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Freemax mesh pro tank
July 31, 2018
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Freemax Mesh Pro Review: Triple Mesh for the Win!

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Jeremy Mann
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Freemax Mesh Pro

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Freemax Mesh Pro Review

The Freemax Mesh Pro sub ohm tank is the follow-up release to the popular Fireluke Mesh, the first sub ohm mesh tank. Picking up where the Fireluke Mesh series left off, the Mesh Pro is all set to become even more popular although it's actually patterned after the original Fireluke Pro.

The Mesh Pro is a 28 mm wide resin tank with a push-to-open top fill that can fit 5 mL of e-liquid – it goes up to 6 mL with the use of the bubble tank. It is compatible with all the coil heads of the Fireluke and Fireluke Pro tanks (including the RTA deck,) but not the heads from the original Mesh tank. There are four new coils introduced with this tank, including what's said to be the very first multi-mesh coil heads for sub ohm tanks. A single mesh 0.15-ohm and a 0.2-ohm double mesh are included in the kit. Also available is a triple mesh 0.15-ohm, plus an SS316L single mesh 0.12-ohm coil head for wattage or TC vaping.

Resin swirl colors: black, blue, green, orange, pink, purple

Tank kit price: $30.99

Build Quality and design

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The Freemax Mesh Pro has a playful design without going over the top... but it's a bit large. It stands from base to tip at about 55 mm. Freemax says it's 25 mm in diameter, but that's only referring to a sliver of the atomizer base that sticks out. The actual diameter of the tank is 28 mm (and with the bubble tank on, it increases to about 32 mm.) Depending on how your mod is designed, this could potentially lead to an issue with fit. It barely fits on my mod with an extended battery cap.

Having said that, the Mesh Pro functions well with no real hiccups. It came to me very clean! It's got nice O-rings and it’s smooth and easy to disassemble. The coil swap is a standard screw-to-base design, but it’s effective. And it’s got fully adjustable bottom-fed airflow with two large slots measuring 11 mm by 3.5 mm.

Filling the Mesh Pro is easy and convenient. The filling mechanism is a push-to-fill that’s marked by a red dot along the metal base of the top cap. I'm happy to not see the word "push" engraved on the tank! While the red dot is the sweet spot, the push-to-fill top cap opens from a wide radius, which adds to its convenience. The actual fill slot is relatively wide enough that you can pour juice directly from an open bottle — though I’d still recommend using a squeeze bottle or dropper.


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The Mesh Pro has four coil heads being released. As mentioned, it will also take the Fireluke and Fireluke Pro coil heads as well as the RTA deck. I don't have those, so I will stick to what's new:

  • Single mesh 0.15-ohm Kanthal (included): Rated for 40 to 70 watts.
  • Double mesh 0.2-ohm Kanthal (included): Rated for 60 to 90 watts.
  • Single mesh 0.12-ohm (SS316L): Rated for 400 F- 550 F
  • Triple mesh 0.15-ohm Kanthal: Rated for 80 to 110 watts

All the coils are of high-quality. There's very little flavor carryover after refills. I can switch between blueberry lemonade to a custard and within less than six vapes, all I taste is custard. The heads also wick quickly, and they don't spit or leak. The Mesh Pro coils do drain liquid quickly, but these are high-performance coils — they're supposed to! The extra capacity from the bubble tanks helps out a lot in not having to refill as often.



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The performance of a sub ohm tank (or any atomizer) really comes down to coils. All the Mesh Pro coils can give clean flavor and great vapor at their recommended wattages. But...

The triple mesh coil steals the show! Based on my testing, the other coils – even the double mesh coil – failed to have the "wow" factor. No matter the airflow setting or power, the flavor just never came alive. I get clean flavor, but not a lot of it from those coils. Even above their recommended ranges, they're all lackluster when it comes to flavor density... except that triple mesh!

The Freemax triple mesh coil head is one of the best coils I've ever used in a sub ohm tank. The flavor I'm getting is remarkably clean and dense — and I'm rocking it with the airflow fully open at 88 watts. My e-liquid tastes like it's in high definition! It's been my go-to cloud maker for a few weeks now. Even at a wattage lower than the recommended range, the triple mesh coils heads beat all the other available coils. I've gone through about two refills a day for over a week and the coil is still performing well. The first triple mesh coil I used lasted just under two weeks before the flavor withered away.


The airflow on the tank is quite open, but it really depends on the coils you're using. Despite the airflow slots on the outside of the tank, single mesh heads have less airflow direct to the coils than the double and triple mesh (notice in the coil pics that the base has a smaller diameter than the single mesh heads). It feels to me that the double and triple mesh heads – which share the same amount of airflow – are about 20% airier than the single mesh heads.

The airflow is smooth and about average for noise level when taking slower drags, but it gets loud with big and fast hits. Especially with the single mesh heads, it gets obnoxiously loud when you close off the airflow some. It's not a whistler per se, more like the sound of releasing air from a car tire. This is a con for me, although I'm mostly unaffected by it since I prefer taking slower hits.




  • Quality manufacturing
  • Designed well
  • Easy-to-use
  • No leaking
  • Remarkable flavor with the triple mesh heads
  • Smooth draw
  • Removable 810 tip
  • 5 mL and 6 mL bubble tanks included



  • Best coil (triple mesh) not included in kit
  • Really loud with big hits or closed airflow


Do I recommend this tank? Hell yeah! But there's a caveat: the triple mesh coil is where this tank shines. Unfortunately, it's not included in the kit. Having to buy a coil pack to try the coil is not ideal, but trust me, you're going to want to have a pack of these heads anyway! Even if you think you'd prefer using less power, I'd still recommend the triple mesh heads over the others. Although the triple mesh heads are rated best for 80 to 110 watts, they're as good or better than the others even at just 70 watts.

What do you think? Have you tried the Mesh Pro yet? What about the other Freemax tanks in the Fireluke or Mesh series? Let us know in the comments section.

Freemax Mesh Pro

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