am done with the other flavors they sent me, which are running low only a week after receiving them. The fact that I can still vape this stuff even though I am not a big sweet peach fan actually says a lot.

One thing I noticed about this juice is that once you drip it, you will never taste any other flavors until you re-wick. It has a dominant buttery, peach sweetness that will linger on your cotton. If you like the flavor then this is not a big deal, but unfortunately this one was not my favorite juice.

Nitrous Oxide


Nitrous Oxide is a citrus energy drink, reminiscent of a Rockstar with an icy kick to it, is meant to be a refreshing summer vape. If you love lemon with a cool finish, then this could very well be your all day vape. Although not my favorite of the line, I’m still vaping it now as I’m typing this.

This juice just doesn’t meet my particular flavor profile. I am not a fan of e-liquid with an icy hint. I wasn’t a big fan of menthol cigarettes back in the day, so I don’t like a mentholated vape. With that said, this is a well crafted e-juice for people who like citrus Rockstar energy drinks on ice.

Those last two were not my favorites, however it is evident to me that they were still well-crafted e-liquids. Before you think I don’t like Double Comma Vapes, think again. The rest of the line was fantastic so apologies for how much I will be gushing about them. You’ve been warned.

Murcielago Macchiato


Ok let me start by saying that I love coffee. There are a lot of coffee flavored e-liquids out there, but the truth is that they are not that great. Murcielago Macchiato is an all day vape for the latte lover, like myself. It isn’t too sweet, and it has just the right amount of coffee, with no burnt taste.

This is actually an iced coffee flavor, but it definitely doesn’t have any menthol in it, that would be horrible, yet it still has that coolatta taste that you get from a Starbucks Frappachino. I’m more of a regular cup of coffee with cream kind of guy but that would be a boring flavor profile.

If you love those sweet Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts drinks, then try this juice. The closest I have ever tried to Murcielago Macchiato was an e-liquid called Wake and Vape by Epic. Both are a sweet iced coffee with a hint of vanilla. Definitely one of the best coffee flavors to date.

Double Clutch Crunch


One of my first premium juices was Cereal Milk by Kilo. It was just the creamiest, tastiest juice I have ever had, at the time. At some point, I did a review on an entire cereal line and ever since then, my taste buds have never fully recovered. When I read this description, I shook my head.

It’s kind of like me and strawberry flavors. I am just tired of them all because I vaped way too much Juice Rollupz at some point. Lucky for me this was not a strawberry cereal, that would have been rough. Double Clutch Crunch is peanut butter Cap’n Crunch in a bowl of milk.

Believe it or not, I really liked this one. I love peanut butter and Double Comma knows how to do it right, more on that later. Something about this combination of flavors just works for me. It isn’t too sweet, has a fresh banana taste coupled with creamy milk and peanut buttery goodness.

If you like cereal vapes, this is a no-brainer. But if you don’t like cereal vapes, try it anyway. You might rediscover how good a well-crafted cereal e-liquid could be. I was quite surprised. Also for the banana and peanut butter lovers out there, you’re bananas if you don’t absolutely love Double Clutch Crunch.

Hot Wheelz


I saved the best two flavors for last. Hot Wheelz is a peanut butter and grape jelly sandwich that will transport you back to a simpler time. I was more into wrestling toys than hot wheels, but no matter what you did, at some point every kid ended up munching on a classic PB&J sandwich.

I love grape, and Hot Wheelz has that sweet grape jelly taste that goes so perfectly with peanut butter. I stated earlier in this review that Double Comma was good at doing peanut butter, and this is another great example. Hot Wheelz actually mixes very well with Double Clutch Crunch.

I don’t really taste the bread, but if you took a big scoop of creamy peanut butter with grape jelly in your mouth at the same time, then this is the exact taste you would get. I am going to say this was my second favorite next to Skyline Fuel. PB&J-lovers, meet your next all day vape.

Skyline Fuel


As I sit here writing this review, I am already done with the bottle. I immediately gravitated to Skyline Fuel, because it of its familiar grape scent. The flavor is spot-on grape Kool Aid drink!

Either way, this e-juice was my favorite of the bunch and easily an all day vape for me any day. I am going to need to order a lot more of this one, it was that good. There are just not enough satisfying grape flavors out there believe it or not, but if you want the ultimate grape vape, here it is.

I’m not sure what the connection is to the name but maybe I am looking to far into it. Skyline Fuel is literally fuel for the vaper who loves the royal taste of sweet grapes. Not a super complex flavor, but Skyline Fuel gives you that same feeling you get from a glass of Kool Aid. Oh yea!


I think it is important to note that the Double Comma Vapes e-liquid is not going to gunk up your coils or cotton. This truly is premium fuel for your vaping gear.

Double Comma Vapes took me by surprise. I didn’t know what to expect, especially seeing how fair their pricing was. Sometimes good prices means bad juice. Not in this case. Not at all. This stuff is as good as your favorite premium juice, except that it is probably a few bucks cheaper.

I was not only impressed with the price and the quality, but the flavors are brilliant. Each one will bring you back to a different time in your life. These guys know what they are doing. I am picky when it comes to juice so I’m surprised how much of this stuff I have already blasted through.

Double Comma Vapes, over and out. I’m going to keep an eye on them. I would love to see them create a new flavor, but I would not want them to rush it because I expect it to be nothing less than amazing. I hope I’m not putting too much pressure on them, but they can handle it.

One thing I didn’t care for was that every bottle looks exactly the same, with the flavor printed in small gold letters. When you have a lot of them, it is very easy to confuse one with another. Other than that, I think carbon fiber is badass and I don’t blame them for putting it on each one.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Dave has always had a passion for helping people quit smoking. As a former smoker himself, he knew how hard it could be. As soon as he learned about vaping, he instantly became obsessed with it and helped many people stop smoking. Vaping360 has given Dave a platform to do this on a much larger scale, by educating the public about the wonders of vaping. When Dave is not writing he is either listening to music, performing it, or cruising around on his Penny board.
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Kevin Kiley
Kevin Kiley
4 years ago

All the names of the juices are car related. Counts have and Murcielago being the names of some of Lamborghini’s more famous mid-engine V12 coupes. Skyline is no different. A Nissan Skyline is an incredibly coveted sports car sold in Japan and other markets, but never in America. It is all-wheel-drive with a powerful turbocharged engine, and is a real dream for American enthusiasts as they were never sold here new (although some are older than 25 years now and are eligible for import). Paul Walker notably drives a blue one in later Fast and the Furious films. I suspect… Read more »

Kevin Kiley
Kevin Kiley
4 years ago

All the names of the juices are car related. Countach and Murcielago being the names of some of Lamborghini’s mid-engine V12 coupes, for example. A Nissan Skyline is an incredibly coveted sports car sold in Japan and other markets, but never in America. It is all-wheel-drive with a powerful turbocharged engine, and is a real dream for American enthusiasts as they were never sold here new (although some are older than 25 years now and are eligible for import). Paul Walker notably drives a blue one in later Fast and the Furious films. I suspect the Skyline is a favorite… Read more »

4 years ago

Scooped 3 60ml: skyline fuel, hot wheelz & Murcielago Macchiato. They had a great promo for October buy 2 get 1. I’m really enjoying the skyline fuel and hot wheelz. Haven’t had a chance to try the Murcielago Macchiato but I’m only expecting good things.

4 years ago

yes car related named juices… all of them sound oh so wonderful and fantastic Murcielago Macchiato sounds so good I want it now. I haven’t had the chance to try these but I am sure that they will not disappoint me. @Chris Kahmar

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